Other Company in Bethesda, Maryland - Lemon law is for new cars only

I have been reading complaint's about used car dealer's selling lemon's, these people are ***'s. The lemon law is for NEW vehicle's only and the only way it is considered a lemon is if the same problem happens multiple time's.

When I used car has issue's it's just that an old used piece of *** that you got for $3000, and you think it should be brand new! If you inner city ghetto monster's would save some money or at least have good credit then you would be able to complain, but when you have $1500 and bad credit what do you expect, do you actually think you deserve a really nice car that someone should just give you the money, no you deserve to drive old junk 1994 honda accords with extremely high miles , you people do not take care of your vehicle's you never change the oil never do maintenance and then you come here and complain someone sold you a bad car or *** uneducated ghetto self most likely broke the car acting like a gorilla.

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Other Company in Mount Laurel, New Jersey - No alignment for me

Went to the store on Coors in Albuquerque on Saturday morning, 6/11 for a front-end alignment. I was the first customer through the door at ~0715. I filled out the paperwork, gave the manager the car keys, and went across the street for breakfast.

At 0745, my car was still parked in their lot. All six bays were full with cars being serviced: at least one of them must heve been for an alignment. I told the manager: "It didn't do me any good to be first through the door, did it." No reply.

At 0800, I went to the manager and asked for my keys. He gave them to me and I left. He never did ask why I was leaving.

Seems like a very poorly run business!

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Lying Customer

I am just so disgusted with the fact that people like Amanda Sherman can post such fabricated things about a company. She is a true scam artist.

I hope she reads this and realizes that she shouldn't have lied about our company. She even states that she was contacted 24 hrs before the move took place. we confirmed everything and recorded it. If she didnt like what she heard, then why didnt she just cancel???

I will tell you, because she was trying to facilitate a free move!! She is very devious.

Her plan back fired. She posted on this less than a half hour later.






1 02/23/2010 Answer to Plaintiff(s) Sent

2 05/13/2010 Hearing Notice Sent 7/1/2010 - 10:00 AM for Trial -PPS

3 07/01/2010 Disposition Notice Sent on 7/1/2010 - Dismissed -PPS

just another one sided lie like everything else posted on this site. The case was dismissed without an award because you were wrong!!!!!


I've used your company before, maam. Amanda is totally correct.

You are the scammer here.

You still owe me $680.00 that I won in the lawsuit. You discust me.

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Rediculous, if i ran my business this way...

just rediculous

quit the first time because the showers were FILTHY and they never had any towels!! Come on.... that is why I am paying more for the signature membership! Called a year later because it is the most convienent!

front desk just totally sucks. NO other way to put it, always has!

told the manager,he was sorry, but couldn't give a ***. When we talked pricing, he couldn't stop trying to upsell me. they just want your $$$ and don't care. My business could never be run like this. Never . Good luck, unfortunately your location is the only thing you have working for you.


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***/Fraudulent site

I order a hard to find DVD, The Third Twin, back in April. The seller wanted either a money order or go through paypal.

I sent in a money order and never received my product. The BBB & the police need to step in and made sure they are shut down. This site is robbing the people of their money and they need to spend time in jail....excuse me, prison!!! The seller address is coralil@yahoo.com and the address itself on the invoice maybe phoney.

It is Katherine Dominguez, 6 Normal Street, Worcester, MA 01605.

My invoice number is 182018773. Don't ever buy, sell or trade with this website!


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You should have used pay pal. Put a trace on the money order.

did you consider the fact that maybe she never received your MO. Stop whinning and make a few phone calls you ninny

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Shoppers locked in Store and Not allowed to leave!

Plymouth, NH. June 9, 2011.

Following an electrical storm and power outage, consumers were not allowed to leave the Plymouth, NH Walmart. Employees locked the doors and refused to open them (to prevent shoplifting in the dim emergency lighting???)

Consumers tried to get out through the shopping cart enterence but were stopped (and employee yelled at them that they better not even think about leaving). People began yelling and shoving. Several elderly people were there and report being afraid of getting hurt. Customers were banging on the glass doors. When consumers threatened to break the glass, another employee agreed to unlock and open the door!



Concord, New Hampshire, United States #654173

"Hello 9-1-1?"


It's a shame. Criminals make it bad for everyone.

Don't blame Walmart for societies problems. Blame the Liberals and minorities

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Tlg trvladv

I have a charge on my bank account from TLG TRVLADV. I do not have any idea who they are or why they charged me $15.99.

It was taken out my account on June 7, 2011. I would like to know who the company is and why they charged me account without my authority when I have never even heard of them.

$15.99 may not seem like much but I am unemployed at the time and cannot afford that much money for anything other than my regular monthly bills, groceries and gasoline. Please help me find out how to reverse the charge.



Phoenix, Arizona, United States #927791

TLG TRVLADV: Traveler's Advantage/Shopper's Advantage

They took $102 from me! Turns out there's Traveler's Advantage and Shopper's Advantage, but you must cancel BOTH separately.

I only canceled one so I was charged 6 months of $16.99.

I called 1(800)548-1116 and kindly asked to talk to their supervisor. I spoke with Laura Neff and she assured me that I would get a full refund.

