Other Company in Mansfield, Ohio - Too,too many home sales programs -- boring --too muchthe same

Please provide more interesting programming for day and evening. There is entirely too much programming on home sales and preparing or improving a home to sell.

Not all people are interested in selling their home; and many are not able to sell at this time due to the economy and the home market that is in the dumps. I truly enjoy shows like Devine Design, Cash and Cari etc. These are interesting and offer new and different ideas -- not just the same old ideas (neutral is ok but not everyone and everthing should be exactly the same). Please offer more of your good decorating programs during the day and especially evening.

I used to love your network, now it's just ok and boring.

We aren't drones and we're not ***; we need fun and interesting ideas. Thanks and please make some changes.

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Other Company in Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts - Do not abuse us...

I acquired this service approx. 8 months ago , (note: we have no cable options)!

My satellite has fallen over three times in this time period...to finally be "strapped down" so it would work even if the wind was blowing"... leaving me with limited service for several long periods of time. The last scenario was due to my dvr upstairs not working... after much insistance..

they finally agreed to allow a technician to come to my house... he comes,,, changes the satellites(unbeknownesdt to me).... so standard and HD are received on the same dish... this is nice...

but they never fixed the dvr receiver upstairs... they never told me about any change... causing me to lose several saved shows!!!...

wow what SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CABLE where are you?

Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts
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Had to file fraud

This company has very poor customer service. I tried contacting them on several occasions, with no resolution to my problem.

I order some product, and never recieved my order. After a month of being given the run around I called back for a refund. After 3 weeks of being told something different everytime I called, I finally ended up filing a fraud compliant through my bank. After I filed the fraud compliant I called them let them know that I was canceling my refund, because I filed the fraud through my bank, and my refund hit my account the next day.

I contacted their customer department, and their response was we can't track the package we send it in bulk. They ask you to please contact customer service before placing a compliant. I ask them what good dose that do? I will never purchase another product from this company again.

I now check the name of the company I am buying from just to make sure it isn't this company.

However I also google all the companies I buy from online now. LOL




No company name, how do we know what company has "very poor customer service"?


Sadly it does no one else any good if you don't use the name of the company whatsoever.

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Godaddy unethical business practices illegally charging credit cards

I posted this as a comment on someone else's complaint, but thought this really does deserve it's own.

When I originally registered my domain names, I carefully chose what I wanted to keep the price below $20, only to find that several pages into the checkout process, godaddy automatically preselected several add-ons that I did not choose, they weren't selected on previous pages, but when I clicked CONFIRM to complete checkout - you give them your credit card number earlier in the process - my final bill showed almost $80! There was no page that showed what it was you were paying, and that's what is usually shown on a page that has a CONFIRM button on it. I would never have suspected that godaddy added things after I saw what I thought was my final bill of $19.97. Grrrr.... during this process and three times during the second bad experience explained below, I spoke with a live person at my cost as there wasn't a toll-free number - my guess is that it's to discourage live communications. Several communiques via email and telephone were made to both godaddy and my bank during both the initial process and the cancellation of service. I CAREFULLY AND DELIBERATELY ***OPTED OUT*** of auto renew. That's another sneaky thing they do, they automatically pre-select auto renew and the onus is on us to log in periodically and make sure the box remains unchecked. Sneaky. Customer service is well-trained in making it very, very difficult to cancel their services. At one point, I was told I would be receiving an email to verify my cancellation, but that I must follow the directions in the email in order to FULLY cancel. huh? An email did come to verify that we had a conversation, but no details about the call and NO DIRECTIONS OR INSTRUCTIONS TO FOLLOW as the rep said there would be.


I had originally registered a business domain name through Google which turns out to be GoDaddy. I wasn't happy about that to begin with. Towards the end of the year - two months before the domain name was to expire - I began receiving emails reminding me to renew or the name would expire. I had planned on transferring the name to another provider anyway, so I responded I did not intend to renew.

1) (supposedly) in order to renew the domain name I was to go to godaddy.com, log in to my account and follow directions for renewal and payment. Since I had already responded to their initial email that I wasn't going to renew, I had no need to do that. Simple, eh?

2) I began receiving almost daily emails reminding me to renew despite the fact I had already declined in writing.

