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I am posting this to share with you my experience, and to warn you to absolutely avoid any business, trade, or transaction with Shaun Colquhoun. I’ll go ahead and tell you guys everything that happened, and show you some of his lies through text/messenger. If anyone would like to download the full PDF files – which includes 95% of everything he’s ever said to me – feel free to go to ShaunColquhoun.com I originally met Shaun through Facebook, because he was interested in a Han Solo in Carbonite that I was selling. He seemed very genuine, and began to tell me that he builds Chewbacca costumes, and is one of the very few that’re licensed by LucasFilm to make them.

This by the way, ended up being a lie…. I spoke with Christopher Holm, who runs the licensing department for all of Lucasfilm, and he said that not only is he not licensed by lucasfilm, but that he’s never even heard of Shaun Colquhoun; let alone commissioned anything from him. This lie ended up being the worst lie - because there’s SO MANY COUNTLESS LIES that’re centered around his relationship with Disney, Disneyland and Lucasfilm.  Anyways, we talked for a bit, and negotiated a trade for one of his Chewbacca’s for my premium format Han Solo in Carbonite, Return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker V1 lightsaber, a personally designed 4 to 5 page website for his Chewbacca business, and a brand-new Ernie Ball Music Man, John Petrucci Majesty Electric Guitar, all valuing at a total of a little over $6,000. Shaun mentioned that his Chewbacca’s usually go for $15,000, so I was pretty happy that I was getting such a good deal.

We agreed to meet halfway so I could give him a down payment so he wouldn’t have to go too much out of pocket to start building the Chewbacca. When we met up with him on November 12, 2017 - in Barstow, CA at a small Starbucks - he began to spin stories to me and my girlfriend on how he had personal working relationships and close friendships with LucasFilm, Disney, Adam Savage, Tom Spina, Kevin Smith, and the owners of Anovos. He told us how most of the products Anovos put out, went through his shop – and that Anovos was going out of business, due to the fact that the owners of Anovos - Dana Gasser and Joe Salcedo - ran the business like a Ponzi scheme. He said Disney found out, and they’d be cancelling Anovos’ license sometime in 2018.

When I asked who would he thought would replace Anovos’ license, he told me he was in talks with Disney to personally replace their company with his. On top of this, he mentioned to us several times, how not only he the only licensed Chewbacca maker by Disney and LucasFilm, but that because he’s so trustworthy, they allow him to go into the Lucasfilm archives and source everything out. He told us how Lucasfilm allowed him to make a mould of the original Han Solo in Carbonite at the Lucasfilm Archives, for the purposes of allowing him to do things with it in the future. He also mentioned that he lent Tom Spina (owner of Tom Spina Designs and Regal Robot) everything Tom needed, to make a Han Solo in Carbonite coffee table that Regal Robot currently produces and sells.

He also talked about how he personally invested over a million dollars along with his business partner to open up three restaurants similar to the Top Golf locations in Vegas. Spending over $500,000 each to open up three locations. Although I haven’t been able to verify this information, it is probable that this too, is another lie - considering that most of everything Shaun has said to me, has proven to be a lie. He also told us how he was the General Manager for all of the Chipotles on the Vegas Strip.

However, I spoke with the staffing department at Chipotle, and they informed me that they’ve even heard of him. All of these lies that he spewed to me, I really could have cared less about. If he had been nothing but just some guy who made screen accurate Chewbacca costumes, I would have been just as happy. Upon giving him the guitar, he told us that it would take about eight weeks max to make the Chewbacca, and that it normally takes less - but that 8 weeks would be the absolute maximum amount of time it would take.

After our meeting on November 12, 2017, he provided me content for a completely different company that was for his friend who desperately needed a new website for his strip club in Vegas, “The Can Can Room”. Finally, after working on the site with Shaun for 16 days, the Can Can Room’s website was up and running. Shaun informed me after the website was completed, that he loved the website and that the Chewbacca would be 100% finished by January 1st of 2018. After some time passed Shaun asked me if I would be willing to make him an additional website for his Chewbacca business at a fraction of my pricing because he was really low on cash for the month due to production costs.

He asked if I could do a one-page website for a low price, and I agreed to build a two-page website for $300, only because he was giving me such a great deal on the Chewbacca and at that point, I considered him a friend. He agreed to the price, and I told him I do payment half upfront, and half when it’s completed. He agreed and after sending him an invoice, days went by and my invoice was left unpaid, which was only amounting to $150. At that point in time even though it was left unpaid, I believed he was a good guy, and just started working on the website in advance.

