Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Your People In Cotonou Benin Republic

I have waited for my ATM Card that was paid for up front never sent and MR. Tunde Warren has told me he did not hear from me to send it to me an said i have to pay $25.00 per day for holding .

Why was it not sent to me like normal delivery's are . Instead He has held up my delivery. My card was paid for by Mrs. Rose Ikechi.

Can you get them to make the delivery it has been over a month.

Please check on this an get back to me at bassjames5669@yahoo.com. Thank You God Bless

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Save your money and a headache!!!

The worst car I have ever bought, they sold me a lemon!!!

The list of things that don't work from the car go on and on, I had the car for one day and it began to over heat, the back lights don't work. The owner would not want to refund our money and when we took it in to their so called mechanic we had to pay and it still didn't fix the problem.

I've had the car for three weeks and I can only drive it to different mechanics because it never works.

Everybody in that car dealership is a liar, they swore to me it was a perfect running car I dont even know how THEY passed the smog on that car, biggest mistake of my life!!! Please dont be fooled and if you want to give your money away at least give it to a good cause!!!


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Genius, u didn't say what car dealership........doih

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What does it take for you to understand.

I have been telling you idiots that I know longer own the vehicle. I have emailed you, I have called you but nothing works, my next step is to file a lawsuit against you to recoup all the bank charges that you dumb butts keep causing me.

For the last time STOP!!!!!!!!!! trying to withdraw funds from my account I have my bank not to make funds available. This is with sgard and my Name is Lester E. Williams.

So Stop, and you owe me 350.00 in back bank charges. I would like that depoisted back in my account.


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Who r u talking to genius?!?!

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Other Company in Columbus, Ohio - Sale signs they have up in the stores

They put up sale item signs for instant they have juice on sale 10 for 10 so i buy orange juice it is right in with the others when i get to the register orange juice is not on sale why put it in with the juice that is on sale minute maid. then bushes baked beans sign said 4 for 5 dollars wrong if you dont look at the little print it is barbecue sauce.

but they have the sign right under the bushes beans.

very trickt store i think when you are a senior citizens it is hard to see little prints. rosemary green

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Overcharged us for room, provided cockroach infested, etc.

My purse was stolen two days ago. We came to the local hotel for comfort and security.

I've killed several cockroaches. The pool is drained in California?! Internet is not provided unless I came to the office. Now I am told they don't provide internet service.

Only a bed. My friend is in another room that is a fire hazard, most electrical outlets do not work and because I do not have ID, but the person I am with does I have been told after paying for three days to check out tomorrow. I am on foot, and almost everything I own is in the room. I planned to stay to the first of the month to place my things in a public storage after renting a uhaul.

They say they are upgrading but I see no investment into the business.

I am not surprised at the lack of feelings of my situation given the city I live in. Overchared and no respect here, yes...I am pissed!

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Other Company in San Diego, California - Charge insurance after cancellation

I moved one year ago to another city and try to cancel my pet's insurance plan because they don't have a clinic here and they told me to wait until term...I waited and still paying, cancelled on february 2011....and they still charging me to card every month. I'm very angry because I'm already paying another insurance where I moved and they just transfer me to operator to operator and promised to solved it...but nothing...I'm loosing money here...this is crazy and expensive...very nice to sell and now nobody can cancel it...

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Pumps will not print out receipt. Happens OFTEN!

Why do the pumps at your store at 609 Magnolia Ave.,Papillion NE 68046, chronically refuse to print out a receipt. In winter it's: "Oh, it must be frozen up again." In summer it's: "Oh, they always do that." Always an excuse. Seldom a receipt at the pump.

It appears that local management does not recognize this problem, as it could have been fixed a long ago. Will someone above local management level look into the matter and see that this is fixed!

If you can't fix it, please put a sign on the pump saying it won't print a receipt, so the customer can avoid that pump.

Thank you., Robert O'Neil, Papillion 402-339-0504




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That must be horrible to live in a town with

just one service station.

Broken pump printers, I see that as a common problem. I have no idea why they would not want to fix it promptly. You can usually go inside and ask for a "duplicate" receipt.

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Other Company in Springfield, Missouri - Need an attitude check

As an established customer you would think i would get some service.. trying to rent a tv from them and they never call you back..

kind of like they don't care if they make a sale or not.. you know.. like the employees own the store and *** on you.. seems like half of the time the employees can't do anything right or do it on therie own..

but if you are late on a pymt.. well, that seems like you get your calls returned..

but not for the reason you want... so i will go to and other company

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Other Company in Zillah, Washington - Lied to me and ripped me off

They took my pell grant and my student loan saying that i owe them 2350.00 for failed classes. but, i did not fail them .

iwas told that if i passed the last four blocks of classes that i would not fail . well i took them and i passed them and they still failed me. i had been having problems with the instructors from the beganning because once that they found out that i was a 54 year old student they told me would,t i rather be home sitting on the porch rocking my grand children,what kind of instructors would say this. also they have sent back my second half of my pellgrant that i was suppose to get this month and my student loan and sent me a letter today saying that i owe them 2350.00 well.

that,s *** because my student loan paid them in advance . and when i told them this they got nasty with me .i just withdrew from the school on the 9th of this month . that school caused me nothing but headaches and heartaches and left me frustrated and aggravated and i want to do something about them .

so. yes, please include me in your lawsuit against them.

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Other Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Delivered damaged furniture

The Dump store in Oaks Pa. delivered damaged bedroom set which I refused to accept.

I told them to take it back and refund my money. Now they want a "restocking fee". They are restocking due to their own ineptitude not because of anything I did. I actually wanted that particular set, but not a damaged one.

Who ever you talk to they give you the run around.

These stores and people have a lot to learn about customer service To make matters worse the salesman had promised to ship the floor model dresser instead of the one with serious damage. This never happened either.

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