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I bought 100's of dollars of make-up, lotion, skin products, etc., "to save". It was pretty cheep for what I was buying, so at first I was really happy...

Until I found out everything except 1 item (out of 8) I got was fake.

The ingredients, even the reviews were fake. I only was able to return one item and got back 10.47$. The rest didn't allow me to return them. I know it isn't entirely Amazon's fault, apparently counterfeit items are common nowadays but they need to do more and they should at least require all sellers to allow returns.

And one of the worst things was that the ingredients weren't just ineffective or say a cheaper oil instead of say, the coconut oil or whatever, I wanted they were dangerous ingredients and things you shouldn't put on your skin and it made my skin WORSE. It was so bad. I aged 3 years and got pimples, I never even had pimples when I was a teen.

I really wish they had at least just put water in instead of gasoline, mercury, aluminum, etc. I don't think I am going to buy any skin products from Amazon anymore, I just can't risk it.

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I just want to let Amazon know so they can do something about it in the future. Many people have had this happen to them too. You need to do something before I want to buy from you again.
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I'll never come back to order anything in Sephora anymore. I was order some skin care..

It was almost 200$. And they said 3 days shipping. But now is 4 days already, i get none. And they also said when my order has shipped, they'll send me another email.

But i get none. BAD STORE

Deerfield, New Jersey
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