Other Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota - Missed numuros fastners on bumper, etc.

Missed 10 plus fastners on installing bumper. It caused part of the inner bumper to fall out and cracked the paint. Caused parking light to break away from the bumper. When reporting problem to representative at Osseo store he denied responsibility and fault,was very rude, errogant and intimidating.

Your requirment of 100 words or more is not good. Perhaps we do not want to ginve exact names and dates because this could cause more problems in the future.

I would bet alot of people do not leave a complaint because of this requirement.

I have to make more word in order to post this review.

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Nothing, I goofed via a second registration

I have a second account due to a goofed registration, Sorry lan-gard@msn.com. I believe in universal healthcare with all profits goibg to the providers.

Then,the trillions of premiums will gravitate initially to personal bank accounts. This will be paid for a national sales tax wherein all citizens will benefit. Right now, every time we buy anything,a pandemic of embedded healthcare factors has screwed up our entire economy, as well as our non-system of healthcare, only available for the wealthy. 300/million of us are now entrapped wit hidden healthcare factors.

What a country! Yes?


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I need help in registering.I would appreciate all prior ones,and instructions on how to proceed with the registration.I ac be reached by e-mail and appreciate your assisstance.

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Other Company in Cumberland, Rhode Island - Did not received product but got charged anyway.

I received the free trial but you are claiming that you sent me another bigger bottle that I did not receive. You charged me $75.98.

And I want the money put back in my account as I said before I did not receive the product. And further more my doctor told me not to take this product.

I received the free trial on March 13th. I have been trying all this time to get this problem solved but all the company seems interested in is keeping my money.I would tell every body don't ever go for these free samples as the companys like your money.

Upset Consumer 2011
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Small potato chips

Has anyone else besides me noticed that the size of potato chips in the bags are very small. Even the Wave dipping type are smaller then they use to be.

Are potatoes getting smaller or are the potato chip vendors making them smaller. I know that the size of the bag got smaller but the price has pretty much stayed the same, but you have to shop around or use a store coupon. Does anyone have this same problem with their favorite snack food. I also am not happy with the new watermelons the stores are trying to sale us.

Seedless my butt. They are just picked before they got too big.

They really have no taste when this is done. Let me know...




I was just noticing this tonight as I have been noticing for a while now but it kind of pissed me off enough to google why the chips are so small. I didn't find any answers but my theory, since we all know potatoes aren't getting smaller, is that the Frito Lay and Utz companies are taking the longest part of the potato and selling it to companies who make french fries, like Ore Ida, or McD's, Burger King, etc.

Then I think they take the shorter ends of the potatoes and slice them into tiny effin' chips. It *** me off.


Yeah I've been noticing product sizes have been getting smaller.


Companies have two choices:

Keep the bag size the same & raise the price.

or Keep the same price & make a smaller bag size..

Potato chip companies are not the only ones doing this.

Oil City, Pennsylvania
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Other Company in Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia - NIGERIAN SCAM

Nigerian Scam

The Site is a scam you will find no one here it will be featured on an up comming Chris Matthew interview with the people that have been scammmed on DateLine NBC. 1.

We have asked fo r our profile to be removed they will not. 2. We have asked that they refund our money they will not 3. You will find no one on here as the site pulls pictures and makes fake profiles for intrest in men to go to pay *** sites.

4. We have reported them to the Credit CArd beareau for investigation for breach of contract as we have interviewed over 100 persons via email that state they have never had a contact on this site other then calls for phone sex or chat. 5. We are investigating the billing an accounting agent.

6. This information has been sent to Chris Mathhews Dateline NBC.


Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia
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Other Company in Dallas, Texas - Trash on property

property was cleaned up and the clean crew throw branches and 3ft of leaves over back fence in esment and now we have rat problems i have kids and now i wont let them play in there own backyard i told the city of duncanville and they are trying to find the person who did it i told them i saw the people that did it they said they would send out a letter so i though i would wright this hopeing this would maybe get someing done about it i hope so because i like century 21 but this is not wright thanks kenneth hackworth

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Preparation charge

Update by user Apr 15, 2011

this pertains to h & r block tax prep.

Original review posted by user Apr 15, 2011

i have been a customer for many years and i might add a satisfied customer at that, but today i had my taxes done at one of your sights and when finished i owed 215 or so dollars in which i have no problem with but what i do have a problem with is that the 215 was calculated for 4 hours according to your standards for my tax preparation. in reality it only took the preparer 30 minutes.

when mentioned to preparer why was i charged for 4 hour prep time when in actuality it took them 30 minutes, their comment was because they were familiar with my taxes because i was a long time customer.

so why should i be penalized for paying for 4 hour prep time? i was a block customer for over 20 years!!!

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Other Company in Chattanooga, Tennessee - Bad service

The phone service sucks,i cant hear anyone hardly at all! I tried to get ahold of them to cancel my service,via email but got no reply.

I emailed and requested a number to contact them but no reply again. so i am going to get ahold of the better business bureau and and get an attorney to take care of this for me!!!

They claim it is a great service but you cant use it for anything. i am very unhappy.i am going to start a blog and statements online letting people know how bad magic jack is.

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Other Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan - My son over paid his bill by $106.00 he has called them since January 2011 still has no money back

my son over paid his bill by $106.00. He has cancelled his service with them since then, he has tried since January 2011 to get his money back and still has not gotten his money.

They all say it will be in the mail.He calls them every month. If someone is late they hound them or cancel the service. He wants his money!!!He never gets to talk with the same person either, they all say nothing is in the computer about it and they will send the check out.

centennial wireless is a rip off.. They sent him a statement showing he has a 0 balance.

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Other Company in Nixa, Missouri - Didn't get what i ordered

I had ordered Mary Poppiins and have yet to recieve it!!!! I have recieved two other movies I wanted but thought of sending them back.

They have since sent me a bill for $146.66. Oh yes,and a poster for which they wish me to pay for that was suppose to go with the movie "I didn't get". I'd rather just send everything back and wash my hands of the whole thing. Of which I plan to do.

And i will have a copy of EVERYTHING I do.

I learnt this this hard way dealing with people.

thank you for absolutely NOTHING!

Review #203912 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer203912.