Other Company in Chicago, Illinois - I could not get someone to assist me when I was in store.

I came into the Springfield Ill. store to get a price list for unfinished kitchen cabinets for a house we were remodling and ask at service desk for assistance.

The girl was nice but said I had to get if from the department and told me where to go she called to let them know I was coming and also paged them twice. No one came and employes in the lighting department watched me standing there and made no attempt to see if they could get me help. They stood around talkin and laughing and never approached me to ask if they could help. there was no one in the cabinet department that I could find.

This was about 1100 and the store was not busy.

We recently spent about $1,500 and had planned to spend more on this house. We have been long time supporters of your store but not sure how much more we will be.

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Poor qulity in grociory department

I was at your store on thursday and today your shelves were half emty. andyour meat department was dated 05- 05- 2011 todays date is 05-01-2011 in 4 days it will expiere.

i have ben very unhappy for several months.you can call me at 218 878 1669 my name is Leroy siegle. ihope that you do call there are lots of thing that are very disturbing to me.

my famly spends about 800.00 a mounth there. ihave compland severel times no one carse.your maneger sites in there ofice and wont even come out and adress theese problums



I agree with what Mark said. I would also refrain from posting your name and phone number on the Internet.

Address this:

You can't spell basic words and didn't mention the name of the business you are complaining about.

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Other Company in Charleston, Illinois - Food not Delivered

I have been waiting on pizza for over two hours. This happens every single time I order food.

I live in Charleston, IL (217-348-8282)and the management there needs to have some change b/c it is terrible. I run a business and I would never run it like that. People do not care about customers or what people think and something needs to be done. I have respect for others being a business man but something should be done about this.

People should not be waiting so long for their food. People should be able to stay on top of their orders.

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Other Company in Cleveland, Tennessee - NO PAYMENT COPY SINCE Jan.2011

I have been making my payments on Acct.7111752.Buddy Mason 249chestuee dr ne,without a copy of my statement,LAST one i got and paid was Jan 2011..I have been making them WITHOUT a statement and the only confermation i get is my CHECK process ing by the bank??? WHAT is going on PEOPLE,,i want a DAM STATEMENT NOW--NOW PERIOD......?????????If my car is paid off now,i want a title back that it is paid for and if NOT THEN i want to know WHY OH WHY did you quit sending me statements monthly???? I want to know where we stand on payoff?????

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Other Company in Dallas, Texas - Rowlett tx doesnot have enough peoplefor customers

every time i go to the rowlett store there is not enough people to help the customers. you have to waite forever.

and while you are being helped there is four or five people waiting for help. that is not how you keep your customer happy.but it looks like that all homedepot is intrested in is profits.I will go to lowes.

i have lived in rowlett 20 years and we were very happy when homedepot came into our citybut service has declined over the past years.I have bought various appliance, flowers rug, and various other products. thank you Ava Brunson

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Inadequate grocery

I live in the reynolds area and just wonder why the reynolds and fairview communities have no supperstore like black mountain and swannanoa.These communities have grown and the population has increased and the present Ingles store I feel is just not adequate enough to meet the public needs.I just wonder if there is any future plans for a supperstore in both of these communities.I know that I'm not alone when I say it would be benefical for both the public and the Ingles company to build a supperstore in this vicinity.Your response would be deeply appreciated


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I'm sure there is a plan to supersize your store but the list is very very long. I'd ask corporate or the store manager there and see what they can say. From what it seems Ingles never stops expanding stores but they do it at a rate where many are very outdated before they are reached.

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Read Your Email

Jason, check your email, I have sent you proof that, Chris Improta, Peter Brandt, a guy named Wes, Doug, Melissa and Tony, several others all have written things on this site some nuetral others have grudges. I have talked to several of these people during lunch and through each other spilling the beans on the other.

I know they type your name in on responses and use other names at will on here. If you don't do anything with it, give it to one of those who have been mentioned on here, the initial counseling is free, a defamation law suite would bring all to the table and who they really are. Why Pete keeps adding fuel to the fire is beyond me, after his Orlando deal with a certain Insurance Rep, and a female agent at the office on one of his so called team building drinking frenzies. I hope he checks the mail and not his wife, its a matter of time before she knows.

I have been working on this for a couple months, its time to bring it all out on the table, however its up to you.I'm not here to judge who is right or wrong, I do know that most of these posts against you and your family is false and when they brought your family into the mix, its time you go all in to stop this. Best of luck not just to you, those who have posted and never wanted their names to come out.

Use the emails and attachments at your discretion. Once they see who I am, they will be shocked as well, I don't care, I am moving anyway.


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Allgood, Alabama, United States #281123

F@cking ***.

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Other Company in Mission Viejo, California - Hotel passports hotel key savers (metro Marketing)

This company charges 13,000.00 Stay away. Do not invest. Claim exclusive territoris. Lies Territories alread sold. They say on web site. They have

hotels waiting 4 u Wrong. THey support you Not. They make claims you can make millions. You can not even get your investment back. Do not fall

for it. Once your money is gone its gone. They completly LIE! Their glossy brochers try to rope you in. You get no website, No support, My area had already been combed over. How exclusive is that. They made 14,000.00

from someone else and resold it to me.

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Well i have been reading the cry baby stuff about this co. But the funny thing is that most of the bigmouths with something to say about this co.

are anonymous, hmmmmmmmmm. makes me wonder, and a lot of you are cryin bout backround checks, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. makes me wonder. I say if ya got something to say about someplace then say it, But dont hide when ya say it, give them a chance to defend against your cry baby petty mean nothing ***!.

And if ya dont like it then go find a job someplace else, Do you realy expect them to run a co.

and not make anything, Get a life, Oyeah. my name is Tony


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Tony...nobody gives a ***.

Highland, Illinois
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Other Company in Detroit, Michigan - Over Promise/Under Deliver - Beware!

Leather furniture buyers beware! Martin talks a good game, but it ends up as overpromising and under-delivering!

We ordered a sectional on Feb 20, 2011. He told us 6-8 weeks from order to delivery (but wrote 6-9 weeks on our order (more on that later). During week 5, I called to check on status - good news, it looks like it could ready the week of April 11th. We disposed of the furniture that was being replaced and waited.

During the week of April 11th, I called again - more good news, the sectional was being finished and was expected to ship out the week of the 18th and delivery to our home the week of the 25th (two weeks without furniture at this point). We still didn't hear from Be Seated, so I called again the week of the 25th - good news, the sectional is nearly done and we should have it by the week of May 4th (week 10). He wouldn't take the order without a 35% deposit - he has our money and we still don't have a sectional. Special orders are non-cancellable, so we can't even get our money back.

Big purchase we now regret. Be Seated got our money once, but they will not get anymore of it!

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