Other Company - My life account which i never did i wanted to deleted

pls I email u today about my life account which I never did. it is rudaina jami nasr my name is rudaina nasr. i never lived in bozedman montana

some made it up my account i wanted to be removed pls urgently

i live abroad for quite sometimes . i search the google i found my name on ur site my lif site i mean including my boys names.

this is my email mrudainanasr08@gmail.com if you not going to remove it i will inform the fbi that u allow people to use other name on ur site .

your cooperation is higly acceptted .

pls urgently as possible i wanted this site to be removed

thank you rudaina nasr

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Other Company in Overland Park, Kansas - Just wish you would get my order right

This is the third time in the last two months that my order was not right. I just want what I asked for.Then when I call your store no one answers,I just don't understand.I have been your customer for over 14 years and for some reason the store in Bradley Ill.

Just can't seem to comprehend the simple task of no beans or lettuce on my double decker Taco......I am an unsatisfied consumer.....I have worked in the returant business for along time and if I made this many mistakes the resturant would of folded. But since it is taco bell they don't care....Answer your business phone when I call......

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They scamed me with a puppy, how rude!

Well they almost got my hard earned money...

I am normally a genuine cautious person but this time all the excitment got to me.

my story....

was about a lady in perth, and just moved there and had recently lossed her son but then managed to change the sex of the child to her daughter, so should of clicked to that but i felt really bad that she had lossed her child so didn't question. bernese moutain, 12 weeks, for free with the only expense being the shipping fee, that was exciting and just what we wanted, so arranged to get the pup. they sent me e-mails and keep ringing non-stop trying to rush the payment through to Ngando Oscar in Cameroon. And silly me full of excitment didn't think it was strange to have transaction done in australia to another part of australia but send money to some foreign place. they people who kept ringing would not give me any contact information to ring them if need. i had one call from them after the payment and actually got a number which was +23 774641350 which i think is in nigeria, which really makes no sense considering everything was in australia. when i sent the payment i soon after felt un-easy about it and looked up the uship site and found out that they were scamers, so i rang the western union and cancelled my payment so now hopefully instead of losing $250, only lose the fee of $35...

so disapointed that was the type of pup that was going to start our family :( how rude of these people to use animals to scam.




I almost fell for it too. Was looking for the right kitten & bang, a adorable ragdoll kitten.

For free. All I had to do was pay shipping $180. Almost got my friend to get one too bc she had three kittens. But I am very insecure about things so the email looked shady & no address & that weird long phone number.

In a second email they almost had me convinced when I saw the uship app & I said ok it has to be real.

Then something kept telling keep searching so I searched the company & found all these complaint & people with the same problem.

Hope all went well!


Tengo el mismo problema pero yo no lo sabia y estoy tramitando una denuncia a todos los contactos que tengo e incluso a la dicha empresa

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Other Company in Columbia, South Carolina - Shocking disappointment with warranty response on lawn mower.

Purchased a push lawn mower in sept of last year. In april of this year engine locked up and was told it would be covered but needed to be sent for repair. When product was returned to store after repair, it came with a 326.00 dollar repair bill. The mower only cost l75.00 new. Tried to get some cooperation from corp service but was told there was nothing they could do. Same response from store handling transaction. This will definatly be my last transaction with sears. Everyone at location was nice and all agreed they thought it was a raw deal. Even the lady at the service response thought it was a bummer.


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Do not do business with this company!!!

We took a trip to Costa Rica. I paid $400 for 4 nights and it was a promotional thing. We needed to attend the 90 minute sales presentation. I know that it was only $400 but the bathroom had little ants all around the basin, the room was very small and bed was uncumfortable. We travelled all the way from Boston, MA to Costa Rica and were very dissappointed.

Not only that, but we missed our flight out of Houston, TX. We paid for these extremely substanard accommodations in advance. So we arrived a day late and they charged my credit card $200. I'm fighting this with my credit card now. It wasn't a 'no show' and the completely disgusting room was paid for in advance. Someone needs to investigate this company and stop them from taking advantage of people.


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Don't do business with WHAT company, you brain-dead piece of dog sh1t.

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - No show and no call 3 times

2 weeks and 5 days later we are still without a repair on our washer. 3 no shows without a call to inform they wouldn't make it, 1 wrong part arrived and postponed repair until new one arrived.

