Sold me a defective product and making me make it right

Dont buy from this place. We purchased a dining room set and it was defective.

It has now been 3 weeks, yes three weeks and they still have not resolved the problem. Their only consolation is giving us gift certificates to their store and they are making us delivery the defective product back to the store and making us pickup the replacement. Where has customer satisfaction gone. Go Figure.

Why would I want to buy something from them again when they are still screwing me. Buyer beware. I am the customer service industry and if something is not right, we make it right.

In this day and age customer retention is the key. And they have lost me as a customer.


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"Dont buy from this place"

What place is that?

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Other Company in Albuquerque, New Mexico - Charge credit card

Second time for my complaint: I called for computer help and spoke with Matt. Got NO help because we were cut off. Tried again, but could not get Matt. Nothing against Matt--we were cut off on the phone.

Yet you have billed my Mastercard $38 ($37 + $1). I would like these charges removed because I got NO help from you. You guarantee 100% satisfaction, so I assume I will have no trouble with this refund. Matt was very polite, however.

Credit card is Bank of America ending in 4023. I will not pay this. John K. Crane, Santa Fe, NM

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Other Company in Orlando, Florida - Big Big Liars!!!!

Bottom line............plain and simple.........FALSE ADVERTISING....period over and out! $19.00 Roses PLUS FREE vase!

UMMMMM - now way Jose! Try $42 when it is all said and done! AND then when they suck you into the order, BAM ..... NO REFUNDS during "peak" seasons!


The cuteseee cuteseee advertisement is great! Super marketing on the website but buyer beware. You are going to spend DOUBLE what you anticipated.

That's just plain wrong on every level. Customer Service just simply told me "oh, well, we are not permitted to refund at this time". HUH?

Believe me after our "recorded" conversation - they completed deleted my order.Use 1-800-Flowers. Forget these liars!

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Other Company in La Crosse, Wisconsin - You hid $337.00 hidden fees for life membership. You never tell us that . you are scamming us.

I am not happy you are trying to scam me out of $337.00 to be a life member. You totally deceived me, when you had me send back my $12.00 rebate check and said no more dues, nothing was ever said about any other money to be paid.If I have to pay for the lifetime free gifts then you can have them back and keep me as a regular member.

I dont have that kind of money to throw away.Something should be done so your company cant keep doing this to consumers, especially in these hard economic times.

That money is gas money for three weeks, I cant just give it away, it is hard enough to pay gas prices to get where I need to go. Your company should treat your members better than this.

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Other Company in Doylestown, Pennsylvania - I'm Happy with the Branchburg Retail Store

Mike And Dave are awesome. All provide me and my wife with excellent service.

Would recommend then to anyone in need of pool supplies.

They have combined industry knowledge of over 30 years and are easy to work with. The Branchburg NJ store is a little small but packed with great deals. Chlorine tablets only $65 and shock $3 per bag.

My pool has never looked better than after i started going in to see them. If you have a pool problem in need of solution they are willing to work with you to solve it in the least costly manner available.

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Other Company in Worcester, Massachusetts - As an X memember I am trying to upgrade

I had a free trial and I opted out. I asked to have my name removed from your list and it was not done.

However, now I am thinking of opening my account and paying the monthly charge. However, there is no way I can do that. I have filled out the information but after I do that there is no continue box or payment box. My name is James Stevens my sign in name I think is Diamond Jim (something) If you can't help me then I will sign on with another site.

Please advise me as what I can do.

Thank you. James Stevens

Diamond Jin123
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Other Company in Bourbonnais, Illinois - Got whopper and the bread was so stale it fell apart

not the same whopper i had when i was younger!!! the bun was so stale it fell apart.

couldn't taste the meat. somebody really messed the whopper up big time!!!!!!!!!they aren.t worth 50 cents! please don't send me a coupon for a free one. they aren,t worth giving away.

your stores should be closed down. the people were scratching their head and rubbing their nose while working.

very sickening what has happened to the real whopper? a real good thing is lost for good and what really gets me is the price is totally overpriced.

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Other Company in Sunnyvale, California - Couldnt unstand that I wanted to keep my old cell phone number.

More than pisst!!! It took at least three phone call a day on hold at least 30 min each time.

they didn't even know or couldn't understand my needs. after three weeks of lying to me that they could transfer my old cell number from an other company, they couldnt do it!!!

I could have worked for the damm company as much time as I spend on the phone with them. Very disatisifed regret buy a phone with net 10.

I will never call customer service again never. they dont understand english any; ways wondering if I can get a job there I wouln be the ***

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Other Company in Mount Laurel, New Jersey - Sloppy, dishonest, unprofessional, poor quality work

5/4/11 - recently hired santa fe painting llc in southampton, mass. to paint several rooms/ceilings in our home after winter ice damage.

Found them to be dishonest, sloppy, not responsive to our concerns, and undependable.

The quality of the work was poor and the owner of the business did not even check the work done by his employees, yet presented us with a bill despite the fact that all of the agreed-upon work was not completed. Would suggest not hiring this company unless they're only painting the side of a barn, and even then I'd think twice.

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Other Company in Chantilly, Virginia - Please don't waste time getting a job @ consumer credit have a degree are you are nothing to them.

I worked for this company at first i didn't know how the director saw people without a degree. until she told me how i was at the bottom of the tadpole i was nothing.

my only wish is that I had a tape recorder i had never been talk to so demeaning before even-through i didn't have a degree i am still a person. consumer credit acts like they are trying to help people yet they treat they own employee like trash so be careful where you apply for a job because they are people like this in mangment position.

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