Other Company in Taylor, Michigan - Re:TV W/SALE- NEVER HAPPENED!

We have purchased several items from your Walker, MI store: NEVER AGAIN! Last purchase was mattress set;a sign said purchase a mattress set rec a 32" tv at Pauls TV-salesman very rude; Pauls didn't know about the sale/salesman disappeared only to be found by us-took us to clearance center - rebuilt tv didn't work - then he told us it would cost us over $300.00 - false advertising!!!!Then he told us the sign should have been taken down the day before - told us matt cover was 80$/charged 100.

very bad! Disappointed in ART VAN - word of mouth is your best advertisement!

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A complaint letter to the editor of a newspaper

Dear editor,

I am writing to inform you about main mistakes that you made about our interview.

But at first, I appreciate you for believing my experience about travel to the future. It seems people are so busy and often don't appreciate all we do for them, I don't want to be like them.

I know, it is difficult to manage and edit an interview but it is your responsibility to keep the subject and don't change the main concept.

I felt shocked when I was reading my interview in your magazine because it was full of mistakes and show you never checked it before publishing

I listed all of them and attached to this letter and want you to make attention more.

I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem and will wait until next month before publishing the next number of your magazine. Please contact me at the above address or by phone at 093433442255.

Yours faithfully,



Tehran, Tehran, Iran #811203

please try to explain more.

u have to say do not instead of dont



To Whom It May Concern, I write this email in hope that you can help or guide me as what is the correct procedure is solving my dilemma. Situation is that I married my girlfriend Shagufta Ambreen, on the 29.05.2009.Thinking I had found the perfect partner.The wedding took place in the courts of Karachi, Sindh.I went to every length and struggle to marry Shagufta Ambreen, I even took on her family and went through ***.Eventually everything settled down everything went fine for a while us as a married couple. Anyway, after a while my in-laws again started trouble for us and I had no choice but to borrow money from family and friends and send her to UK on student basis. Upon Shagufta Ambreen’s arrival in the UK my in-laws settled down and gave me no more trouble.Shagufta Ambreen stayed in contact with me and all seemed well. Little did I know that this was part of a huge scam in Pakistan.Girls here often trap men in a love relationship and go to

great lengths to marry. I have spent my life savings in addition to occurring loans.Shagufta Ambreen also took gold I bought and large sum of cash. Shagufta Ambreen has disappeared in the UK and is longer in contact with me.I have registered an official complaint with the local police and concerned authorities in Pakistan. I recently checked all the paper work, visa application and to my surprise found that she has stated her self as single (not married) on the student visa.Shagufta Ambreen should have been attending

London school of business and finance (L.S.B.F).I also checked with L.S.B.F and learnt that Shagufta Ambreen is no longer attending here ACCA course (student role No: AA 1236011). I believe that Shagufta Ambreen is an illegal immigrant in the UK as she obtained a student visa on false information and fake documentation.I am led to understand that Shagufta Ambreen is working full time and sending money to support her

family or illegal group in Pakistan.Shagufta Ambreen is breaking every visa regulation law in the UK. Last UK mobile number’s I have is 07588472040, 07424804531, 07402570387.Skype i.d is emanali1983.Email add: aliemanali01@yahoo.comD.O.B 04.08.1983 By sending this email, I disassociate my self from Shagufta Ambreen.I do not want to be caught up in any illegal activities or scam. I can provide all the evidence and documents upon request.Please kindly look into this matter with the priority and help! Thanking you in advance for your kind help and attention. Mr Zulfiqar Ali+923422410002, +923335529048

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Lease Finance Group Canada ULC is a SCAM

I signed up with Pivotal Payments for my debit machines in Edmonton who in turn sent me the lease agreement with Lease Finance Group Canada ULC. The debit machines could not perform the automatic tip percentage that they told me they could do so the day I received them and discovered this I had called Pivotal to tell them I was sending them back.

I asked if there was anything else I needed to do and they told me no. Well it has been 16 months and I am still having money taken out of my account by Lease Finance Group for machines I do not have. I have tried many times to call LFG and they do not answer. I have spoken with Pivotal who tell me they have nothing to do with the lease side of there offer (however they only deal with LFG and to get there rates a customner has no option but to sign up with LFG) leaving me to say that Pivotal is just as quilty as LFG.

