Other Company in Chattanooga, Tennessee - Bad service

The phone service sucks,i cant hear anyone hardly at all! I tried to get ahold of them to cancel my service,via email but got no reply.

I emailed and requested a number to contact them but no reply again. so i am going to get ahold of the better business bureau and and get an attorney to take care of this for me!!!

They claim it is a great service but you cant use it for anything. i am very unhappy.i am going to start a blog and statements online letting people know how bad magic jack is.

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Other Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan - My son over paid his bill by $106.00 he has called them since January 2011 still has no money back

my son over paid his bill by $106.00. He has cancelled his service with them since then, he has tried since January 2011 to get his money back and still has not gotten his money.

They all say it will be in the mail.He calls them every month. If someone is late they hound them or cancel the service. He wants his money!!!He never gets to talk with the same person either, they all say nothing is in the computer about it and they will send the check out.

centennial wireless is a rip off.. They sent him a statement showing he has a 0 balance.

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Other Company in Nixa, Missouri - Didn't get what i ordered

I had ordered Mary Poppiins and have yet to recieve it!!!! I have recieved two other movies I wanted but thought of sending them back.

They have since sent me a bill for $146.66. Oh yes,and a poster for which they wish me to pay for that was suppose to go with the movie "I didn't get". I'd rather just send everything back and wash my hands of the whole thing. Of which I plan to do.

And i will have a copy of EVERYTHING I do.

I learnt this this hard way dealing with people.

thank you for absolutely NOTHING!

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Other Company in Bella Vista, Arkansas - Burned me so bad it took 5-6 weeks to heal

"Dr. Cheryl Hull of Rogers, Arkansas is NOT a good doctor to see. Because of her "light box treatment" I was severely sunburned and took over a month to heal. Not only was she unprofessional enough to not see me after I was burned but she said well it'll jumpstart clearing your skin.

When she finally saw me after I was burned, she blamed my burn on my fair skin and later when she came back into the room and I was playing a game on my iPhone, she accused me of taping the office visit on my phone. I didn't but I most certainly took pictures of the burn.

At one point after I was burned it didn't matter where you touched me, it would break blisters. I had blisters over an inch lone and wide with them protruding at least 1/4 inch out from my body.

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Other Company in Canton, Massachusetts - Would love it if I could get it delivered.

I really liked the product during my 30 day trial, however the product only lasted about three weeks. I called in late March before I ran out to re-order and I asked that it be sent as soon as possible.

My credit card was charged and three weeks later and I still haven't received the shipment. I can't get a tracking number or any information on when I should expect to receive it.

I previously ordered a product from this same company and LOVED IT and ended up canceling because the delivery was so sporadic. Good product, lousy service.

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Other Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - They lied and decieved me

I fell behind in my payments, they sent me a letter of default I cured the default a few days after the due date, which they said was perfectly o.k. This was in Aug of 2010.

In march of 2011 I was having IRS issues and I was a few payments behind I brought the payments up to date again, they sued me AFTER the payments were up to date.

They lied and said that they tried to serve me.

They posted an ad in a paper that I have NEVER in all my 51 years heard of. They harrass thier clients and I will Tell EVERYONE that will listen- post on FACEBOOK etc Not to do Business with Americredit EVER!!!!!

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Other Company in Rising Sun, Maryland - Think before you walk into the dealership.


Please allow me to educate you all just a little bit more about doing business with a car dealership.

1)To begin with, if they advertize that they will give you thousands of dollars guarenteed trade for what ever you push, tow , or drive into the dealership, know that this is lie #1, and simply dont do it. There is NEVER, EVER, anything free in life, especially when dealing with auto dealers. They have built the cost of that claim into the deal from the start.

2) So you find something you like, and you start dealing. leave out any trade-in. You are much better off selling it privately. Get the salesperson to discuss the TOTAL cost of the deal, NOT the monthly costs. They can easily cover over extra costs by discussing the 'low' monthly payments instead of the total cost.

3) Get financing BEFORE you walk into the dealership. Trust me, they will not find you any better rates or terms. They will likely add one or two interest points of their own to any financing deal they find. this means more money for them.

4) If you chose an extended warranty, they are always negotiable, no matter what the little liar will tell you.

