I was friended by a stranger from Jack Morrison via facebook.He referred me to his 'Boss' LOL, Adam Lincoln.

Adam said I could make a lot of money purchasing Binary Options and he is a Binary Account Manager and can show me how I can make $100 turn into $2700 every WEEK.. I purchased some bitcoin from a trusted source Paxful. Then I was ready to give Adam some of my bitcoin money, until I decided to do my due diligence. "Total Scam!!" I actually found out a lot of 'Fake Account Manager's' are creating fb accounts and targeting people to get scammed.

********* BINARY BITCOIN SCAM ALERT ****** BINARY BITCOIN SCAM ALERT ****** NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION, INCLUDING YOUR ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION CARDS, DRIVERS LICENCE, EMAIL, BITCOIN WALLET ADDRESS, ETC. This is how the scam works, they friend you on FB, post FB ads, email, or phone call. They target Investment FB Groups, or hubs, trying to pass themselves off as experts, to prey upon seniors, young, poor, new investors, they even try to target NEW TO BITCOIN INVESTORS. SCAM 1 - FACEBOOK SCAM POST: Are you having a hard time paying your bills?

With a small investment of only $100 you can make $1800 or more in 7 days $200 you can make $3800 in 7 days, etc. etc. (all money gets wired to Tel Aviv Hub) SCAM 2 – POSTING RICH LIFESYLES, TRADING STATIONS ON FB FINANCIAL GROUP PAGES: They also try to educate you about Binary Scams out there, or that they were scammed themselves and lost lots of money, only to try to refer you to someone (another Scammer to rob you blind). These people are very professional, friendly (always calling you ‘my friend’,), smooth talkers and want you to make a decision immediately.

TO MAKE A FAST DECISION, IS A BIG START OF THE SCAM!! As they know you are thinking, oh what $100 bucks if I lose it, or PERSONAL GREED SETS IN, as you think of the payoff that the $100 will do for you. Problem is there is, NO TRADING EVER TAKES PLACE. Also, if they steal $100 from 100 people, that is big business!

SCAM 3: LET YOU MAKE A SMALL WIN, THEN STEAL YOUR LARGER DEPOSIT WIN: They will let you make a small fake win, so you will trust them more, they know you will invest larger amounts of money. This were they plan the BIGGEST scam! Bitcoin isn’t regulated, so Scammers LOVE this. They robbed a retired senior of $320, 000 doing this.

They say you need to make a deposit, to collect your wins, but you never ever get it. To get you hooked, they say they need ALL your personal information, so they can make the trade (*Identity Theft). They say they need this to open your account (All LIES). They will even send you a Fake Account Manager’s ID, so you will trust them.

Then they ask you to buy bitcoin from a bitcoin website, or pay them via paypal and they will buy Bitcoin for you (NOT). Once you purchase Bitcoin, they will ask you to deposit it to THEIR company bitcoin wallet, so they can do a trade for you (Wham! They just stole your money and put it into their OWN Bitcoin wallet account and you won’t ever get it back!). PROTECT YOUR LOVED ONE’S, PASS THIS INFORMATION ON TO THEM.

ALSO GOOGLE IT YOURSELF, YOU WILL BE SHOCKED, TO SEE THAT THIS IS A BIG PROBLEM. EVEN THE FBI IS INVOLVED AND HAVING A HARD TIME CONTROLLING THIS! Don't let your loved one's get scammed and past this on!! See article for more info...http://www.timesofisrael.com/i-trained-as-a-binary-options-salesman-for-a-day-it-wasnt-pretty/?fb_action_ids=343020149491848&fb_action_types=og.comments ********* BINARY BITCOIN SCAM ALERT ****** BINARY BITCOIN SCAM ALERT ****** People are trying to scam with purchasing Binary Options!!

Don't give out your personal information, otherwise they use it for Fraud, Identity Theft, etc. They also try to get you to Deposit your money or Bitcoins and you won't get it back. This is how the scam starts, fake fb ad, tagged or approached via facebook, email, or phone calls. • They friend you on facebook and get you to add them on ‘whats app’, messenger etc.

They tell you they are making lots of money with Binary Options (also known as Bitcoin) • Facebook Ads: (They usually post on Financial Fb Groups – Preying on Desperate People Seeking Money): Are you having a hard time paying your bills? Why not make money via Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin investing, With a small investment, you can… Make a $100 deposit and make $1800 in 7 days. Make a $200 deposit and make $3800 in 7 days…etc. They even try to scam you by telling you they were scammed and make up a fake story, so you will trust them, then they will ask for all of your personal information, so ‘They” can set up a Trading Account for you, (this is how they rob you of your identity for identity theft), then they get you to buy Bitcoins and ask you to deposit your Bitcoins in “Their Company Wallet, for pooling investments,” (Bam!

They just stole your money, right under your nose!).

NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION, INCLUDING YOUR ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION CARDS, EMAIL, ETC.See article for more info...http://www.timesofisrael.com/i-trained-as-a-binary-options-salesman-for-a-day-it-wasnt-pretty/?fb_action_ids=343020149491848&fb_action_types=og.comments POSTS: http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/binary-options-scam-1.4007066

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