Kuching, Sarawak

I email Jasmine because I really needed help.. I had paid other witch doctor to help me and my family to get rid of evil spell that was placed on me or my family.

I am already broke; my life is already miserable and was trying to look for help for years to regain my normal life. I thought maybe I could try Jasmine & Tok Ji. I just gave Jasmine all information needed because Tok Ji needs serious clients. I know they don't charge for service; but can provide a token of appreciation.

Jasmine has met Tok Ji and told my problems; so Jasmine said; Tok Ji has agreed to help me.. but his request was asking me get ready certain materials for me to do a ritual; which means I needed to come out with money to buy the materials which disappoint me at a difficult/harsh moment like this. I got really upset because I had to do ritual by myself.. and to get all items by myself.

I know Jasmine is really busy to reply my messages; but I feel in the end it doesn't help me and doesn't understand my situation even she said she understand. I am really disappointed. All I know if people give token of appreciation/donation; these are often used to help others. Nobody want to get fooled in the end.

Why do I have to prepare something scares me.. doing ritual might cause harm to myself..

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Yeah did rituals but no harm caused to myself. Googled around and Tok Ji was the only reliable bomoh that didn't seem like a scam. The rituals were required for my case coz I wasn't in contact wif my ex bf and Tok Ji could still make him come back to me.


Total scam. From what I know and heard, these are 2 people from SG working together to scam people knowing that many people always want to patch back with ex. This Jamine, it is not even her real name.

to Anonymous #1444576

Hi Anonymous/Sarah! Nice to see you here!

Still keeping on posting negative comments on Tok Ji I see...because he's taking away your victims.

Get a life and stop scamming Singaporeans!Everyone please read https://other-company.pissedconsumer.com/jasmine-bomoh-tok-ji-is-a-scam-201712011140398.html to see this Anonymous/Sarah's scam! Beware!

to Anonymous #1444590

Everyone please go to the other negative review on Jasmine on pissedconsumer website.It turns out the author of that review and Anonymous/Sarah/John/Unknown are all the same person! ALL HAVE THE SAME IP ADDRESS!

But they trying to fool us by using different names!That negative review plus some negative comments here were made on Dec 01 2017...all from the same IP address.Then some more negative comments here and in that review all on Feb 15...also all from the same IP address and posted one right after another.So ALL the negative reviews on Jasmine and Bomoh Tok Ji on this site are from the ONE SAME PERSON!

He's so cunning he made it look like it's from multiple people! This guy is an occult scammer in Singapore losing too many of his victims to genuine Bomoh Tok Ji...so he's resorted to making multiple accounts and running a reputation-destroying campaign...beware of him!

to Anonymous #1447525

Sounds like you were scammed by imposters. Coz i met both bomoh tok ji and jasmine, and they were not from SG.

Be careful online about people who claim to be jasmine. Go to her site and email her to be sure.


Recently used Jasmine & Bomoh Tok Ji to get my bf back...met them after successful so yes he's real. My review :

Pros :

1) Worked real well - NOT a scam.

2) Angpao up to me - if fixed amount its SCAM.

RUN AWAY ASAP if you're asked for fixed amount or there's price list!

3) Didn't ask for NUDE photos - unlike the previous bomoh I met. If ask for nude photos its SCAM.

Cons : 1) Need to do ritual by myself. 2) Replies are slow, extremely slow - tested my patience. Difficult when you badly want your bf back.

Summary : It works...like many others in my situation said it would - reliable bomoh. Only try if serious, don't try if won't love your other half for life

to SSY #1436614

Hi i contacted Jasmin, i used someone else but my ex didnt come back. Her replies are really slow but did it really work?

I miss and love my ex so much. I really want to hear from others that this will work.

to SSY #1448392

Hi SSY, how long did your whole process take? Can share?


6 stars for Bomoh Tok Ji. Reunited me with my ex.

to Paul #1497300

Can i know address or phne no Tok ji


Jasmine is a total scam to feed on desperate people who wants to patch back with their ex! She makes use of their weakness and promises you to bring back your ex and cheat people. Let god and karma punish such low morale creatures !

to John #1444584

Hi Sarah/John/Anonymous/Unknown...managed to uncover your scam in using different names to post negative reviews on Tok Ji but same IP address. You're all the same person.Everyone please go to https://other-company.pissedconsumer.com/jasmine-bomoh-tok-ji-is-a-scam-201712011140398.htmlSarah/John/Anonymous/Unknown all have same IP address and will always post on the same day and such a coincidence not long after another.

Negative review posted on Dec 01 2017 by Anonymous on Jasmine, then John and Unknown posts negative comments also on Dec 01 2017. And all from same IP address.Negative review by Anonymous and Sarah both on the same day Feb 15 and one right after another.

Also both from same IP address.These are all the same people. Losers who are scamming Singaporeans and losing their occult specialist victims to genuine bomohs like Bomoh Tok Ji so they resort to posting fake reviews on Bomoh Tok Ji online


NO THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE SCAM! PLS do not fall for it!

I am victim of it. .

I lost alot of money...Jasmine claims there is a bomoh Tok Ji but in actual reality he do not even exist. She will never allow you to see him because there is nobody like that!

to Unknown #1444586

Hi Unknown/John/Anonymous/Sarah...what other names will you come up with next?Everyone please don't be fooled. Unknown/John/Anonymous/Sarah is an occult scammer who's finally losing too many victims to genuine bomohs like Bomoh Tok Ji so he's resorted to making multiple accounts and started a reputation-destroying online campaign on Jasmine and Bomoh Tok Ji.ALL the negative reviews and comments on Jasmine are from the ONE SAME PERSON.

He makes multiple names and posts them but ALL ARE FROM THE SAME IP ADDRESS! Some posts are even made one after another on the same day.What a cunning scammer...making everyone believe its many people having negative experiences but it's all JUST THE SAME PERSON MAKING ALL THOSE COMMENTS!Stop scamming desperate heartbroken Singaporeans!


Tok Ji helped me, without a doubt reliable and authentic *thumbsup*


how to contact tok ji,,

Singapore, Singapore, Singapore #1328706

Hi am from sg. Few weeks ago Tok Ji helped me get my bf back.

I can confirm Tok Ji’s reliable n he din ask for payment, onli gave red packet to show appreciation..amount up to me.

Need to contact Jasmine n she’ll let u kno Tok Ji will help or not…what she told me not everyone he will help.

Jasmine’s understanding n kind..js need to be patient when contact her becoz she’s busy…but definitely worth it. Before dis went to other bomoh, charged me $2k n no results, instead told me need to pay $2.8k for more prayers

to Karen #1436615

How long was the whole process? Can share?

to Anonymous #1447521

Think I can answer that. Bomoh tok ji brought back my ex, it took a few weeks coz jasmine was busy. Those of us who receive help from tok ji have made some promises so you find they won't share the process.

to bazzri #1480780

Thanks for letting me know.

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