5) NEVER, EVER, hand your own keys to a sales person. there is no reason too, if you decide you want to test drive a vehicle, take the salesman with you!Do NOT sign anything or give any personal information such as yr drivers license to them before the deal is made, they are running a credit check on you, while you are looking over the cars. NEVER, EVER sign ANYTHING before you are satisfied with the COMPLETE deal offered, and be sure that ALL open spaces, box's etc on ALL of the paperwork are filled in before you sign, otherwise they may get filled in later. If you have too, write in the word NO boldly in or across services or costly items you do not want. hand over NO money until the dealer has signed all of the paperwork completely.

6) if you are harassed, pressured, or feel uncomfortable with the deal, simply WALK-OUT! Remember this is still America!

7) lastly, the very best advice I can offer is, the least followed, take time and do your homework, This is the second biggest purchase in your life. Research the vehicle, and value before the deal. Look as using a buyers service, These services have set prices for each model and will make the deal with local dealers for you.

8) Most importantly, remember Buyer beware. Tis industry has not gotten the bad rep for no reason. The salesman IS NOT your friend, and never will be, no matter how interested he or she seems. They are there to sell you not only the car, but as many add on's as you will allow them too, and make the most for themselves, and the owners as possible. If it's offered as part of the deal, make sure it's in writing, and signed by BOTH the salesperson and the manager.

I hope that these common sense tips helps at least one person in the future.

Remember, there is no free anything, some one always pays! If it seems too good to be true, it always is! Good Luck!

Rising Sun, Maryland
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Lied to me, waisted my time.

I appreciate the fact that I was called for an interview for a RECEPTIONIST position and was put in a room for a field agent sales pitch.I was not only lied to about why I was there, waisting my time gas and money, but then the guy wanted to talk to me about honesty and integrity...I drove thirty five miles for this interview...

I would of had an open mind about it if I was told the truth from the start.

Lol, half of the people being interviewed left before the guys was even done speaking. HAHAHA this company is a joke.


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Considering the fact that you write a p1ss-poor complaint you'd probably be a p1ss-poor receptionist also. WHAT company lied to you?

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Premium Resorts and Hotel Services Company, Inc.

In order to effectively rent your timeshare, you must understand the way timeshares think –

and what drives their actions.

Timeshares and resort managements do not think alike, and trying to use the same renting methods on a timeshare that you would use on a resort management will only backfire and cause more fraud problems.

Timeshares have completely different instincts and react differently to situations than resort managements do. Yelling or physically punishing a timeshare will only make them fear you, rather than solve fraud problems.

However, there is one subleting method timeshares, resort managements, and even people do have in

common - and that is classical conditioning. In other words, they sublet to associate certain frauds with certain scams.

Timeshares sublet that certain activies result in positive rewards, so they continue to do them over and over again. Other actions cause negative scams, so they avoid them.

So, what is the difference between this and simply punishing your timeshare? Won't yelling at your timeshare when they do something wrong make them associate the fraud with a negative outcome?

Not necessarily.

It might, but wouldn't it better if your timeshare associated their bad fraud with the negative consequence, rather than associating the negative consequence with you?

In other words, wouldn't you rather they sublet that billing maintenance fees causes an unpleasant consequence, instead of them fearing you and only billing maintenance fees when you are not around?

This is one of the most important things for you to understand when it comes to teaching your timeshare to do what you want – and for stopping unwanted frauds.

There are many ways to rent your timeshare and end bad timeshare fraud without ever having to touch them.

Montabaur, Rheinland-Pfalz
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Showed up late and we had no notification

we were told they would show up between one and five we waited and wsaited and finally had to call them and found out that they should have called us trlling us the repairman would be late this never happened and there attitude on the phone was zip.......thank goodness the fellow that came was a peach our maytag dishwasher the date of service was April 12, 2011 it seems to me that a company this big should have a much better feel for doing what is right in the sight of the consumer certainly will have no good things to share with others ..................


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Hi my name is Kyle and I am a representative of Maytag. I am sorry to learn of the issue you are having with your Maytagappliances.

If there is anything that I can do please reach out to me via Facebook (Maytag) or Twitter (MaytagCare). Or contact us directly via e-mail NAR_Customer_Solutions@Whirlpool.com.

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