We used this mans "REMOVAL SERVICES" it is a ploy ,he is after your antiques and collectibles to sell in his shop in Haddington or sell at auction ,he prays on the weak and vulnerable especially old ladies and people in difficult financial circumstances and is not to be trusted,we had half a luton van full of stuff stolen by him and lost some really sentimental property , a really horrible experience ,DO NOT TRUST OR USE THIS MAN !

He has a record of violence ask his ex wife ,he also has a serious drink problem ,and was expelled from a local rugby club for a serious assault .This posting is not intended to be malicious in any way it is simply the truth and we feel that local people ought to know and be warned.


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for our safety

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Horrible man, no wonder the majority of his children want nothing to do with him.


I know both him and his younger brother, he has always been ok with me....but, i cant say i have had anybusiness dealing with him so i cant say anything againt him on that front.


He did the same with my mother, she never saw a penny.


This post is infact accurate. This 'man' is a complete *** artist.

An alcoholic and vile violent human.

Nothing but a bully. He wouldn't *** on his family if they were on fire.

Chatham, Medway, United Kingdom #1235867

Another job well done by Mr Andrew Young. I have used this man for many years.

No job is to big or small. Realistic quotes given before any work carried out.

All work is carried out to an incredibly high standard in a timely manner. I would not go anywere else.

Edinburgh, Edinburgh, City Of, United Kingdom #1189057

This man would sell his own family members out for a tenner,I know have know him for the last ten years he did work at my restaurant.He took valuables and I paid him for works that where never completed.

to Anonymous Edinburgh, Edinburgh, City Of, United Kingdom #1195963

Hello James... Rat!

to Anonymous London, London, United Kingdom #1198447

My name is not James my name is fiona hunter.This man stole my antiques when doing a removal!

to Anonymous Chatham, Medway, United Kingdom #1351912

Never a truer word spoken. I should know. I am his 'family'


andrew young is an honest hardworking religious and family oriented man. This man would do anything to help family friends strangers and has done many charity work to write false allegations is a personal attack and slanderous he is a well liked and respected man in the community

to Anonymous Chatham, Medway, United Kingdom #1351914

Did he right this himself? Haha he is a horrible person.


I'm Anastasia Young. This man Andrew Young who you are making incorrect statements about is my father. My dad is a very hard working man, he is trying to make a living and for someone to try and sabotage business out of hatred and jealous is absolutely disgusting!


used this company many times. The above negative comments are lies.

This is a personal attack on a decent, honest hardworking man.

I have known this man for 25 years and never have I once had any concerns.

This man would go out his way to do right by anyone, may it be relatives, friends, strangers. Always nice words said about him in the local area.

Dunfermline, Scotland, United Kingdom #933310

the things people say out of hatred and jealousy. this is clearly malicious the man you describe is a hard working man and an honest man.

I myself am a freind of his son who has told me all about his mother. I will be leting his son see this as this site is for complaining about services and buisinesses not slandering a man and using his family as a tool.

to stuart London, London, United Kingdom #952739

My name is andrew young jnr and my father is not the man stated he is he is an honest hard working respectful man . I will put full story up of what happened as i know who made this .

London, England, United Kingdom #823611

This posting should be removed.

London, England, United Kingdom #669899

this is no attack on a poor man, this man has become very rich by praying on vulnerable old people, he has set up limited companies in numerous names and then dissolves them in order to evade the tax man.

London, England, United Kingdom #669582

I know this man personally. I haven't spoken to him in years however but It is for the reasons described i haven't.

This isn't an attack on a poor mans business. This is a valuable piece of advice.

I would seriously listen to whoever posted this.

London, England, United Kingdom #666972

this is a horrible attack on a mans business this should be taken down


On this site is wrote

"• Keep the topic of messages relevant to the subject.

• Personal attacks will be deleted.

• No Links or Scripts."

On you coments personal attacks will be deleted. To me and to anyone reading this, would agree that this is a personal attack to destroy this man´s name and business.

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