3) The emails then evolved to state that they tried to renew my account (which I had declined) and charging my credit card registered with their site for the previous payment, but the credit card was declined. WTH? At NO time did I opt to renew, in fact I DECLINED RENEWAL which I assumed meant that I did not want them to continue service. My credit card was declined, that was because I had changed cards months previously and did not update it on godaddy because I had no idea of continuing their service.

Those emails continued, and asked me to log in and update my credit card number, which I did not do due to reasons stated above.

One day, I noticed a charge on my account from godaddy - appears that they somehow got my NEW CREDIT CARD NUMBER WITHOUT ME HAVING GIVEN IT TO THEM.

THAT is extremely troublesome, unethical and should be legally actionable. I have no idea how or where they got my new number since I never, ever gave it to them. I immediately contacted the bank of course, and godaddy and notified both entities that in no way did I authorize that charge and in fact, how did they get my new number? I never got an answer to my direct and numerous questions.

And yes, godaddy makes you jump through hoops in order to cancel your account.

Seriously unethical company on many surfaces.




I just went through something similar to others here. I got e-mail from GoDaddy saying they couldn't charge my card to renew a domain.

I don't need the domain any more, so I ignored the message.

January 13 they send me e-mail to say the domain expired on January 11. Great.

A day or two later, I notice a charge against my *new* credit card for the domain. A credit card number that's only a few months old, and which I most certainly never gave to GoDaddy.

How the *** did they get my new cc#?

The support gal feigned complete ignorance, asking me how they'd get my new card #. Sorry, but I asked first.


Feb 2016 : Same here after repeated emails from them that my card was expired -- they somehow got my new card number (has an old address on it.) and charged the renewal ~!


This same thing just happened to me! They somehow got their hands on my new card number and blamed it on the bank.

I called my bank and they told me what I already knew...that they (Chase) would NEVER do such a thing as authorizing a new card without my knowledge!

These dudes are a bunch of crooks! How is there not a lawsuit against these *** buckets???


Could not agree more. GoDaddy are a bunch of unscrupulous crooks.

When i signed up for a URL, they insisted on the email package. When the URL expired (so they could re-sell it), they nevertheless continues to charge me for the email service. And they did so in a fashion that made it difficult to detect.

When i called to reverse the charges, they said that there was nothing they could do. I wish i could warn all potential customers to stay away from such a morally bankrupt company!


I recently discovered that AOL was charging me each month. I was a member of AOL years ago, but since have deiced to keep my AOL email, the free account. I am sure I canceled my former membership. They have been charging me a monthly fee for the last 4 or more years, maybe longer. Last week I told AOL to cancel my account again and return the money they charged. The real problem is I have changed my debit card a couple of times over the years and each time AOL has gotten my account number and taken money out.

They told me they could only return three months payments. It is very suspicious that the very day they credited the three months of payments to checking Godaddy.com and MSW cell phone made charges. I have not joined either of the two. It must be AOL taking spite and giving my debit account to these guys. I am having problems getting my money back. Godaddy charged me 158 dollars and I called and told them I don't have a membership and they told me to go to my bank. I went to the bank, thought the matter was settled only to see that Godaddy recharged my debit account the same amount, even after I changed my debit card the day before.

The MSW charge seems to have multiplied to three times its original amount, at about 156 dollars. Tomorrow I go to take care of this matter. It has to be AOL. They have taken about 1500 dollars out of my account over the last few years. What a cheat. My bank should be responsible for allowing them to continue to charge my account even though the debit card number changed.


They have a new trick. My credit card was expired.

So what do I get today, a notification from Paypal that they paid godaddy! So now I have go into PayPal to disallow payment to them.


I just spoke with a representative from Wells Fargo and they told me that Visa (and presumably the other credit card companies) will give out your new debit/credit card number to merchants if your old card has expired. There's not much you can do about it.

Be sure to check your account status with the GoDaddy's of the world and be sure you do not have "recurring payments" authorized. The law is not on the consumer's side here.


Godaddy charge my NEW CARD number for over $800!

(for an account that's not mine) I didn't give them the new number. Godaddy has a MERCHANT ACCOUNT business...that must be how they get the new card numbers..


In addition, Go Daddy may participate in “recurring billing programs” or “account updater services” supported by your credit card provider (and ultimately dependent on your bank’s participation). If you are enrolled in an automatic renewal option and we are unable to successfully charge your existing Payment Method, your credit card provider (or your bank) may notify us of updates to your credit card number and/or expiration date, or they may automatically charge your new credit card on our behalf without notification to us.