My bank can not help me. How do I get my money back and more importantly how do I stop them from taking more money from me.




FYI : Our small business (which is not operating currently and hasn't been for years acquired a debit machine that never worked. The machine was sent back over 5 yrs ago.

We are STILL receiving mail from LFG requesting a settlement agreement of over $800.. on a charge for our apparent continued use of this defective machine we no longer even have.

The total is almost 2K or they will file a civil claim. Is this a bogus company that has taken over illegitimate accounts passed on by the original company perhaps?


Change your bank account

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #1082996

Close your bank account. They can't take money out if you don't have that account anymore.

Kingston, Ontario, Canada #1045331

I am dealing with the very same issue as you other folks. This is ridiculous.

I have tried to get an address to return their machine and cannot get an address from any of them.

I was 30 minutes on the phone yesterday with three different people and still no solution. This company needs to be stopped!!!


Same thing happens to me. I'm from Montreal and just closed my business couple of months ago.

I'm trying to end the lease but just cannot.

One representative did talk to me and told me to pay the final invoice for the last 2 months and return their machine and they would charging me monthly, which I agree or else, they would charge me 250$ to cancel the lease. By the way, I was paying 42$/month for a machine that I haven't used for years. I guess it was my fault, since I didn't call them earlier... I thought I was renting it for 3 years (back in 2006), but the representative told me that the contract would renew automatically after 3 years.

So I was paying them 42$ every month without even noticing.

When I shut down the business couple of months ago, I noticed that they were still debiting our bank account. At first, I didn't even know who they were so I call the bank and ask them to stop letting LFG debiting our account, which they did. Now, LFG just sent us an invoice by mail asking us to pay the past 2 months.

I'm just so fed up that I decided to agree to pay and returning their machine.

However, I asked them to send me a copy of the contract that we signed back in 2006. They said yes, they would fax it to me. They never did. Two different representatives said that they did and I never got anything.

Then, I asked them to e-mail me the exact address so I could send the machine back.

The representative did give me their address on the phone (I had to ask him twice for the ZIP code tho) but I insist that I want an e-mail to be sure that I have a written proof of the exact address, because I'm worried that they would just say that they never got the machine back and charge me another 250$. I gave them my address to the first representative, he told me that he just sent the e-mail with their address. I waited an hour later, nothing. Called them back, talk to another one, she told me that there was a typo, she would resend it to me.

I told her, I wanna be sure that I got her e-mail before we hung up. She said OK and told me that she just sent me the e-mail. Ten minutes later, still nothing. Supposed to be instantly I said.

Then she said that she sent many documents so that's why it could take longer and then we hung up.

The day after, I still haven't received anything from them. No fax with the contract that they promised, no e-mail with the address to send the machine back. I called them back and everytime I do, the receptionist asks me for me lease number, sends me to another department and they just leave me there for hours.

No answers. Left, a message on their voicemail, they never called me back. Same **** over and over again, they just send me directly to their voicemail or just let me wait forever. What should I do next?

Anyone here have sent their machine back to them successfully? If yes, please give me the address and I would ship it back right away with tracking and delivery confirmation.

This company if fraud!!! Can't believe how they are still in the business.

Kingston, Ontario, Canada #1045332

You should not have agreed to pay.... stick to your guns, change bank accounts or do the stop payment!!! Good luck


I have the same problem. After five years I tried to end the lease but they kept taking money from my bank account.

I changed banks now I get a bill every Month. It keeps adding up, don't know what to do next.


The only way you can stop them from auto debit is to close your existing account number and reopen with new account number.

Stop payment from your bank only works for the particular day the payment is suppose to be withdrawn, therefore if they change the auto debit date they will be able to withdraw.

I've gone through this myself and this was the only way to stop them. Good Luck I hope this helps you.

Saint Catharines, Ontario, Canada #911063

I wished I had read this earlier. I mean as of last month.

Under Canada's "Code of Conduct" legislated by the finance Minister for Canada as of November 2013 any changes in your contract increase or otherwise you can get out of all contracts regarding your payment process with Pivotal including your lease (with in a 90 day window of these changes). Call them notify them of cancellation, send back the equipment AND stop the payment at your bank to LFG.

