Other Company - Not enough cusss words

Took my car through the machine wash and my factory rear spoiler taillight broke. And of course the immediate response is “we are not responsible” there are signs posted that are unlegible to customer until after you buy their services!!

Again not enough cuss words in the dictionary to describe these bunch of fools, steer clear!!! Oh and apparently cars over 8 years old that get damaged is not their fault *** u for not driving a new car!!

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Car Washing
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Bad quality
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Damaged Car, Bad Service, Threatening


If there was a ZERO, thats what I would give to these people. DO NOT TAKE YOUR BUSINESS HERE.

I am in process of lawsuit against these bad people, the Asian man who owns this place. I went for car wash at this Master Car Wash located in this complaint with my wife and 4 year old son. The owner of the wash center was there. I purchased Regular car wash for 13.99 which cleans inside and outside of the vehicle.

They first did not clean my car from inside. I was asked to drive into the wash which I did. The owner directed me to do so along with his worker. When car wash started, it started dry with no shampoo and no water at all from very beginning.

This resulted into damage my car's finish with scratches as it was running dry. Owner and his worker were standing behind look but they did not stop the wash and let it go. The car when came from other side was dirty but owner continued to wipe my car with his workers using wet towels to clean it instead of having it properly shampoo it first and then rinse and the wipe dry. When I told him that you have damaged my car and did not service the car properly as agreed to in purchase.

He started cursing me in return of my humble ask. Instead of apologizing and re-cleaning the car properly, he started yelling not to come on his store any more.

He was doing his act in front of myself, my wife and my 4 year old son. I drove away and reporting this now to have him pay for my damages and for services not received.

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Same here

Car Washing
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Damaged or defective
Preferred solution
Fix the damaged paint finish on my car and detail it AND most important, APOLOGIZE FOR SCARING AND THREATENING Me my Wife and 4 Years old son in a very rude manner.
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