I email Jasmine because I really needed help.. I had paid other witch doctor to help me and my family to get rid of evil spell that was placed on me or my family.

I am already broke; my life is already miserable and was trying to look for help for years to regain my normal life. I thought maybe I could try Jasmine & Tok Ji. I just gave Jasmine all information needed because Tok Ji needs serious clients. I know they don't charge for service; but can provide a token of appreciation.

Jasmine has met Tok Ji and told my problems; so Jasmine said; Tok Ji has agreed to help me.. but his request was asking me get ready certain materials for me to do a ritual; which means I needed to come out with money to buy the materials which disappoint me at a difficult/harsh moment like this. I got really upset because I had to do ritual by myself.. and to get all items by myself.

I know Jasmine is really busy to reply my messages; but I feel in the end it doesn't help me and doesn't understand my situation even she said she understand. I am really disappointed. All I know if people give token of appreciation/donation; these are often used to help others. Nobody want to get fooled in the end.

Why do I have to prepare something scares me.. doing ritual might cause harm to myself..

Reason of review: Not as described.

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I'm from Brisbane. Jasmine and Bomoh Tok Ji are such lovely people.

I flew to visit them as promised after my husband came back home. Truthfully the best decision I made after being hoodwinked thousands of dollars by online astrologers and voodoo from Africa.

to Amelia #1587601

Did it really work? I am very afraid of being scammed. Needed help but reading all the mixed reviews I dunno whom to trust

to Ian #1606362

Lan, have u contact jasmine?


Tok ji is a scammer and lier ! They are fake !

Go to phra pirab occult specialist! They can really help you!


Sori to hear u didn't go ahead, couldn't have had a better experience myself w Jasmine and Tok Ji. Asked to do some rituals + used Minyak and my ex came back.

to Zafira #1575676

Hi how long is the process?

to Anonymous #1577644

8 months near a year the ritual I did , but never come true all nonsense ! Don’t believe them they are fake ! They try to attract you with fake stories!


Reli impressed when Bomoh Tok Ji's amulet united me and my gal immediately. Cud be js a coincidence but wat are the chances?

to Khalid #1563504

Same here, the help Tok Ji gave was very effective. Jasmine and I formed a bond...trusted her and everything worked out perfect.


Hi, u should go ahead with the ritual and don't give up. The ritual I did was not difficult or weird.

There's a reason we need to do the ritual by ourselves. It's all good and my ex came back.

to Hixsson #1551993

Hi Hix, How long does it take for you? Do you have to you the minyak as well?

to Hixsson #1552129

Do you have to transfer money to Jasmine before your ex went back to you?


I tried Tok Ji n his magic is unbelievably powerful...I still cant believe my wish came true n I'm back with my ex

to Pandabear #1547431

Hi Did you meet Jasmine and Tok Ji? How long did the whole process take? From the first email to everything working out

to Pandabear #1549535

Did you perform rituals and use minyak pengasih?


Reliable bomoh, honest and sincere jasmine. Reli satisfied and happy

to Anonymous #1541915

Hi is there a number to contact Jasmine directly?

to Anonymous #1545130

Before Tok Ji and Jasmine helped you, did she ask you to take a photo of yourself to prove who you are?


I was conned by medicine men who gave sweet promises to help my marriage!! Bomoh Tok Ji's the only one who was truthful and didnt scam me.


Eternally grateful to Tok Ji the Bomoh. I lost all hope of getting my girlfren back when she blocked me everywhere n I had no way to see or meet her.

Tok Ji's spells n Minyak Pengasih returned her to me. Good job!

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