Other Company in Cincinnati, Ohio - Radio Ad? Go online for written preview, usually same offer

I have been an online buyer for over 15 years.I have tried various products, stuck with some, but gone elsewhere for others. Companies keep coming out with new products better than what I recently bought.(curses)

I have had problems with Customer Service, but all were resolved to my satisfaction. Exception : Ebay, but it was the seller who was banned(who are we kidding?).

I recommend going online to READ about product details, quantity price breaks and return/refund policies, etc.

Pharmaceutical example...

Some companies offer price breaks at 3, 6, 12, 15(a few), 24...

DO NOT order big until you are sure it works.

IF YOU ORDER BIG I suggest ordering different products at different times to spread the large payments...12 bottles at $20 each is still $240

Once familiar with the website call the 800 number and order...

if you wish a live hassle.

Don't take it out on the sales rep... it's probably his/her first job and think of the lack of moral training. Besides, you've already had a bad day so why take it out on the help?

Happy shopping.

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Other Company in Hot Springs, Arkansas - Low quality product

my partical that cost over $600 broke 4 times in the first year. the workmanship is so poor that i have given up on returning them...

they are broke right now, but still useable.

i hope to save up enough money to find some real professionals to make me a new partical...

screw your minimum requirments. now, i'm pissed at this site also. why would you force someone to go on and on when they don't want to? clearly, this site is as bad as the companies it gossips about. i doubt anything said on this site is an honest opinion, but said in spite...

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Other Company in Denver, Colorado - Truth in lending, Regulation Z Law breakers

Truth in lending and Regulation Z . You can not force somebody to buy "optional" insurance to achieve a lower rate. It is deceptive and illegal.


your loan is approved for XXX dollars, XX months at 15% if you purchase these "optional insurances.

If you opt not to purchase the "optional" insurances, your rate wil be 16.5%.

You are luring people to a lower rate only if they then buy your "optional insurance.

You must provide documentation about the loan in writing, not verbaly. If you pull somebodys credit bureau, you MUST tell them the accurate score, not a score 50 points lower, and you must provide them a copy of that bureau used to decide the rate you are lending the money for.

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Other Company in Calgary, Alberta - Another rip off

Order an item that is selling for ten dollars, take advantage of the two for one sale and your bill will be over thirty dollars. That is because they do not tell you before hand what the shipping fee will be.The shipping fee shows up once you have entered your order.

You can get your money back if you are not happy but not the shipping fee which is more than the product is worth. You cannot cancel your order on line there is no place to do so. Call and you will wait half an hour because their agents are all busy

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Better person and doctor

Low IQ can not be corrected.

Forgiving heart, kindness, brushing and floss teeth correctly in timely manner and good healthy diet will stay away from complaints about doctors who have provided healthcare.

Be joyful, prayful , and always thankful!

With the judgement you make, you will be judged the same!!

God bless all of us!!!

To be happy, I recommends the following.

1. Simplify life

2. Spend less than you earn.

3. Concentrate on immediate task.

4. Count the blessings.

5. Have a sound sleep at night

6. Keep your self busy.

7. Have good breakfast and light dinner

8. To give and share

Dsdj 9. Forgive and forget.

10. Keep close to god and invite holy sprit in you. From Dr Jin Song

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Other Company in Chicago, Illinois - RIP OFF

I placed an order for a nice arrangement of tulips for 19.99. When my bill arrived it cost over 40.00.

Why? Because they tacked on several other charges like 1.63 to ship my "free"vase, 13.00 for delivery,3.00 for care and handling. I don't mind paying a fair price, but this really underhanded if not unethical. They lost a good customer.

Also, I asked them weeks ago to remove me from their mailing list and I am still receiving their daily emails.

They have moved from unethical to just plain annoying. Thank You!

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*** spammer

Stop sending me SPAM - i GET YOUR SPAM all of the time. I will not -m ever, ever, ever, ever buy anything from you.

I opt out, over and over again - and I still get your spam. Even my compter system ids you as spammer but it cannot seem to stop you endless "***".


I don't know how to be more descriptive. This is just another problem withyou and your computer systems. Stop spamming. Stop Spamming. Stop spamming. Stop spamming. Stop spamming. stop spamming. stop spamming. spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spammers spammers spammers spammers. spammer.


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who are u talking about? u said they are spammers but u didnt give a name.

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James Andronicos is nothing but a Wastage of Money

All those people living in Sacramento, the name of James Andronicos is not new to them. He is a big person is the city with lots of home decoration shops. Well, all I can tell you from my and my other family members' personal experience – James Andronicos and his home decoration shops like LiveWell and Home Shop are big reasons of disappointment. Let me share our experiences with these with you.

Last January my younger sister brought a Love Seat, Conrad sofa, some furniture and decoration lamps from Home Shop and after using them for a couple of months their experience was horrible. Apart from the lamps, all proved qualitative poor. First when my sister launched a complain they tool that, but didn't respond in one month. Then my sister visit them again and claimed money-back, but they completely denied (at the time of purchase they gave assurance of money-back in case of damage).

On my son's birthday last month, I had to gift him a computer table and without my knowledge my wife bought that from Home Shop. And, now it's just about 3 weeks and the table started showing damaging symptoms.

The truth is, James Andronicos's Home Shop manufacturer furniture in a way that they look great, but after using them for some days you will come to know about the truth.

So, it's my recommendation to all of you who like in Sacramento and planning to buy furniture from any of the James Andronicos's shops, DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY.


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Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #281625

Thanks for the tip. Are they part of the Andronico's grocers family?

I just got a job there. Whoa!!

Tehran, Tehran
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Predatory lending

when i first got my loan in 2005 there was last minute fees , fake docs they added to inflate my income and a 90 day bridge loan , then was told needed to refinance as the loan was going to expire ! got ripped off for 40,000 from a loan shark and was told my payments would be lower wich never happend !!!

i have spent the last 2 years trying to modify my loan , and getting the runaround !!!! and denial letters and now they say my options are short sale or take a loan a loan with a balloon payment of a undisclosed amount.


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What company are you with? I'm dealing with a VERY similar situation!

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Advise to avoid Scams

When dealing with anyone over the phone tell them you are recording the conversation. This perfectlly legal in Texas as long as one party know about the recording, that would be you.

Suprize most companies do not like to be recordered and many will hang up, once told so. You can also inform them at the end of the conversation, you'll get a real laugh out of the reaction.

I look at it this way if they can record me I can record them, that fair.

Check to make sure recording is legal in your state most say OK..

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