Other Company in Cincinnati, Ohio - Think Im crazy

My brother asked them to come out to fix it and I called today about this loaner lap top that has not worked n three days then you tell ron the mgr he acts like you r a fool I spent gas to go over to the store and thursday Im going back to get another do not shop at the norwood store there, attitude is sicking and I will go back to the milford store from now on.This is not good for there buisness they, dont know who I know. Dont get made get lost.Buy in 120 days

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Other Company in Albany, New York - Julie in customer service basically said

I called concerning a web site charge that has been appearing on my monthly statement even though I did not renew my standing as a representative. I called to verify and was told, yes you did not renew however we are still charging you for our website. I called and canceled this back in May 2010 - However I was then informed basically it is to bad. you will not get a refund by julie. This is very poor customer service, and if a company is that desperate for money -- what else would they do. I asked to speask to a supervisor and was told none were available. I asked for someone to return a call and she indicated that they would not.

If this is the way the company operates I will make sure that I let others know who were in networking marketing and those that weren't that they should stay far away from this company.

Waiting for a return call

Jim Cahill

Rin #391241

(315) 382-8021rdbd

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Other Company in Mesa, Arizona - Telephone solicitation is a fraud

This company in a pain in the ***. They call about every other day.

They are abusive, and the flat out lie about who they are and what they are selling. They should be reported to the State's Attorney General's office for ripping people off and ripping off their employees. This is a telemarketing factory. They are violating the opt out laws big time.

It's a shame that they take advantage of young, eager to work employees and make them do these shameful phone calls. I hope that someday someone, somewhere will shut them down for good.

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Other Company in Denver, Colorado - They are a scam beware there promotion is a hoax

they mark there prices up to look like your relly getting a discount and then they never fix anything. so much for the lifetime warranty.

what good is a warranty with no customer service.i have spoke to a lot of pissed off customers and they do have good quality products that are overpriced. it makes me wonder how they stray from lawsuits. must be the small print that covers there butts.there management stinks as well,all the way up to the owner.hopefully they will improve there customer service so customers can actually get help.

this company continues to expand still. makes you wonder.

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This company ripped me off for 40.

i ordered my zone headphones and was sent a cheap basket of some kind that was 4 mos ago total cost 29.98 i sent it back and cost me 11.00 to ship i finally received a check yesterday for 14.99 still have not received no more money I've contacted this company like 10 times scam artist avoid this company.you will never get your product and all of the call centers are in india good luck trying to understand these *** artist contacted better buisness bureau was told they are investigating multiple complaints from this company




These headphones are a total ripoff! Don't waste your money.


Total rip off. These do not work.

It's like they took the transmitters out before they sent them - what are they doing with all of these fm transmitters the size of a quarter? - same with the alarm clocks, now they have timers and transmitters that are untrackable now - so who knows, and then they make them impossible to return, i bought these off of the tv commercial.

don't buy!!!! please post if your transmitters were also removed or you suspect it.


Thank you guys for posting this info. I almost bought a set. I love a good deal but need to remember, if it sounds to good ......


Myzone headphone ripped me off 80.00 $ can. I wish that we can do something to prevent further cheating! NEVER BUY ANY PRODUCT TO Telebrands company!

Should we can consult to any legal process through consumer dispute?


The My Zone Headphones are not stereo like their ad says.I tried them today & they sounded crappy like the ones you can get for $10 at Harbour Freight or Big Lots.

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Other Company in Pelham, Alabama - Rip off

AAfter 4 yrs. Of financing all interest and no principle they always call and more money.

Still same pay off as 4 yrs ago. The gov will help all but us small ppl. Why can't Obama do something with greedy company's like this.

It is not fair ffor the disabled working ppl or veterans who r struggling to make it here in the so called land of the free. We r not free with company's like this we r captive in there world can th world come together and make this better since gov won't or do we all loose

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Other Company in Charlotte, North Carolina - Inflated agreement, failed to cancel on request

This site is a travesty of their name. The try to get you to agree to a certain number of books, then later inflate the obligation and try and make you buy more.

I certainly would not get involved with them at all. They tried to inflate my obligation then turned me over to a collection agency when I refused to let them change the agreement.

Moreover, unless the books you order are KNOWN TO YOU to be written by competent authors, don't order the "unknowns" because the title intrigues you.

I batted 0 for 3 because they "sounded" interesting. They were poorly written and not worth the money.

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Other Company in Henderson, Kentucky - Online info is wrong we traveled 200mls+

we looked online for a 25k btu ac unit the pc said owensboro had 2 in stock we went to get one they didn't have it. so we ask the girl at service desk to look online at bowlingreen to see if they had one she couldn't get it to come up.

so we ask her to call the store she tried 3 times and got put on hold for at least 15 min- each time. so we drove to BG store and they didn't have one there. the girl at the service desk didn't even know how to page for a 25,000 btu window unit. we looked and no airconditioner.

I tried to see if paducah ky had one but i can't even sign in to my account or change my password. I'm Very PISSED nomore memmbership for us.

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Other Company in Bossier City, Louisiana - Overcharged my acct

Have been with Dtv for about 10 years.Upon moving north a few years ago I

transferred service.Upon repeated overcharges on my bank acct,I gave them the

choice to either get their billing correct or else!

Yesterday I was overcharged 16.00 and their service came to a screeching

halt.Good luck trying to get customer service.After an endless wait,you will

be lucky to get an english speaking person.

Directv has their own agenda,customer service is not a priority.If anyone is

interested in sat service with DTV,beware!Get everything in writing in your


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Other Company in Amherst, Massachusetts - Discovercard Misinformation

Phone services unavailable during stated hours; misinformation about payment cancellation.


8a-4p Saturdays

9a-4p Sundays


10a-2p Sat & Sun


"Phone payments must be cancelled by 5:30 pm on the posting date"


Phone payments are processed in the morning and must be changed the day prior.


The above discrepancies in availability and cancellation policy nearly cost me $60+ in late and overdraft fees.

It took 3 hours over two days to try to change a payment posting date and was still unsuccessful. All cust service reps were very helpful; however supervisors were borderline rude and very unhelpful.

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