Finally, upon the completion of the website on December 22, 2017 - he asked if we could make it live, I then at that point told him that the first invoice was still unpaid, and I asked him if he was running into any problems paying it. He informed me that he had never even attempted to pay it. I told him, that instead of sending him two invoices, I would just send him one final invoice, in the amount of $300 and upon completion of payment I would at that time make the website live. After receiving the invoice, Shaun informed me that he had a bunch of extra helmets from Anovos, and that they were all brand new, and that he was trying to get rid of them.

After going over the helmets he had, I asked him how much he would charge me for the Anovos Boba Fett helmet that was a pre-production prototype. He said that he would charge $700 normally, but he would do a straight trade for the website. At that point, I was so excited for the Boba Fett helmet, that I marked the invoice as void and made the website live that evening. There was constant questioning when he was going to ship out the helmet, and he would make up excuses on how he had to find it in his storage unit, and how it would be shipped the following day.

Any questioning regarding the helmet would be avoided and he wouldn’t text back until much later. Suddenly out of nowhere he wanted the Chewbacca website temporarily taken down. I informed him that taking down the site and then putting it back up would be somewhat of a hassle, and he said he needed to rename the website because he wasn’t permitted to use the name “Chewbacca”. He told me that he would still give me the boba fett helmet, but he would have to get rid of the website and that he couldn’t talk because he was on the phone with Lucasfilm at the moment.

We agreed that he would drop off the Boba Fett helmet on New Years eve at 9 a.m. since he would be in California for new years for the Rams game. On the day of New Years eve, Shaun provided me with the excuse that his wife was sick and that they had to stay in Vegas for New Years. It came to my suspicion that he had no plans on coming down to California for a Rams game.

Shaun continued to give excuses on the whereabouts of the helmet, if he had found it or not, and even offered to have his mom deliver it, since she so conveniently lived in Redlands like myself. I knew that there could be some difficulty if his mom wasn’t able to come drop off the helmet, so I just asked him if he could ship it out. He said of course, and that he’d have it shipped out to me that day…… Sure enough, days go by – and finally after 5 days of excuses on while he still hadn’t shipped it out, I finally asked him if I could just drive and go pick it up that day. Of course, he had an excuse for that too – and that Disney arranged a “secret emergency” meeting 2 hours north of his shop/house – and he would be unable to meet, even if I drove out all the way to him.

He did happen to send me a picture of him wearing the helmet. Although, his lie was that he was two hours north of his house, I think he was unaware that when you take a photo with a newer iPhone, it’s dated, timestamped and geo-targeted. So, you could see that he in fact wasn’t “2 hours north” – but he was just at his shop at the exact same time he was supposedly in this “top secret” emergency meeting with his Disney friends. I finally asked him after a couple weeks of going back and forth, what the deal was with the helmet – and why it felt like he was giving me the runaround.

His final excuse was that due to his “NDA” with Anovos, he wasn’t allowed to give it to me, so he’ll have to give me one of the production helmets; but to be rest-assured that I would get it that weekend. I think if you’re still reading this, you can tell if I got it that weekend or not. The answer is no, I didn’t get it that weekend. In fact, I didn’t even get an excuse, just nothing.

On January 4, 2018, he informed me that the Chewbacca would be finished in exactly ten days. I asked him if I could get some pictures since it was almost completed, and he told me that he would send me pictures later that evening. He said that the Chewbacca hair had set him back longer than expected, and when he sent me pictures they were pictures of pieces of hair and a belt. It looked legit, but when all was said and done, he never sent me any completed photos.

On the 15th of January 2018, I asked Shaun if the Chewbacca was finished – as he said it would be done by the 14th. He said it was, but the mannequin for it wasn’t ready. He said he could deliver it tomorrow on the 16th, but it would be without the mannequin. I agreed to him delivering it, but after that, got nothing in return but excuses for days on why he was either unavailable, or couldn’t deliver it.

Finally, he told me over the phone, that Disney just wouldn’t allow him to deliver the Chewbacca without the mannequin. And that they were being very frustrating. He said the mannequin would be done by Monday of the following week, and sure enough – Monday came and went. This excuse game went on for days until finally, Shaun said that Disney was going to personally give him some mannequins instead of this other company he was buying from.