In accordance with recurring billing program requirements, in the event that we are notified of an update to your credit card number and/or expiration date, Go Daddy will automatically update your payment profile on your behalf. Go Daddy makes no guarantees that we will request or receive updated credit card information.

You acknowledge and agree that it is your sole responsibility to modify and maintain your Account settings, including but not limited to (i) setting your renewal options and (ii) ensuring your associated Payment Method(s) are current and valid. Further, you acknowledge and agree that your failure to do so, may result in the interruption or loss of Services, and Go Daddy shall not be liable to you or any third party regarding the same.


The same thing happened to me today. I had received 2 previous emails for Product Failed Billing notification and that I should update my expired card (which was a card I lost and was cancelled). I ignored them because I didn't want to renew. A week later I get another email for Order Confimation. WTF? I never logged into the site to update anything!!

I immediately called GoDaddy and started telling my story to the guy on the phone. He interrupted me and asked if the sole purpose of my call was to get a refund. I said yes, but expressed that I wanted to know how they got my new card information in the first place! He said it is standard practice and that all credit card companies give out that info now. What? He also said that it stated on those emails that it would update automatically. I had kept the emails, reread them and no where does it say that.

He did cancel and refund my money. I checked my checking account (yes they got my new check card number!!!).

This practice of seeking out a customers updated card info without their knowledge is HIGHLY disturbing to me.


The same thing happened to me today. I had received 2 previous emails for Product Failed Billing notification and that I should update my expired card (which was a card I lost and was cancelled). I ignored them because I didn't want to renew. A week later I get another email for Order Confimation. WTF? I never logged into the site to update anything!!

I immediately called GoDaddy and started telling my story to the guy on the phone. He interrupted me and asked if the sole purpose of my call was to get a refund. I said yes, but expressed that I wanted to know how they got my new card information in the first place! He said it is standard practice and that all credit card companies give out that info now. What? He also said that it stated on those emails that it would update automatically. I had kept the emails, reread them and no where does it say that.

He did cancel and refund my money. I checked my checking account (yes they got my new check card number!!!).

This practice of seeking out a customers updated card info without their knowledge is HIGHLY disturbing to me.


Same thing. Me too. I had spend £20 two years ago which was for an 'auction' for a domain name - poorly worded - it looked as though I was actually going to receive the domain name.. But that is another story and another complaint.

I received numerous Emails asking for renewal. Given my card had expired that if I let it pass then the requests for renewal would actually expire. It was too complicated to try to opt out on the system after all.

However £4.99 has mysteriously been taken form my account today with my brand new credit card number. How on earth did they get that information?

I have send email requests - no response as yet.


I just received an email today telling me GoDaddy had renewed my hosting after multiple emails telling me they were unable to bill my credit card! I didn't also see a disclaimer that said "and if you don't update your credit card info, we'll just seek it out ourselves and charge you anyway."

It's in the small print of the legal agreement, but I do NOT know how this is possibly legal!!! If I do not update my bank account info for automatic bill withdrawals, I expect my utilities to be shut off not the gas company to somehow find my new financial information and charge me anyway!!! Again, how can this be legal?

Any recourse?!? Will the bank reverse the charge?


Hey, I know that you posted this anonymously, but I am a mother in Colorado, and the SAME THING happened to me! I awoke this morning to an email stating that my card ending in XX had been charged - where I never logged in to change the CC# after having canceled the previous one.

I did receive a couple notices over the past few weeks stating they couldn't charge the card, but I was OK with that.

I'm so curious about this, I'd be happy to provide you with a list of companies who have my new #, so we can possibly figure out how they got it and who they got it from.

I'm so intrigued, but at the same time, I can't cancel this new card right now. My email is mac mama at g mail if you want to contact me directly.

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Other Company in Pune, Maharashtra - Good guys to trust your move

This is the first time I've ever used a moving company to move because I finally have enough stuff to justify it. I was thinking it would be very expensive and was prepared for it.

Henry came by to do an estimate and estimated that it would cost $750. He said the guys would be at my old house at 8 am and be in the van on the way to the new place by 10 am. I thought, "Yeah, right, that's impossible!" Henry sent three men to my place to pack everything up and get it moved. They were there at 8 am on the dot.

