Other Company in Springfield, Missouri - Need an attitude check

As an established customer you would think i would get some service.. trying to rent a tv from them and they never call you back..

kind of like they don't care if they make a sale or not.. you know.. like the employees own the store and *** on you.. seems like half of the time the employees can't do anything right or do it on therie own..

but if you are late on a pymt.. well, that seems like you get your calls returned..

but not for the reason you want... so i will go to and other company

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Other Company in Zillah, Washington - Lied to me and ripped me off

They took my pell grant and my student loan saying that i owe them 2350.00 for failed classes. but, i did not fail them .

iwas told that if i passed the last four blocks of classes that i would not fail . well i took them and i passed them and they still failed me. i had been having problems with the instructors from the beganning because once that they found out that i was a 54 year old student they told me would,t i rather be home sitting on the porch rocking my grand children,what kind of instructors would say this. also they have sent back my second half of my pellgrant that i was suppose to get this month and my student loan and sent me a letter today saying that i owe them 2350.00 well.

that,s *** because my student loan paid them in advance . and when i told them this they got nasty with me .i just withdrew from the school on the 9th of this month . that school caused me nothing but headaches and heartaches and left me frustrated and aggravated and i want to do something about them .

so. yes, please include me in your lawsuit against them.

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Other Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Delivered damaged furniture

The Dump store in Oaks Pa. delivered damaged bedroom set which I refused to accept.

I told them to take it back and refund my money. Now they want a "restocking fee". They are restocking due to their own ineptitude not because of anything I did. I actually wanted that particular set, but not a damaged one.

Who ever you talk to they give you the run around.

These stores and people have a lot to learn about customer service To make matters worse the salesman had promised to ship the floor model dresser instead of the one with serious damage. This never happened either.

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Hotel problems with service animals

I am a bi-lateral below knee amputee and due to numerous other issues from spina bifida I am unable to wear prosthesis and must use a wheelchair. I also have a certified service dog that does various things for me. Despite her 4 lb size, she is non the less a service dog. I often travel with just my dog and have dealt with many hotels who refuse me a room stating they have a 'no pet' policy.

This is direct from the ADA -

Under the ADA, businesses open and serving the public are prohibited

from discriminating against individuals with disabilities. The ADA

requires businesses to allow people with service animals to any area

open to the public. The ADA defines a service animal as any animal

trained to assist an individual with a specific need, regardless if they

have been licensed or registered by a state or local agency. Some

but not all service animals wear special vest or ID. Documentation

can not be required to allow individuals access with a service animal,

nor may individuals be segregated from other customers. You may not

refuse entry due to "˜no pet' policy, you may not require a deposit even

if policy requires "˜pet' deposits. The care and supervision of a service

animal is the sole responsibility of the owner.

Any questions regarding service animals or issues with the ADA, you

may contact the U.S. Dept of Justice ADA information line


What many businesses do not understand is not all service animals are large breed dogs. Not all service animals are dogs, a good many are monkeys.

The majority of the problems I met while attempting to get a hotel room were those individually owned franchise owned by ethnic individuals. I am not saying the only problems I had were these cases, but it is fair to say 75% of the problems I faced were those well known chains, yet individually owned franchise owned by Indian, Pakastani, etc.

Although these owners feel their decision is final, I would simply contact the home office of the chain, for instance Quality Inn, Fairfield Inn, Sleep Inn, etc.

Regardless of the fact that some hotels are individually owned franchises, they still must maintain the quality of the name on the sign, such as Quality Inn, Sleep Inn, etc. If complaints are issued or law suits the franchise will not hesitate to pull their name leaving the franchise owner who "owned" a Fairfield Inn yesterday will own a Generic Inn tomorrow.


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Have also faced the same attitudes and it gets handled by calling the police and I let them explain the law to the non compliant manager. My service animal is 3 lbs and so am quite familiar with what is encountered on a daily basis.

Today it was at a Best Western and yes it is a particular problem with ethnic managers. Am calling Best Western corporate offices in the morning.

Yesterday an Indian manager told me you can have the dog but it HAS to be kept in a kennel the whole time in the room. I informed him he can't dictate anything concerning where the dog wiill be as he is a Service Animal and not a pet.

Mccomb, Mississippi
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Made my life an inconvience for the ride

I was informed I had been pre-approved for a car loan. After driving over 30 miles and getting there they come up with other things and reasons what I needed to do to get the car of mu choice.

I feel its just a BIG SCAM and be careful on this dealership on pre-approved loans so they may say.

I would not recommend on anyone selecting a car from this dealership if you really need a car because I trust you will be disappointed. They tell you one thing on the phone and another thing in person once you're at the dealership.


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WHAT dealership?

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Other Company in Bella Vista, Arkansas - Payment of your account

They want to debit your account for payment each even if you always pay on time. If you don't let them they charge you an extra $10.

Also, I have a friend who had directv and and cancelled, then after two years they tried to charge him for two movies he never ordered. He told

them he never ordered movies and they sent him to collection. They people are vicious. During a recent storm my receiver and tv got hit by lightning and they wanted me to pay for a service call to repair my service. They are

rude and lie about everything. Beware of their offer of NFL ticket, there may not be any games because of the lockout, but if you order you will pay anyway. They say it is not there fault, they didn't know that it would not be settled.

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I have a broken tooth

I have a broken tooth and because I took my Meds last night they would not do any thing for me told me to come back on June 9th and they would see what they could do!! I dont like to go to the denist and was very nerves I wanted it done today becaue by the 9th of june I might chicken out was told they close at 3 pm and would not have time to do anything for me and to just deal with it!!!

I can hardly eat it hurts so bad they gave me Hydro and Amoxican !! I have a credit card for dental work but was made to pay 63.00 fro there card!! This Midland Office SUCKS!!! They just wanted out of the office because it is a holiday weekend and now I have to have a mouth that hurts for the next 2 weeks!!!!

REALLY??? some one need to check this office out they were nice to start with but the closer it got to 3pm the ruder they were I ask to speak to the Dr again and he had left what a crock of ***!!!


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time to find another dentist. who is this guy anyway??

sounds like you live in midland, michigan.

It would be nice to know who Dr. Poorwork is, by name.

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Other Company in Livingston, New Jersey - I have not received my merchandise

On June 14th I mailed my order. June 17th, my check cleared the bank, $35.25. I still haven't received my merchandse.

I would like to know what the hold-up is and I would like my order expedited. Some of the things were to take on a trip. Now I will have to leave without my items.

Please advise why and where my order is and when I can expect it. This is my first order and if I don't receive my merchandise I may have to seriously think about ordering again and also, letting my friends know of my plight.

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Other Company in Chicago, Illinois - Needed to be "pushed" to provide service

Made call regarding my Micro-Wave in order to get the exact measurements of this appliance so when I go out to buy another one today, I will purchase one that will fit the space available. The person serving me quickly told me the item was too old and information was not available.

When I informed her that a member of my family obtained the information yesterday, but misplaced information provided, the customer service person actually did take time to locate information needed. Information should have been provided without my insisting information be provided.

From Irritated customer in Oak Park IL

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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - Fruad in advertizing

they take funds but then give a run around in finally collect on it. They use the alheizmers Assoc.

on their front page. Thus it is a scam upon a scam using their name. The Association says they do not allow the use of their name.

I have notified the alheizmers assoc. & am trying to get a class action started.

Let's show the company who pulls fruad agains the most helpless of us all.

They screw the people who have no voice.

If anyone knows of a current lawyer who does class actions. he should look on line for the 100's of complaints.

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