On the 22nd of January 2018, I asked if he could send me pictures of the finalized product, and he said he was sitting down at dinner with two guys from Disney and would send them after dinner. Sure enough, completed pictures were never sent. I finally got sick of excuses and waiting for the mannequin and for any pictures, so I called him on the phone and asked him if he would just let me pick up the Chewbacca costume with or without the mannequin during that weekend. He agreed.

Finally, the weekend was approaching so I messaged him to verify if we were still on to meet. I got nothing back but evasion techniques. Sorry I can’t pick-up the phone, I’m at dinner – that kind of stuff. He finally said that he was coming to California on Sunday.

Apparently, he was driving down to Glendale to pick up mannequins from Disney and he told me over the phone that he would hand deliver the Chewbacca and the mannequin to me that evening. I asked him approximately what time he would be heading over and he said 9 PM. At 8 PM, I asked him if he was still coming and if so, what time. His response was that it’d be about 12-1 am now – and that his phone was dying, and would get back to me when he was on his way.

At 9 PM, I called him – but received no answer. Finally, he texted me, and said that he was going to take a nap in his car, and would let me know when he was on his way. I stayed up till 5 am waiting for him, but after calling and calling, there was no response. The following morning, he replied that he had overslept in his car and said he was still in California, and would deliver it to me that day.

– on a side note, I later found out that while he was texting me that, he posted a photo of him at a golf course in Vegas – saying it was a beautiful day for golf, geo-tagging himself at the Spanish Trail Country Club in Las Vegas, Nevada at 11 am. After him saying he wouldn’t delay - I expressed to him that I didn’t want any more delays or excuses and that I just wanted to wrap it up already. He said he wasn’t sure what time he would be in Redlands but he “would not delay”. I finally replied to him, and said that at this point – if the Chewbacca wasn’t delivered that day - I would just like him to refund me $1,850 for the websites and give me back the guitar since I pretty much knew I had been scammed.

He said he would contact me later that afternoon, which he never did. Eight hours went by and finally, I sent him this message: “Shaun, at this point it’s pretty clear that you have no intention of fulfilling your end of the agreement. It’s been 8 hours since we last spoke, and I’ve still heard nothing back from you. At this point, our relationship has been comprised of nothing but excuses, evasion and lies.

I know lying comes easy to you, so you’ve probably forgotten most of the lies you’ve told; but let’s rundown a few of the memorable ones. You’re currently at an emergency meeting with Disney 2 hours north of where you live, even though you just sent a picture of you wearing the helmet you were supposed to ship from your iPhone, clearly geo-targeting you at your shop at the exact time stamp that you’re supposedly 2 hours north of your house. Your wife was sick for new years and you were gonna stay in Vegas and take care of her; when it’s clear you had NO INTENTION, of ever even coming to California that day. You’re the manager for all the chipotles in Vegas; which in fact is another lie.

I spoke with the staffing department at Chipotle, and they’ve never even heard of you. By far the biggest lie, is that you’re “licensed” by Disney - are making 50+ Chewbacca’s for Disneyland, and are one of the few Chewbacca licensee’s on the planet. Which in fact is the worst lie; I spoke with Christopher Holm today who runs the licensing department for all of Lucasfilm, and he’s never even heard of you. By the way, this lie is probably the worst lie - because there’s SO MANY COUNTLESS LIES centered around your relationship with Disney and Lucasfilm.

So far, I’ve given you a guitar I paid $2,854.29 - and have built you two websites. And all I have to show for it, is your excuses and more lies. At this point, go ahead and keep your Chewbacca; I went ahead and just sent you an invoice that's payable by credit card for the amount of $4704.29. You have 24 hours to pay this invoice.

If the invoice hasn’t been paid within 24 hours, not only will I be taking you to court, but I’ll make damn sure that everyone in the Star Wars forums and everyone who types your name online, knows just how much of a scammer you actually are.” Sure enough, the 24 hours came and went – and I’ve received no response from him. Even still as I write this, I still haven’t heard anything back from the guy. I am deeply saddened and upset, that I had to be the one to write this. Shaun really seemed like a great guy, and that is exactly why I am sharing this.

I feel like the Star Wars and Prop Building community is exactly what it is, a community.

I don’t want anyone to get ripped off like I did, and although it sucks that I got ripped off, I wouldn’t change it, because I’d rather it be me. Me to expose his lies, and hold him accountable for them.

Reason of review: scammed me.

Monetary Loss: $4700.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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