They packed up everything quickly, professionally, and perfectly!! And, they were in the van at 9:55 am! Everything was unpacked and in my new place before noon! And, they even had to completely break down my bed and build it back together again.

These guys were fantastic! They were extremely professional, polite, courteous, and some of the hardest workers I've ever seen. The final cost came out to $725, only because I had some last minute stuff that wasn't boxed that they took care of for me. I was very impressed with the quality of the work and the professionalism of the staff.

Also, the office staff and Henry were very professional, very helpful, and always made sure that all questions were answered and all concerns were addressed. Highly recommended!!!!

Sarah L.
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Other Company in Seattle, Washington - "bait and Switch" scheme,charged my credit card for $380 never delivered product

ordered specific trestle/arbor all metal,obelisk shape 9x9x9,cupola top--without notice sent inferior canvas top pergola,light weight designed to sit on small deck,it is 4x4 rectangular. I contacted the immeadiately upon discovering the box dropped at my driveway, they said send pictures,I did the product ordered and the one shipped look nothing like each other,after over 245 emails they said its close enough,if we take it back you pay shipping and re-stock,$150 and we will see about giving you a $130 "store credit",out of the $380 I paid them. the blantly lied to me,this is classic "bait and switch"

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Other Company in Indialantic, Florida - Don't use this company! terrible!

nothing works, you can't reach them, forget using their website, half of it doesn't work, and they are big jerks on the phone, AWFUL. I live in two states, provided a lot of documentation supporting this, including several photo IDs, license passport, bills etc supporting it, and they still refused to reissue me, MY BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

The people who work there have less than 2 brain cells to rub together apparently. I will go out of my way to never use this company again - don't use them if you can get around it!

Awful yucky terrible awful. Hate them.

Indialantic, Florida
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WHATS THE PROBLEM ........ THANK YOU JOHN AND COMPANY YOU DID GET ALL MY MONEY BACK....GOD BLESS YOU. You took a little time and i bet alot of effort you called me almost daily and gave me hope.

my wife was illl because all the money i spent ...you gave me all the information about these dammed companys who took my money...i feel better now as you said john... and did it right i also got money back from the dept of agr. and the new program for victims from the office of the attorney general and your attorneys treated me kindly and were very very professional. i was also contacted by the f.b.i who had compassion i am 89 years old and now im going fishing..

i needed this money so badly again thank you.




New York, New York, United States #814364
:grin Fee Recovery Specialists helped me recover money from Innovative Resorts International and Exchange International. It took a little bit more time than I anticipated but they got the job done. Thank you for all you help!
Punta Gorda, Florida, United States #814369

What a load of BS. Fee Recovery Specialists are writing their own testimonials.

Do not be deceived.

This company is as dirty as they come.

They need to have their records supoened to verify that virtually no money has been refunded. Go away scam artists!!

New York, New York, United States #814367


TOM :zzz

thanks for all your help john




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Other Company in Memphis, Tennessee - We have lost my account

It may have been my error my friend tried to log in to your web site and then mine was gone it says there is an existing acct. but want let me in please help me!My friend used sylvi1993@att.net.we deleted that acct.but still cannot get back into mine,sorry for the trouble.I have tried evrey thing I know to do nothing works sent you two emails got no responce.when I try to log in the box comes up with my correct addr. but when I enter my pass word it says that is already an existing acct.

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Other Company - Distorted Interview

Dear Editor-in-chief,

Further to my interview's publication about time travel in your newspaper ,I am writing to lodge a complaint against the distortion of the interview and the changes you have made in it.

I was really shocked when I was reading it,because of the fundamental mistakes and changes which do nit coincide with my genuine statements .Had i known you manipulated my words,I wouldn't have talked to your reporter.

First of all,my journey's date has been changed from 2050 t0 2250 .Secondly,I have described future peoples' appearances just like ours bet they have been described differently in the interview.Unfortunately,the inaccuracies are not limited to these two.I have listed all of them and attached to this letter.

I firmly believe that one of the basic rights of your readers is to receive authentic and precise information,so I would like you to give your undivided attention to this issue and resolve this problem.

As a resolution,I would request you to publish a correction note in your next issue.I will wait until then before taking any further steps including the legal ones.I look forward to your reply.Please contact me by phone at (22334455).

yours Faithfully

Saeideh Yaghmaei

Encl:The corrected interview.

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