John J. Hallinan III runs a website on ebay http://myworld.ebay.com/bigjjstudd, it is based in either Media or Havertown PA.

I purchased over $100 worth of classic collectible toys from his site BIGJJSTUDD.

He provided at least 5 pictures of his figures and some of the accessories on Photobucket. I pay, get the merchandise in the mail fast and can see that some things are not matching up, many were not the same figures and some accessories looked different.

I contacted him, he immediately deleted his photo albums, blocked me from his auctions and went on numerous fan forums to bad mouth me to other sellers. He is dishonest, a liar and a scam artist.

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #915896

Looks like this story has been told before, but is still happening in 2014 - STILL.

Ebay does not care about sellers, at all.

This other seller, BIGJJSTUDD aka J. Hallinan of PA, continously creates fake EBAY accounts and jacks the prices up of my auctions over and over again.

I have reported it over and over again. I have seen other people report it too, over like 4 years now.

I have like 50 EBAY I.D.s blocked now, and it just doesn't stop.

Whenever I block zero feedback bidders, they complain to Ebay and are allowed to make more fake bids. I can't win!

It really makes you wonder if anything on EBAY is a true auction.


I do not know why anyone buys from this meathead. He is one of the most vile and disrespectful, entitled punks on EBAY.

When I asked him if he was the one creating fake accounts and bidding my auctions up sky high, and not paying, he basically attacked me verbally and promised to destroy me.

If you are any type of re-seller, he will block you form his auctions so it is tougher to catch on to his scams, then he will bid on your stuff over and over again.

He is not even a collector and loves in a house his dad bought for him. DO NOT BUY OR SELL TO THIS TRASH!

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