I suggest calling them to see what you can do.


We saw a $16.99 charge show up on a credit card bill. Asked the wife and she said she had canceled it 2 months ago.

It appears it was some kind of discount card scam that came along with the purchase of costume jewelry.

Told them to remove me from their list of people they have defrauded, and I wanted a refund. The initial person said she couldn't authorize the refund. Asked for a supervisor.

She was very willing to issue a refund within 7-10 days.

If I don't see the refund I will start doing charge backs. This is ***.

Savannah, Georgia, United States #703121

I cancelled this last month and somehow they have no record of that! Silly me! They happily cancelled my account AGAIN and refunded the 16.99 once I threatened fraud charges.


so i called the # i saw here on this web page and got a "we are have tecincal difficulties, call back in 1 hour." so i went to my bank. as it turns out, i received a $40 refund for a motel i paid for on line in Idaho in 10-23-11. i canceled my subcription within the 30 days and never stoped to think i would be charge after canceling. they claim they dont have reconds of my canceling and asked for my account # to TLG. i didnt have it. $102 rounded to the nerest $ is what they got form me.

so how do you get out of Travlers Advantange? you have to go to your bank ( my back will only go back 2 months for fraud claims)and file a fraud claim. then fax (1-800-964-8115)a reason why you want out of TLG*travadv to suport services desk with the exact $ amount and the cancelation # that will be given to you when you call TLG (#1-800-548-116). they will only go back 6 months for rembursments. they will try and send you an information package on TLG. decline the package and cancel your account.

i have learned to be causous for what is being offered as a rebate, free, or for a limited time offers. leasons are learned the hard way sometimes. hope this helps someone. take care and watch out!


I have the same issue. Just who are these people? Has anyone reported them?


I just discovered a charge which they tell me has been on for years(my bad). I asked for a supervisor.

I also threw in threat to file complaint with Mas AG. They immediately offered a 1 year refund. They also gave me this fax number 800 964 8115. Ask for a full refund.

Reference Support Service. I will be doing that ASAP.

Hope this helps others.


These companies often sneak on to your accounts when you purchase through discount travel agencies (expedia, priceline, ect.) It's usually a small, pre-checked box that you don't even notice when you fill out the forms.


We don't know you. You have taken 139.99 from our account. That money does not belong to you so put our money back.We are struggling bad enough and you have the guts to take our money.We need that money to pay some medical bills.

@Joyce & John Breton

I just got a bill from my credit card where I was billed twice for 16.99. I didn't even know who this was till I looked on the net and found all of these complaints and someone provided a 800 # for them..

I called and told them they BETTER PUT MY MONEY BACK IN THE BANK!!! I couldn't even understand them on the phone... Come to find out I booked a flight on Allegiant Air and they got my credit card from them some how along with my address and phone number.. I let them have it!!!

I am also going to call allegiant and ask them why this Is happening!!! Man, you cant do business online anymore without someone trying to rip you off!!!!


I have had the same experience with the same company TLG*TRVLAND

they have been charging my credit card since february, $16.99, every month! I don't even know who they are!

I am a student, and can not afford to pay for scams like this!

I don't know who made my credit car number available to these people! Please let me know if you know who they are.


call them at 8005481116

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #691629


I assumed it was my daughters movie program and found out it wasnt.

If not for you I wouldnt have known how to stop this. thanks


Please cancel my subscription. I do not know what i am paying for. Iam now retired and have no need of your services.

Vincent Degregoris

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Other Company in Cleveland, Ohio - I was charged twice for the same order number

I was charged twice for the same order number and it wasn't even the same price. They said the order would be shipped out of the warehouse as soon as it came in.

Bot I was charged in Jan. when it was ordered then again in March, a higher price when it was shipped. These people can't even add. I also was charged numerous times for 14.95 unauthorized payments.

Contact your BBB thay are aware of a lot of this problem. Ripping off the public.Also let your credit card company of the fradulant charges. Let your bank know also.

Alert everyone. Theres magazines supporting this fradulant company.We need to help people being ripped off by them.

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Other Company in Las Vegas, Nevada - Why they call me?

I dont know why they call my cell phone all the time. I have nothing to do with them.

Maybe robocall?

More to mak 100 words, More to mak 100 words, More to mak 100 words, More to mak 100 words, More to mak 100 words, More to mak 100 words, More to mak 100 words, More to mak 100 words, More to mak 100 words, More to mak 100 words, More to mak 100 words, More to mak 100 words, More to mak 100 words, More to mak 100 words, More to mak 100 words, More to mak 100 words,




***. waste of time reading this uneducated minority dribble.


Who is this complaint about? Maybe you should of actually used the 100 words to tell everyone!

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Other Company in Richardson, Texas - Buyer Beware!

I purchase two trees. One a red oak and the other a peach tree. Peach tree was half dead and the red oak was completely dead with no leaves.

I contacted them and they hung up on me. I simply wanted a replacement. I don't think they are going to replace the tree.

I will be reporting this company to their local bbb.

Wish I had of seen this website before I made the purchase.

Everyone have a good day as I know I want.

Best Regards,

Pissed Customer

P.S. This is a good consumer website.

Great Day

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