The most incompetent company I have ever dealt with. Totally amazed they are in business. When calling customer service all you get are empty words and a repeat of the same lack of service, competence and courtesy.

If these people received this type of treatment I am sure they would be upset as well. Beware of this company and if possible request another service provider.

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Should You Use DVD Dropship

While associating with any dropshipping firm, one question that may strike the mind is whether or not the firm is legitimate and if their products are profitable. This is an obvious question. As dropshipping scams have become common, it has become difficult for retailers to trust any dropship company.

In this blog, we will give you reviews about DVD Dropship, the firm engaged in dropshipping DVDs to the UK and international customers.

If you are seriously looking to make some money by selling DVDs online, you should avoid DVD Dropship. Though this company claims to offer you the best selling titles at competitive prices, it is not true. Most titles in their database are old. Moreover, their prices are high. You may find the same DVDs at half the price on eBay and Amazon. Besides not making profits with their DVDs, it is even difficult to sell them. So, why spend money on buying the membership of DVD Dropship?

DVD Dropship offers a complete dropshipping package inclusive of a lifetime membership and an e-commerce website at £39.95. Though this package sounds exciting, the catch is that it does not include the hosting fee. Once you buy the package, the company will ask you to pay around £100 ($166) towards hosting charges for one-year. This makes us believe that company is mainly not a wholesale dropshipping firm, but an agent that makes money by charging hefty hosting fees.

Please go through the following link:


Not only this, DVD Dropship is also involved in posting fake reviews and posts on review websites and forums in order to promote its services.

This raises a question on the integrity of this firm. Why has the company resorted to such methods in order to make its services popular? Are their products and services not capable of attracting customers?

If you think that DVD Dropship is just an isolated case of a dropshipping scam, you probably are not aware that a large percentage of dropshipping firms that appear in search engine results are fake.

So, how can you separate the wheat from the chaff? One way is to use a reputable wholesale directory for locating reliable DVD dropshippers.

Though reputable directories take care to ensure that all businesses given in their lists are legitimate, you should also do your own research before associating with any firm. Look for a DVD dropshipping company that is dependable and offers a money-back guarantee. This will help you get a full refund in case you are not satisfied with their products or services.


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No and never. Their shipping is way too expensive.

A legitimate dropshipper would never ask anybody to pay a fee because it costs nothing for it to dropship. DVDDROPSHIP.com only sells obscure DVD’s that nobody wants. Their customer service is very vague. They do not have any money-back guarantee policy.

Once you pay them, it’s better to forget about the refund. DVDDROPSHIP.com is a classic case scenario for a dropshipping scam.

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Discontinued military discount in Michigan city store

this week I went to your store and had quite a kart full to buy only to find out upon check that my disabled military discount is no longer honored. In fact i said to the clerk that thats one of the reasons I shop here.

She said to me that It was discriminating against minorities. she then said to me that would be glad to put my items back on the shelf. So I let her do just that.I dont believe I will use menards any longer for my home improvements.

And strongly recommend all disabled vets and military personel to do the same. This occured on the morning of 04/26/2011 in the am.


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Next time how about putting the NAME of the company on your complaint, it would help. ASSUMMING its Home Depot or Lowes they stopped giving VETS military discounts.

It was only meant for active duty military personnel. As for the cashiers attitude, if its true it was completely uncalled for and you should have complained to a manager.

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Other Company in Youngstown, Ohio - I paid the collection agency 3 yrs ago! And now...

I did pay for the insurance for job loss! And I was disabled and not able to work well they turned my bill into a collection agency.

And I made monthly payments to get it paid off well I finally got it paid 3 or 4 yrs ago. and I haven't heard from them since then.

And at that time I requested they send me a paid in full letter and they said they couldn't do that cuz of me owing nothing there was no bill made! And now they are trying to get more money from me saying I owe about 500.00!

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Other Company in Youngstown, Ohio - I paid the collection agency 3 yrs ago! And now...

My bill was put into collection through a company called axis and I paid it in full that was 3 or 4 yrs ago! I had thrown the bills with my balance away cuz I thought this was over and down with!

And I remember requesting a paid in full balance from them and they said that would be impossible and now I know why they intended on hitting me up for more money! I was even paying the insurance in case of job loss..I was deemed as disabled..

but that made no difference to them! Maybe one day they will *** the wrong person off!

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