Other Company in Louisville, Kentucky - Enough

Type your review hereComplaint, not concern. I won't be doing business with your stores because of a smart *** at the Pharmacy on Hurstbourne.Lane.

I was very tired today when I go up to the drive thru The guy is looking right at me and tells me to ring the bell, as if you don't follow our policy, I can't see you there.I left the store and called told them how this was totally ***. I'm tearing up my credit card, and I'm sure there is a place they can put the meds


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Well-written nonsense. Hope you don't have any offspring running around.

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Don't buy from them

I called to cancel an order 5 minutes after being placed. I was put on hold and by the time they got to me I was informed that too much time had passed since placing my order (9 minutes) to cancel. The payment had already been accepted by their computer. I was told that an order had to be canceled before the payment was confirmed. It was against "company policy" to cancel the order.

You would think they were the federal government with their lack of common sense.

I will never do business with this company and highly recommend you shop someone else for your automotive needs.


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You can bet we won't be buying anything from "them"...whoever "them" is. You're a certifiable DUMBA$$.

Tishomingo, Mississippi
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Other Company in Charleston, West Virginia - Credit

it would be nice if you use a different title people with low credit scores and low income everyone knows this you do not need to rub it in our faces. Bad things happen to good people those numbers that's all they are our numbers you don't judge a person by a number even rich people have their problems they have more money than brains you should be ashamed of yourselves for writing ads like that and I am a customer of yours no need to do that don't be yourself be nice.if people quit treating you as a number the world would be a better place by humans are not capable of that too greedy. Have a wonderful day and I hope you have many good nights of sleep knowing that you are ripping people off no wonder our kids are screwed up.

gadget man
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We were in line at the check out on a Friday night. There were only 4 regular lines open.

We stood in line for 45 minutes. Everyone was talking about how long we were in line and one of the cashiers turned around and said,"I wish you people would all shut up" I have never been so insulted in all of my life. When I turned around and looked at her in amazement, she said,"Yea, I said that, I live in America where I can say what I want" I turned her in to the Asst manager, and he said,"oh they are under alot of stress." I even called corp office and they also made excuses.

I have never been back in that store, nor will I ever. And when I told them that, they didnt even blink an eye.




Sounds like the cashier WAS stressed ( not that I agree with what she did)and just snapped under pressure.


This review is worthless because you didn't give the name of the business.

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Other Company in Macon, Georgia - All websites fail to have phone # or are blocked.

I was not "pissed" until it seems you really want that!! I simply need a phone number to make payment over the phone, everything I have searched on the net either is blocked or doesn't have a contact #!!!!! This is very frustrating. You are requiring extra words, I believe you do not realize that the message I needed to get thru is becoming more adjutating than is necessary. My request was a simple complaint that needed to be taken care of unfortunately you have drivien me to this point! Please help!!!!!!!!

Alice H. Street

Property address 2383 Elko Rd., Elko, Ga. 31025 Acct.# 0029639150

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Bidrack charged me $99 without my concent

I signed up for bidrack and did not do anything further but was charged for $99 on my checking account. I am going to try customer service later today but according to complaints on my google search, they do not respond to calls.

I would like my money back and get out of that web site.

I guess that you buy bids which I don't understand yet and have not tried to purchase bids but was charged without my concent. I am going to call my bank and see what they can do for me about this situation.

Sandra Schorpp



:) I check in periodically to see what's going on with bidrack.com. since I am one of the happy customers.

:) I think I have said this before, The original post here states she didn't know how it worked, she didn't even try the site, hasn't even tried customer service...But is going to post a complaint? I bet if she won an ipad, as I did, she wouldn't be complaining.

Probably wouldn't even take the time to write about it. (just assumptions)

I too am a victim of a fraudulent charge and will fight it as well. All I did was register.

I also requested they send proof that I authorized this charge, have not received a reply as yet. I have contacted my bank and will also contact BBB, FTC and internet watch dogs.


Bad luck to me for they charge me 60$ when I register membership. I have complaint to BBB.


The same thing happened to me but it was $49.

Bidrack’s website said “Hurry and Receive a Special Bonus Offer!”

I put in my information.