Stand firm and good Luck!

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada #1119156

This may not work with the FCAC Code of Conduct. Lease Finance Group has disregarded the FCAC. Anybody know what to do now?


You would pay 12.50 dollars to the bank they can stop paying for you. This is a horrible company cheating thousands of Canadian small business with Pivotal Payment Resolutions before was Tangerine Payment Resolutions.

We have paid money to fight with in Canada but it costs though. Who can terminate these bugs?




You can call this number - they will help you! Consumer protection rights 18885649963 !

Good luck this is my next step ! Funny bbb said they haven't received a complaint but i sure see a lot on line about this companys harassment !

Fill out the form business owners lets shut these frauds down ! I noticed they took a lot of extra fees off as well!!!!


I swtched my banking account so they couldnt take any more mobey out - same thing faulty machine and they dont tell you its from a lease company - weve been fighting with them for two years with constant harrassing phone calls daily at home and at work ! These people need to be shut down !

Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada #656955

Lease Finance Group is currently giving us major migraines as well. I really feel as if there should be some sort of lobbying for legislation that will protect small businesses from scam companies such as these.

We are currently in a 25 year contract with LFG because of some *** auto-renewal. And because we don't have the machine anymore and sent them a similar machine, they will not terminate the contract. The machine is ancient and they have been debiting our account for years without us even knowing. Since then we have closed that account, but now they continue to bill us on a monthly basis and refuse to terminate the agreement.

I am so frustrated because the machine they want was so old and it was so long ago, we cant remember if we did return it but they never acknowledged it or if it was thrown out because it was garbage. Needless to say, we have been having phone call wars with LFG and now they want to charge us a $400 cancellation fee plus all of the fees we are in arrears due to us closing the bank account. They have been making money off of us for years for a machine we no longer use and it is so frustrating that they are able to cheat people like this and get away with it!!!

Who is out there protecting small businesses from scammers like these?


I have a call into consumer protection because our story is quite similar They want 2K for an obsolete machine we haven't used in over 5 yrs. I believe one of our partners sent it back / called and ended up trashing it as was not working from the get go.


Pivitol did the same *** with me when I cancelled their contract. They kept automatically debiting my business taking a $500 dollar "cancellation fee". The only way I could stop it was to report it to my bank and the bank manager put a stop payment on it.

Now they send me these fake lease bills.

I don't pay them.

Where are the pencil pushing Government staff when you need them to crack down on these ***!

Lake Grove, New York, United States #350239

At about a same thing here ( Calgary) their equipment didn't work as promised, both sides agreed on returning equipment.

Now 3 month's later they keep trying to pull money out my account, the to send back 1000 dollar or so i paid so far for not working at all equipment, i guess they like me to forget about that.

bottom line; don't deal with this company


Hi there,

I can understand your frustration. I actually work for a Bank. I wish to let you know that your bank can help you.

Most of the banks in Canada have what they call a declaration form that says you do not agree with the terms of a Pre-auhtorized payment taken out, then they can send this to the actual company debiting your account and oficially free you from having this payment taken.

You can always close your bank account and open a new one, of course you might have to do a couple of changes and re-order cheques and so on, but at least you will not need anymore to pay this company.

You can always place a stop payment too, but your bank my charge you fees for that.

SO actually, from nothing now you have 3 options!

I hope this helps!

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Other Company in Murfreesboro, Tennessee - Rude salesman, and harrassment

My name is Neta Baird I am a customer at your Smyrna Tennessee store. When I went in and signed a contract to rent to own a 50 inch Tv and sound system I was told by the salesman that I could pay weekly or by the month. At first we were paying by the week on time. At the end of last month I had some fraud in my bank account. When my direct deposit went into the bank they froze my account. I explained to the salesman Derek and tried to pay at least something, the money was refused. He wouldn't take it. So that weekend I slipped a money order for 80.00 under the door where they had no choice. Today, April 21 Derek called me on my job and asked me when he could come pick up the merchandise. I told him at the end of the month I would be in there to pay up competely what I owe. I had a circumstance beyond my control. He was very rude and said no, that i had to either pay now, or the merchandise was to be returned. I asked him again, is there something I can do, leave a postdated check, sign an agreement, anything to keep from losing my mechandise. He said no, when can I come pick it up. I told him he could when I was home. He continued to harrass me about a time. I couldn't give him a time. I then asked him if I could please have the name and number of his boss. He refused to give it to me. Refused. He kept asking me why I was giving HIM a hard time. I again, may I have the name and number of your supervisor. No. He wouldn't give it to me. I hung up. I then asked my roommate to call and asked if she could have the name and number of the owner or supervisor. He was rude to her, he refused to give her any information.

