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I have a 2013 VW Beetle convertible that my daughter has taken over an it is basically her car now. She love the car and we keep on the car religiously all service is done at a VW dealer oil changes and whatever else need to be done.

The car is in northern California now she is a traveling PT and does 6 month in one place then goes to another. I asked her to go and get car service out where she was it need oil change and I believe the 80,000 mile service. She brought the car in and told them she had been having trouble with what looked to be the battery. It was the original battery so was in line to be changed.

She picked the car up was told all was checked and everything was ok. Went to work the next day the battery seem like it still had trouble when she tried to start car late no luck she was in a remote parking lot on the other side of the country with a dead car. It took me over an hour to get someone there to help her the jumped her car started fine she went and had battery checked it was totally no good less the 10v at least one bad cell!I am trusting that without me being able to check the car myself when she brings it into a deal the car will be 100% when she leave. The battery was obviously not checked or not checked right.

It doesn’t go bad like that in 12 hour even after she had problems with it before going.

If that was not checked right what else wasn’t? I am pissed that I can’t trust a VW deal to do a simple 80,000 service!

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