Discontinued military discount in Michigan city store

this week I went to your store and had quite a kart full to buy only to find out upon check that my disabled military discount is no longer honored. In fact i said to the clerk that thats one of the reasons I shop here.

She said to me that It was discriminating against minorities. she then said to me that would be glad to put my items back on the shelf. So I let her do just that.I dont believe I will use menards any longer for my home improvements.

And strongly recommend all disabled vets and military personel to do the same. This occured on the morning of 04/26/2011 in the am.


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Next time how about putting the NAME of the company on your complaint, it would help. ASSUMMING its Home Depot or Lowes they stopped giving VETS military discounts.

It was only meant for active duty military personnel. As for the cashiers attitude, if its true it was completely uncalled for and you should have complained to a manager.

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Other Company in Youngstown, Ohio - I paid the collection agency 3 yrs ago! And now...

I did pay for the insurance for job loss! And I was disabled and not able to work well they turned my bill into a collection agency.

And I made monthly payments to get it paid off well I finally got it paid 3 or 4 yrs ago. and I haven't heard from them since then.

And at that time I requested they send me a paid in full letter and they said they couldn't do that cuz of me owing nothing there was no bill made! And now they are trying to get more money from me saying I owe about 500.00!

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Other Company in Youngstown, Ohio - I paid the collection agency 3 yrs ago! And now...

My bill was put into collection through a company called axis and I paid it in full that was 3 or 4 yrs ago! I had thrown the bills with my balance away cuz I thought this was over and down with!

And I remember requesting a paid in full balance from them and they said that would be impossible and now I know why they intended on hitting me up for more money! I was even paying the insurance in case of job loss..I was deemed as disabled..

but that made no difference to them! Maybe one day they will *** the wrong person off!

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Other Company in Puyallup, Washington - It is a scam

I ordered a sample and paid for shipping. I have not tried the product but curious.

Then I was surprised to see that they had charged my credit card around $74 for a subscription. I have contacted my bank to dispute the charges and plan to call them so stay tuned. This is a warning letter to anybody interested in the product. Do not order this product because the business practices are not on the up and up.

If I want this product, I will call them and order.

The cost is high as well. This is a warning letter.

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Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - Got due date wrong and would not change it

agent got my due date wrong and would not change it there was a break down in lanuage and no one i talke to would get it right. i spoke to at least 6 agents over two weeks and was told it would be corrected and it never was. it has made my car payment late and i am told there is nothing they can do about it at t his time the date they gave me i did not ask for and it hurts me making my car payment on time when i called i was told that i could have the date i asked for

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Other Company in Los Angeles, California - They never answer the phone

They have horrible customer service. no one ever answers.

They say they are on the phone with another customer, ALWAYS. In this recession, I doubt it. the tub is VERY hard to clean. I went with it because you could just "wipe it down with a sponge" Not at all.

They stain, You can't use abrasives. Delicate soap doesn't work. They mold and hold water. But the worse thing is their customer service.

I think we should all get together and start a class action regarding their false advertising and their lack of support once you get their tub. Life time warranty?

I don't think so. Who do you talk to?

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Other Company in Pune, Maharashtra - This Company is Good

Once I did a detailed inventory, the price quote matched the actual load with only a difference of a few dollars! Amazing. I chose the company, having moved 12 times in the past 12 years (seriously) based on Yelp. Although there were a few "glitches," I have to say that I have never dealt with a more accommodating, caring, genuine moving coordinator (Neil) in my life! I think he may be the actual owener.

This guy makes you want to invite him to dinner, he's so down to earth, and wanting to make everything "right." He calls; he emails; he is accountable.

Like many movers, they contract with others for the unloading if it's across the sate and THAT company had some issues, but,Neil made it right. Neil was flexible with my needs and I highly recommend this company for that reason.

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Other Company in Dayton, Ohio - My phone headphone

I can't believe it takes so long to ship something out. I ordered this in mmarch i still have'nt recieved it i could of walked there and picked it up.theyt could atb least contact you to let you know the stadise of your order.Now i have to come up with a hundred words to even let them know how pissed i am .i think this will be all i order from this company .they need to get some one whop knows custumer service and get this stuff out to people.instead of making them wait over eight weeks

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Other Company in Des Moines, Iowa - DON"T Loan with this company

I have to agree with all the compliants on the board. They are completely unworkable.

I have made payments on time and have recieved calls asking for my payment and then having to correct them that they were made, they start calling 15-20 days from a payment being late. I understand we are late but give us 30 days seriously. Not only do they call your phone 10 times a day without being 30 days late but they start calling all of your friends you have listed as references until you make the payment. They thrented to repo witout you being 30 days late.

It is such a terrible company to work with.

All I can suggest is if you can refi or pay it off do it as quickly as possible. And NEVER get a loan with them again.

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Other Company in Charlotte, North Carolina - Their rip offs they downgraded my computer exchanged a new down graded pc from what i baught.

i got hd pc for hd tv... it worked for a month, i took it back they took out chips, down graded my pc, i hooked up to my hd tv pc wasn't hd, wasn't compatible with modern technoligy, less memory...

i paid 1,200$ for a pc worth 617$ i payed before interest involved... tried gettin my money, i want nothin to do with arrons... they traded a downgraded pc for the money i spent for a better one... downgraded my pc and ill recomend to everybody never go there, lost a good costomer...

arrons is a rip off stay away from there and ill tell everybody i know that..

it happened in matthews nc... your loss bruno valdez

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