I am not trying to be difficult. I had a very bad situation happen that was beyond my control. Oweing rent, water and electricity I still managed to gather up as much as I could to make an attempt to pay. I am angry first because I was told I could pay by the month if I wanted. Now it is a differnt story. I am angry because I have agreed to do what ever it takes if he would just give me one week to catch it up. Mostly I am angry because this man has from day one been very rude and hard to deal with. I know I can take my business elsewhere. There are lots of rent to own places. I just feel I have paid on this and I don't want to loose what i haave invested. He claims he has tried to work with me and that is an out and out lie. He has threatened and done everything he can to NOT help. I have never had to deal with such unprofessionalism in my life. I have every intention of taking care of what I owe. I have had to shift somethings until my bank situation is taken care of. When I tried to explain, he would talk over me. Is this the type of people you want dealing with customers?

I would appreciate a call or response to this. I want to work this out. I think it is *** to come and get this stuff and turn arond not even a week later and bring it back. When I told him I would take my business elsewhere he said he didn't care.

Thank you for your time and please feel free to contact me. My number is 615-869-8808. I would like to speak with someone other than a rude salesman.

Thank you, Neta Baird

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*** matches is a total rip off!!!

Do Not Waste Your $$$-Just checked out this site again after a couple of years. Same ads by same women, all using similar verbage (words, language) in their messages to me same as before.

All very enticing as well. I think they have a robot that sends out a flurry of messages the first few days you are a free member to get you to fork over the $$$. Then you get nothing.

One tip off I caught today as to this sites fraudulent purpose, is one woman was supposed to live in Fresno, Ca.

close to me according to the ad as her home city, but in her profile she stated that " I'm a law student here in Denver. If you want to....blah blah blah"




I agree...horney matches is a total rip off..they put the women up and some of them get a cut I'm sure..entice you till you pay like *** me then none of those ever respond.I will find a way...I want my money back and sites like them exposed

:sigh :( Have nothing whatsoever to do with *** Matches!!! They get away with this rubbish because no one controls and polices the Internet.

It is simply terrible what they are doing.

Just unbelievable. I wish I could have them STOPPED forever.

That is right i was on there and his profile said he was in my area only 3 miles away from me but in he statement what he was looking for he live'd in N.Y and if you where not in he area don't text her i also have seen the same pic's on the UK site yes some of the replays are auto gen. but i have got some saying oh i see you are from Zion Il.

i live in zion but i don't see many people from there on here and yes they have many sites doing the same thing trying to get your money like there sister site Getiton.com you see the same people on that site as you do on as you do do on H.M with the same profiles and it not just them they all do it like Adult friend finder there other sites are Sex party xmatch.com Senior sizzle.com tho's site do the same thing they try and make you think they are not the same to get your money i tell you what to do look up some ones screen name on one of the site and then go to there sister site i'll bet you you will find then i have before you put your money on any site check it out more the not it is not what it plays it's self to be oooo here is the other kinkier i got and email i want say which site that said " i was on my friends account and i saw your profiles and your pic and your pic made me nuts the thing is i do not have have a pic on my profile and i got that from there site in my inbox and my email address and how did they get my email address another auto gen. bottom line people if you are looking for some one stop paying for it because the only thing you are going to fine in Brock go one one of the free sites that is out there you will better off there are a lot out there if you just look and it dose not cost you a thing but your time look at sites like Plenty of fish.com or the 9 free sites that are out there do your self a fiver don't get took out to dry i am a woman that was only looking for a little *** now and then because where i work i can not date the people i work with i don't need them to know what i do in my bedroom so that is why i am on the sites like this i don't do bars and this is the best way i can meet people that like to do what i like to do then we are done they do there own thing and i do mine that is why people like use do this but i will close saying that all of the sites like H.M A.D.F.F they did say i would get *** and i did but not the way i was looking for keep your money in your pocket that way you will have more money to spend on your date

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Other Company in New England, North Dakota - Good prices, lacking everywhere else

Unlike some other people, they have never given me trouble with price matching. As long as youre matching a legit competitor, they will match the price plus 5% off. This translates into great savings in terms of direct supplement pricing.