It took me to another page and asked for my CC#. I figured it was for storage purchases so that when I bought something my card would be on file. I hit “Enter” and it said “Congratulations on your order!” I didn’t know what I bought!

When I put in my information I figured 1 of 2 things would happen: 1. They were asking for my credit card # so they could validate it before I started bidding and then store it in the event that I actually bought something. Or 2. There would be an order confirmation page like you get on every single website I’ve ever EVER shopped on that says, “Order Confirmation” at the top and lists your address, the last four of the CC#, the amount of the charge, and what you’re buying. At that point, if you decide, “oops, I made a mistake” you can hit “cancel order” or you can submit the order. Either way, I was safe. They were either storing my CC# or there would be an order confirmation page where I could opt out if you were indeed trying to charge me something.

I immediately e-mailed them and am being told I bought $49 worth of bids and they have a strict no-refund policy. I e-mailed them back and told them I needed to speak with someone about this and explained once again that I didn’t know I was buying anything. All I received in reply was “Someone from Bidrack already responded to your question. We have a strict no-refund policy.” I am very angry! $50 is a BIG DEAL to me. All I wanted to do was look around and now I’m out 50 bucks because of it. What a scam!

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Michael Stokes is a COMPLETE *** ARTIST!!

Michael Louis Stokes Jr conned my mother out of $500k, her life savings to buy "gold" notes that were suppose to be worth 1.3 million at the time. After welcoming Michael into her home and befriended him she trusted Michael and his offer.

Couple weeks later Michael had changed his phone number and made off like a bandit with her life savings. If you know of Michael and are in communication with him, please do us a favor and contact the FBI IMMEDIATELY!!

He is NOT trustworthy and has a BLACK HEART!! He dabbles in and out of a lot of different business, real estate, finances, entertainment they are ALL SCAMS!!




Do not know if that will help but I think is producing some new movie with Stevie J and Joseline goes Hollywood on VH1. In episode 1 and 2 you can clearly see it's the same person.

Just got more fat on him. What brought me to identify him is sometimes I like to debunk those shows in an arguments. And his title on the show was "Mike Stokes Producer, then I did a little Google Name research and came upon your complaint.

Hope you find closure and Justice. ONE LOVE

Fresno, California, United States #834200

Who should we contact if we see him? I'm a victim as well and I ran into him in LA.

I'm so sorry that you crossed paths with this snake. He is a terrible person. I thought he has been in hiding but apparently he's decided to be visible again. Why hasn't anyone successfully taken legal action against him?

I'm so disturbed that he continues to get away with these horrible crimes. What can we do to catch this horrible human being??





All due respect:

You seem like a nice person.

Kind of *** too.


He is a good guy. They are just very jealous of him.

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Poor manager don't care about customer. (Steve )

This store should close manager feels you owe him. Steve is very disrespectfull and don't care to help.

Thy can't honer a add and when you ask him he tells you go to Homedepot and hit the road called corp. and thy don't care neighter Thy should get better managers if thy what to stay open will tell everyone to shop some place else What happen to customer respect.

Sale items are priced differrent in store and swearing by manager is disrespectfull. Steve should grow up he just there to collect a check don't know his head from hole in ground.


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What store are you talking about?

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Time machine

grrrRRRRRR Time Machine bites ***. I set it to backup my harddrive and only had enough space for less than two full copies on a partition on an external drive. it erased the previous backup and then the new backup failed. so i lost everything. weeeeak. minimum requirements for word counts on a review is t o t a l l y r e t a r d e d.Your current review has 70 words. Please extend it to 100 words so it satifies our minimum requirements.

Try to be more descriptive, include details about company and your particular situation.

We recommend you provide dates, product model and names of people involve


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so basically you caused your own issue and are pissed at Apple? Retards...

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Other Company in Renton, Washington - You don't tell the customer that they pay for 2 months the first bill.

You don't tell the customer that they are paying 2 months on the first bill. Why is that?

I think that you should let the comsumer know this important information- not go behind their back. It looks like you as a large company are trying to trick the consumer. I was told that my bill was 24.99 a month with a little taxes.

No problem......The problem occurs is when you don't tell (or don't want to tell) the comsumer that they are going to pay 2 months on the first bill. Very poor customer service.....

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