Can you say dirt bag?

checking on these guys because my son is 'working' for them without pay now for three weeks. buyer beware department of labor next .

so i have to write 100 words in order for this post to be accepted. i don't have 100 things to say about a company that purport to be an honest outfit and then doesn't pay their employees, especially when the employees are performing as required.

needless to say dirt bag is probably not an appropriate comparison for these guys but since this is a family site that will have to be an adequate comparison. 100 exactly!




Two questions:

How come you didn't name the company your son worked for?

Why would your son work three weeks without pay?


your a genius!! u wrote 100 words, yet didnt include the name of the company your complaining about!! wow!

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Other Company in Raleigh, North Carolina - Horrible Customer Service

Called to check on an order due to receiving and email in regards to an order placed previously. Called customer service and the individual started screaming I can only hear one person at a time! Apparently the individual employed by Vitaglo was lacking in customer service and didnt like the fact that there were people talking in the background. I purchased a product from Vitaglo and this is the customer service I get?

The sad fact is I was going to try this product for my unit stationed overseas and would have ordered several hundred. But due to this I will take my business else where.

Do your self a favor and find a local store to support, these smucks will be out of buisness before you know it.

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HOME sweet HOME?

purchased a home last april...crooked sloping floors.

agents and owners stated home 160 yrs. old...not one rm. accessable, excuse...packing

no money left to hire 300.00 home inspector.

have found out since...furnace installer cut a main support in basement to install duct work.

i am single 54yrs. old and i make only 43,000 yr.

cost estimate to fix...10,000

can anyone suggest what i can do about this?

thank you C.Bessette

also... i am being sued by another real estate company that never worked for me...

and i was robbed of all my jewelery only 6months after i moved in...nice neighborhood in small town


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Sorry to say, but it's YOUR fault you were too cheap to hire a home inspector!!

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Other Company in Citrus Heights, California - Bad customer service


I will like to complain about a restuarant called

brown ketchin stew. The address is 9354 nw 17 ave miami florida 33147. The complaint is nasty food and they sell drugs inside. I have complained over and over. I can also smell the toilet I will like if you shut this place down. It is close to a high school. The owner and his wife *** in,the. kitchen there is also rats coming out the kitchen its not safe to eat there

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Other Company in Portland, Oregon - Lack of service

I've seen your endorsements in TV ads where the customer just raves on your service. How about airing one from dissatisfied ones. I stopped in your store on Lancaster Dr. in Salem, OR today at 1:15 PM and was told by three different employees 'be right with you'. They all continued with phone conversations. Isn't a customer standing right there not as important as a phone call? I intended to get new brakes on all four tires along with buying four new tires. I have a Pontiac I want to give my daughter and wanted everything safe. I am a retired Army Command Sergeant Major and don't suffer poor service well. Since I spent 32 years in the Army I still have considerable clout even though retired. I will not hesitate to relate the poor service I received in all the veteran's publications I am in contact with. I even saw a commercial where an employee runs out to meet a customer, you should be ashamed. I even asked one employee 'Would I get some service if I just called?' Needless you have lost a former customer, but I will denegrate you stores every place and chance I get. I don't know how you make those commercials with a straight face!

C. P. Spicer

Command Sergeant Major (ret)

234 Butte Ct. SE, Salem, OR

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Other Company in Paris, Illinois - They suck. I will never buy anything from them.

They have to be the worst company. One year of problems.

1 - wrong dryer, bad sensor, then bad mother board. 2 - new washer only 15 loads in and drain hose cracked ruined brand new kitchen floors, (2,000) damage. Couldn't of done it one the other 14 loads when home. Now washer has F:51 code and will cost tons.

Spent 7 days off work to be here for all the appointments that they would come out and then have to make another one for another part. Spent (today) on hold for total of one and half hours before getting somebody just to be told sorry to hear that but they can pay for the parts but not the labor and we can make you an appointment again. Well I think that the only thing to do with the washer is use it for target practice. I have spent more time at the laundry mat then at home.

I hope that company gets a taste of what they do to people. I am going to let everybody know how they make products and how they treat people. Words of wisdom.....

Buy from somebody else..

Paris, Illinois
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Other Company in Fort Collins, Colorado - Overseas deals are they a scam, and the third party issues

I won a cd sony player last night and still today it says the auction is not posted, so i cant pay, i do not want to deal with this anymore i have won sever items from dealing with bidz, and will not buy anymore because of the third party mess,all i want is what i have paid for, how do you know they will send the things i have paid for..about 75.00 dollars and i will not deal with it anymore, i want my things and then i am done. and am going to call the att. generals office.

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Other Company in Hampton, Virginia - Ad with little boy vandalizing bee hive

What are they thinking. Little boy vandalizing bee hive with baseball is not cute or funny.

I enjoy ads as much as next the little boy as Darth Vader for VW or E Trade baby...but showing vandalism and especially with all the news re declining bee population. Either ad agency is *** and crreatives do not read newspapers or account guys asleep at the wheel or client even dumber for not catching it.

V ery disappointing from a major US corporation but why should we be surprised...not first time ad agency and client did not think or worse discussed and said, "Well maybe we'll get a complaint and that proves people noticed the spot."

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Still wating for card

They tell you when you are approve you will get your card in 10 to 14 days. I was appoved 21day ago and now they tell me 10 to 14 more days..They claim the card was mailed ten days ago,nobody can give you a straight answer.I keep calling and all I get is a run around from a service in the Phillipenes.This is just totaly not worth the hassle they put you through and then the have a fee on top of that.I got a notice in my email yesterday that my card will be here in ten to fourteen more days, so now we are up to about thirty five days


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Who is "they"?

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Rotten unsanitary and cold food.

The other night i visted this horrid restaurant with my family including my 8 year old little brother. When we got there we were seated and everyone went their separate ways.

I went to the salad bar, and i saw one of the employees scraping salad scraps from a customer's plate. It was disgusting and unsanitary. I also went to the dessert table and i saw an employee picking his nose and then he touched the food. Worst experiance i have ever had the displeasure spending at a restaurant.

Further more my entire family had cought severe flu right after eating at this *** hole. We complained to the manager and he lectured us about our capricous behavior and proceded to escort us out.


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Did you see the two unexceptable actions BEFORE you ate there? If so, why did you eat there?

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