This number is calling and hanging up304-847-0014

i cannot make calls whenever the phone rings i answer they can hear me i cannot hear them i make a call the phone they are answering but i cannot hear nothing then the 304-841-0014 call back again then hang up everytime whats going on is it from the company my majic jack #321-252-3467 can you look into this for me thank job is calling the phone is riging alright but when i answer i cannot hear anything but i thing the other side is hearing me loud and clear please check it out for me, 06/03/2011


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found out that it is coming from Webster Springs, WV. it is a cell phone.

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Other Company in Paducah, Kentucky - The Worst Customer Service I ever received

I purchased a copy of Defender Pro 5-in-1 2010 last year. I installed the program into my last computer, however as soon as I got it installed, I had to reinstall windows. I didn't even get a chance to use the product.

When I tried to install it into my laptop just a few days ago, it kept giving me an error code. When I sent them a help letter describing everything I had just said, I received a response that the password was out of date, and if I wanted to use the program I would have to BUY another copy of the product!

The person that answered my email was someone named Tami at their Custer Service. I think it was terrible customer service not to at least try to help someone that had purchased their product, and not be able to use it.

I've let all my friends know of the situation as well, I forwarded my email with her reply with instructions that they send it to all their friends as well.

I want the whole world to know just how terrible their customer service really is, and how they will NOT work with anyone if their password has expired.

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Other Company in Norfolk, Virginia - Hardwood Flooring Install

The installer was argumentative and nasty.

He said it was my job to point out problems with my floor to him rather than him to me (I paid for a review of the floor before install and additional costs at install).

When I asked him for his professional opinion such as why floor was damaged and what could be done about it he stated he did not know.

He did not want to fix problems with subfloor before installing hardwood. He did not want to put rugs back on new flooring even though it was in the contract.

He did not come prepared having to go out 3 different times for supplies.

He was very difficult to work with and I would not use him again.

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Other Company in Kalamazoo, Michigan - No refund received

I applied for life insurance, and after a couple of weeks, was denied because of my arthritis. I have not yet received my $ back I sent in with the application.

Helen Ritz-Martinie, 1103 W. Hackett St. Ionia Mi 48846. It has now been 6 weeks since I applied.

Please let me know what I need to do to get my $167.29 back. I don't have the name of the representative who came here.

616-755-2326 or Thank you for helping me, or telling me what I should do next. Very sincerely yours, Helen

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Other Company in Livingston, New Jersey - Scooter Scam!

I am a Physical Therapist with 25 years of experience...A word of caution to those who are lured into purchasing or having your insurance company pay for a motorized scooter:

I have seen way too many people get these devices and then not be able to use them because they cannot fit into their homes or get through their doorways, especially bathroom.

Please consider consulting a Physical or Occupational Therapist BEFORE talking to these companies. Medicare and other insurance companies will pay for this consult. Don't get stuck with a piece of expensive equipment you can't use.

This is a form of insurance fraud as far as I am concerned.

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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - Have my car for 7 days not fixed yet

They promised my car for the same day service 5/27. I had to call them only to find out they needed an additional part (spindle they claimed it was unavailable, and only 2000 Toyota corollas were ever made with ABS spindle.) they would have it on Tues.

May 31st.

Again was not called I contacted them found out that the wrong part came in. It would be fixed on Wed. 6/1 they called and said the part did not get there. Now it's 6/2 and part will be in 6/3.

No car still!

Hotel cancelled, trip ruined.

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Failed to replace battery on newphone lessthan 30 days

att customer service did not give service. agent would not correct problem(battery) after i explained to him repeatedly problem and physical store reccomendations.

He put me on hold (3times) and told me to call another number. I said they should call me at their convience. He replied here is the number. Is this a service person?????

The person on the phone was extremly difficult to understand. They repeatedly asked the same questions over and over. I asked for them to contact me and he would say the number to call.

I thought this wss a service industry. maybe I should change carriers and that one less customer would make a difference

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Raved on to her employees how she is going to get me fired

I work as a vendor for your pharmacy in rudiso, I delivered 8 totes on the 27 of may, I was one short had mixed one tote with an earlier delivery 40 min. away.

i made this problem clear to this manager chavez first thing. her reaction was very threatening like you better get my box or else. i have been doing this job for 10 months and never had a problem! immediately I contacted my supervisor explained the situation and his answer to me if they are controls go back and get them , if there not deliver next day!!

chavez was upset that I was speaking to my dispatch office, she followed me out of the pharmacies door telling me pay attention to me!!in a vicious voice' when she did that I knew something was unusual.She has an unusual personalty it took forever to try to get to get to know her but all the coworkers say that's the way she is!!! her moods where high and low all the time. i followed protocol and she was hazzing me throughout her co workers, this is against the law. she has made it her last will and testament to get me fired and has lied to the drug company to call my superiors and fire me.

that day my superior called me to say try to keep the peace , or i have to fire you chavez looked at me with such content that i showed you!!

I have spoken to chaves's coworkers in review of what she told them without my presence, I have given this statement to my attorney to build a case, in the event this action does not stop from your employer hazing me or she succeed in getting me fired, i will file a law suit towards walmart, i believe there is something medical going on with chavez, and it would not be very hard to prove when i subpoena co workers to prove it!! thank you for you time and consideration stephen pinter 595 353 7938 i have no interest in getting her fired, i would like only someone to talk to her to back up that's all!!!


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you probably forgot her anger drugs. lol

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Other Company in Batesburg, South Carolina - MY FINGER IS DISFIRUFED FOR LIFE AND I WAS TOLD I CANT GET PAID for my days i missed at work !!!

i had an accident moving my lifesstock and had to have surgery to put it back together again.they siad beacause i didnt have to stay in hospital that i didnt deserve my days of work money!!THAT is the reason we took this insurance out i am not a rich man i cant not afford hospital bills for 14 days!!we have called several times to ask someone to come explain this to me STILL NO REAPONSE WHAT THE HECK they have no promblem taking my money every month im so unhappy with the company!please call me anytime!!

Batesburg, South Carolina
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Failure to follow through on promise. Unreliable, deceitful, unbalanced.

A woman named Frances DeVries advertised herself on Boston Craigslist as an organizer. I hired her to work with me in my apartment.

She stole $75 from me. Realized this after she had left. She also did not do the best job of straightening up and organizing the work area in my apartment. She swore that she really had talent in that area, but she over-represented herself.

When I confronted her about the money and asked for its return or at the very least for her to work it off, she refused and told me that she was due that money because of aggravation that she suffered through my complaints.

She is very bad news and should not be hired by anyone.




we had different experiences. happy to hear that yours was not as unrewarding and disturbing as mine.

however, your good experience does not negate mine nor does my report on what happened to me turn me into a liar, as you charge. wishing you other good encounters with the people in whom you place trust.


Give me a break...I contacted your friend many times to work off the $75.00 dollars and never heard from him. It was a waste of my time.

Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States #607353

This is absolutely untrue. This woman is a liar.

I worked with Francesca.

She is fantastic, reliable, extremely nice! Sorry Francesca

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