But there's a reason they give you a deal on the supplements, they totally *** on shipping. Shipping is EASILY twice the amount of bodybuilding.com, nutraplanet.com, or any other site I have used.

If you order from nutraplanet or bb.com, they will ship the box THE SAME DAY or within 1-2 days. From Supplementwarehouse, despite the fact that you're paying EXTRA for shipping they won't even send your box out for a week! Then add another ~5 days since they only use basic ground shipping and you're looking at TWO WEEKS before you get your shipment!

Someone complained about getting expired products, the website explicitly lists the expiration date of any products that are approaching the end or have already expired. If you still buy it, that's your choice. I've gotten a few things from them that were approaching expiration or slightly expired, most products are good for years beyond the Exp. date.

I don't see myself ordering from supplementwarehouse ever again, their competitors are simply better. Nutraplanet is my favorite for pricing and service and QUICK delivery!

If supplementwarehouse held a candle to the competition, they wouldn't need to offer price matching and expired supplements to attract new buyers.

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For my new home I had to purchase some new furniture. As I was new to the city, I didn't have enough idea about anything and my friends recommended me LiveWell home decoration shop because of its good reputation. Then how did they know that it is the worst furniture showroom in Sacramento.

I visited LiveWell and got impressed with its appearance and presentation of furniture. Its owner Mr. James Andronicos handled me. Initially he entertained me very well and helped me choose the ones I was looking for. But, when after using the bought furniture after a couple of months, I found they're made of very low quality timbers and other materials.

I called up Mr. James Andronicos's personal number and told him about that. First day, he hanged on saying he is busy and call back after some time. He never did so. I called him up after a few days and then he said he will send an executive to see the damaged things and will replace them.

Sadly, James Andronicos never sent any of his executives to my place.

I physically visited LiveWell and met Mr. Andronicos. For not being able to recall me who actually I am, he gladly welcomed me, but when I told him about my purpose of visiting his showroom, he certainly became busy. And after waiting for an hour I left the place.

Now, after 4 months, almost all the furniture I purchased from LiveWell are in my storeroom and are not in condition of using.

So, hereby I would like to suggest all you guys not to go for LiveWell and listen James Andronicos's false advertisements. He has all the rubbish furniture to offer you.

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Other Company in Los Angeles, California - Complaint

This organization is a rip of. First you pay to join, become a member hah!

Then they start sending you bills for things you did not order. I've tried to cancel my membership to no avail. I"m reporting them to the BBB.

Do Not waste you time and mostly your money. refuse shipmenets from them.

First it was junk, they do not answer e-mails. They are completley

dishonest and just collecting your money. Do not, repeat Do not

get taken in by this dishonest group....How can they continue to get by doing this kind of business

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Other Company in Los Angeles, California - OK, but I thought she was kind of cool

I was in a really really really really really really really really bad place and maybe someone else could have helped me more but she did help me. She was nice, she provided marker pens and her own personal cell phone for my very young child's use during our sessions and then she later went on her own time to get some entertainment for my daughter for our next session and was very accommodating about my lack of childcare. Very nice lady who really seemed to care about me and my progress and my general mental health and stability.

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Other Company in Fox Lake, Illinois - Trying to get thru the automated phone system

I just get frustrated trying to get thru the system, I always have to go to the customer service area to get my address changed. You should have a selection to talk to a rep instead of going thru all the stuff and then go to a rep.

We are also disappointed in the fact that you are also putting a lot of advertising in the magazines that takes away from the content of the 3 magazines that we subscribe to.

You might also try sending the renewal notices two or three months in advance instead of six or eight months and then you won't have to send two or three relminders. Thank youy

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