I have never received any items to test

I have been a member for a few years and have never received anything to test or keep. Iam also a lifetime member and paid the full amount to become one.

If I paid my money in good faith why haven't you lived up to your part of the contract, don't send me any more questionairs about what I like and dislike I have filled out about a dozen of them with no results.

Yes Iam pissed and feel I have a good reason to be I also entered the contest in the book and never won I wonder why. You do not live up to your part of the contract.

Charlotte Andeson


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Killingworth, Connecticut, United States #278422


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Other Company in Indianapolis, Indiana - Wedding dress dissaster!

ordered a wedding dress in jan...and no wedding , dress or no refund... scammed....

and not giving up.........grrrrrrrrrrrrrr! was told my dress was confascated at customs... grrr, and then tried to get refund.. and still not got a reply...grr.

and there is no real number emailed a 1oo xs ,,,,still no refund..grrrrr keep getting run around..and I will keep on annoying them and blogging about there so called business.. and buyer protection...

that would be just don't buy from them...grrr...and then won't get scamed.. not worth trying to save a few bucks ..cause in the end you just have to spend more..not to mention stress.ect.....grrrrrr

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Posted a non true report!!!

I am pissed that you showed up on my credit report and WCCA! I don't even know who you are and why it is there!

Get your facts straight before I file suit against your company!!! I have never eeived any notice fro your compant and have no idea whaat it is for or why it is on this website!!! You have damaged my personal files and life and I will definetly be contacting a attorney to check your company out! I do have a phone # and I am sure that your company has ways of finding that out so why the public post?

Do you get your thrills out of intimidating people?

Boy I am glad I never got into that profession as it is just plain rude and discusting!!! get a life to all of you!!


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We don't know who they are either. Thanks. What a waste.

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I've payed twice and never recieved my birth certificate

my name is Danielle Salkeld. I have ordered my birth certificate I payed for it twice I have two different orders that were over nighted u.p.s.

next day air and I have never recieved my birth certificate .

I purchased this on July 27 2010 my order number is 22938343 1 birth certificate $17.00 processing $6.00 and shipping $18.50 for a total of $41.50 paid by visa card I all so have a order no.13721371 I would not have paid for this if i did not need it. I m feel I have been treated wrong and would like to know what they plan to do about this and when will i recieve my birth certificate?

Sincerly upset Danielle Salkeld 4-23-2011


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Allgood, Alabama, United States #278380

Contact the state in which you were born. They can tell you exactly how to get a copy of your birth certificate.

You don't mention who you paid twice but I'm going out on a limb assuming it was from some website.

Sounds like you've been scammed ... TWICE!!!

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Other Company in Phoenix, Arizona - Unprofessional, Rude, and waited 6 & 1/2Hrs.

My fiance, 4 month old baby boy, and myself went to my appointment that i had scheduled. THey said that we could get the car and then 6 and a half hours later something all of a sudden came up and we werent approved.

The employees were very rude, unprofessional, and i will never recommend them to anyone. I went right down the street from drive time with the same paper work and got approved in an hour and 10 minutes,to be exact, and drove off with a vehicle that was a lot nicer than the ones at drive time.

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Other Company in Woodstock, Virginia - Paid 3-4 yrs for recorder that doesn't record.

Paid 3-4 yrs for a recorder and was told that "this model" would not allow you to watch one program and record another. At least 3 times we inquired about it and was told by either tech or tele personnel "not possible.

Now I was told the tech did not install a "second cable from the dish" that would allow me to do what I requested in the first place. Then they wanted to charge my card a "$50 hookup fee" to install what we had requested and paid for originally. How they continues with their #1 rating is beyond me.

To replace a box carries 3-5 working days, why not overnight the box and save the customer another hassle. Terrible service.

Woodstock, Virginia
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Other Company in Seattle, Washington - Fake Debt Collection Agent

There is a debt collection company that is calling people and telling them they need info for them about the debt they are handling.... Beware they are only collecting info about you to use for other things...

Like opening charge cards in your name, plus other things in your name. But you wouldn't know about till it's to late... The phone number they are calling from is 1-888637-0271.... I have had them call me 9 times in the last month....

I don't answer the phone and they leave no message..... Just google the phone number and you will see I am not lying....They are using an automatic dialer...

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You MISSPELLED my name! Unforgivable

My name is corectly spelled: HAYDN, NOT "HEIDEN". You got my address right, however; will ceases never wonder!

(spoonerism deliberate). Kindly remove me from your mailing list - PERMANENTLY!!! When someone misspels my name, I won't do them the courtesy of even READING their catalog(s)! I will feed them to the trash!

Get me the [expletive deleted] off your *** mailing list! NOW!!! My account #is: 2350915683. No more catalogs!

save some trees! Angrily, Carmen B.


PS. Your recommended minimum word count is only a recomendation, not an absolute requirement -- what's wrong, didn't you go to school?




Carmen Hayden, do you realize that you left out the "e" in your last name?? lol


This is a joke, right?

First off, any functional human can deal with somebody misspelling his/her name. You are obviously not a "functional human."

Also, who are you even referring to in your post? Who has committed such a foul act against your name? Word count?

Lame joke, intoxicated poster, or simply psychotic? hmmm....


its just a freaking name you dont have to act like the worlds going to end... jesus...

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Other Company in Willits, California - I'm asking for information.

What is in the perfume which might irritate the nasal passages and keep the nose drippy. This never happened to me before my grandson and son-in-law started using your body wash. It seems to remove the oxygen from the air in the house. Is this possible? I have had to go outside or stand by an open window to breathe,twice.

Like I said, I'm asking for information -- "not pissed", whatever that term denotes here.

Where else should I look, if this is not a source for such information, Thanks, Joyce Vincent joycev1925@yahoo.com 77551 Logan Lane Covelo CA 95428

Joyce Vincent
Willits, California
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They took a pmt out of the wrong bank acct

i normally make payments online. I have 2 bank accounts set up there.

i told them to take a payment out of my account and even gave them the account. they took the payment out of my husbands account which was returned nsf and charged 30.00 for the overdraft. I called them and told them they took if from the wrong account and they refused to correct this error and give the 30.00 nsf charge back.

they also said they would continue to take this 878.52 from his acct until they collected it. i said they could not do that and she said they would anyway.


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Who is “they”? Does this bank have a name?

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