Douglasville, Georgia

Went to u.s. Auto Sales on Thornton Road started talkin to salesperson Yolanda I proceeded to ask questions about the policies how we go about this I was told that I didn't need no more then the thousand dollars for any vehicle on the lot monthly payments no more than $400 not specify are in one particular vehicles $500 down to hold the vehicle that we want it did that then we was told all we need all together was 975 okay we'll bring the rest of it the next day which was $475 she took off the next day we talked to her over the phone a few times she said she was in some class or some meeting or something like that when I had talked to her I said okay she said deal with Nathan the other salesperson u.s. autos we sat down at the table to finish the paperwork on the 2016 Buick Regal she never explained that it was more fees I'm sitting there talking to the gentleman I'm filling out paperwork next thing I know we owe 840 more dollars on this vehicle I asked I asked where did I come from that one way over my head because that was another told to me from jump the two questions I needed to ask how much she told me is your car serviced and maintenance before you sell them she told me all our cars are serviced before they leave the lot that's a lie already spent $150 on the vehicle and then having no more than two days now I got to go spend more money on replacing the brakes Rodas tune up and on top of this giving you the $840 I got to go out and spend more money to fix the car for these prices this should be already taken care of I ask this over again you sure she told me yes these cars are serviced the misses I called her and asked about the brakes on the car she replied The Car are service before they leave the lot that's a lie you have a liar be deceitful just to make a sale the money we put out for these cars we have to put money on top of it then have the car no more than a week or two that's not fair to no one when you deal with unprofessionalism it's not good for business now if I wanted to send somebody that asked me about that car dealership will you get your car from I wouldn't send him there now I'm pissed didn't even get out the first month and I'm putting more money into the car and then I got up saying y'all more money in the same month after this gave y'all $975

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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