charged for airfare and insurance but never provided info about the insurance carrier.

I would advise anyone interested in purchasing airfare and insurance from to be very cautious. I did not receive insurance information and am now running after the money I spent for the airfare because I was never advised of different levels of insurance coverage and have no proof they did not provide the information.

I did receive flight information and the applicable restriction for the tickets but nothing-nothing- about the insurance and how and where to contact them.

My bank tried to intervene without success.

So, please be careful. and Travel Guard are doing shady business together.



To date Travel Guard has been skirting the issue about not providing a choice or providing coverage information.
There is no ..

we look into the matter.. only that has information about the insurance on their homepage.

thank you for the comment. Perhaps something went wrong- the company never acknowledged the possibility.

Years ago I purchased travel insurance to cover a $2500.00 trip.

Three days before departure I canceled for personal reasons and received a credit for the $2500.00 within a few days.

With that kind of experience I did not immediately question not having any info regarding the coverage.

I did however freak out when 14 weeks before departure I was unable to contact and had no clue who the insurance company was or how to get in contact with them.

Mistakes happen, but now Travel Guard is showing it's level of integrity.


We've purchased from Travel Guard in the past and have always had great service. Actually, I believe we purchased through and recieved a print-out of our policy.

Maybe the policy didn't print? Either way, I've had an excellent expereince with them...

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Other Company in Corpus Christi, Texas - Totally *** scooters no quality or dependability

i bought 10 scoooters ina ll . 1 arrived damaged so it was not accepted.

It was up to me to licate it with the trucking company first they wanted to replace it then they didn't have on to replace it with. 2 months later I still have not seen a check. with the refund. Expect for a bike to last maybe 250 miles before it stasarts to fall apart.

Do not waste your time or money I have wasted probably 20 just sitting on hold alone trying to get hold of the teck department 1 guy named Mike. The only prtson there that is any help is Josh A.

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Other Company in Richardson, Texas - Very pissed off customer.

I signed up for service on the 10th of June, I was requested to send a copy of my lease agreement and new occupant form, which I sent on Monday the 13th. I had a postive balance and sent all the information requested i called every hour to see why I had not received my service the send the faxes to the Uk to be verified which takes 24 to 48 hours which now has been five days they can not provide me with any information they have my money,I contacted Balinda at the coorporate office she also was rude and unwilling to help are answer any questions, they continue to state they have not recieved my fax but i have all seven of my fax transmittal form stating they all where successful.

I warn anyone who is looking for new service to run from this electric provider, I have reported them to the utility commission and will campaign everywhere that this company is a rip off and you will be dissatisfied to the upmost, I have had to pay for a week of hotel stays and pay for faxes that they dont check, they are alocal company from Irving Texas, but the in house work goes to a foreign country to be handled.

Please people dont support this company , google has 50 complaints against them so beware, they will *** around as they have me. Pissed consumer, and mad as ***, for themm taking my money and time.

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Stay away!!!!!!!!!! worst I ever dealt with

I orderd a replacement tak for a dehumifer;;;;;;;;;;only got some of what I needed.........they have no phone; if I knew this before I would have never ordered from them..............their Customer Service Reps.....are bad; really bad;;;;;;;;;;;;;;order someplace worthy.........STAY AWAY; I have sent them numerous emails;;;;;;;;;;;;;they want more money for what I already paid for.............going to them a letter..........they should not be in business;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;this is the only time I had a problem with a internet company; this has been going on for two weeks to get the correct clip that only cost about $2.00 someplace else.

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Other Company in Dallas, Texas - Stop planting in my computer problems!

You enter uninvited my computer, to tell me that I have problems!!!

1n the 1990 I bought your *** lousy Norton, make me to download the protection from a worm. It fuckup your *** lousy antivirus, yo did not gave the tool to fix it.WHY IN A *** YOU ARE DAMAGING MY WINDOWS VISTA 64 BITS OPERATING SYSTEM I HAVE DELL EXTENDED WARRANTY, AND THEY FIXED IT!!


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Other Company in Norfolk, Virginia - No respect for customers

My husband bought me an HD Digital Radio (Livio NPR Radio) for Mother's Day on April 29, 2011. He gave it to me about 2 weeks later. He didn't get a Gift Receipt.

The radio did not work to our satisfaction because NPR hadn't updated it with all the stations. I called the company's customer support, who told me to contact NPR. I did, and eventually they added the station. This process took another couple of weeks. After all that, we found that the radio just doesn't work that well. It keeps "rebuffering" and cutting out. I had all the original packaging and the store receipt, but I realized that Sears' policy is that electronics cannot be returned after 30 days. It was only one week past that date, so I called the store and explained the whole situation. I thought they might make an exception. The clerk was rude and defensive. I left a voicemail message with the dept. manager, who never called me back. I also spoke to someone in another Sears (because the one he bought it at lost their power for some reason the day I called). She said she would pass the message on to her manager, but she also never called back. I wrote them a letter... again, no response.

All anyone told me is that their "new" policy is that if you don't have a Gift Receipt, you cannot return electronics past 30 days. Period. They make NO exceptions. Other department stores realize the value of customer satisfaction and make every effort to work with them. Not Sears.

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Other Company - Forcing Customers to travel over an hour for stock

With Spangdahlem and Bitburg bases finally reaching the point of consolidating, we are seeing stock substantially dwindling. We are being told be staff members that some of the stock is being rerouted or moved to other stores. We are also told regularly to go to KMCC for the products, which is an hour and a half away. Now we are hearing that our new store will be smaller than originally planned so as to not be in competition with KMCC. For a company that is intended to serve the military communities wherever they are located, this is pathetic. With a motto of "we go where you go" we are hearing it reworded for our location to state "we go where you go, but we don't bring the stock....we expect you to come to where we are."

We do not have adequate stock of hosery, undergarments, home and garden, shoes, toiletries/cosmetics, etc. We have limited gas rations and yet we are expected to travel an hour and a half, one way in order to shop.

The Exchange and shopette system is continually tauted as a benefit, yet we are expected to travel and use a great deal o four gas rations and time to reach a decently stocked facility. How is this a benefit?

Perhaps it is something that our congressmen should be aware of and address. Perhpas, larger items such as furniture that our location (a full size base, mind you) will no longer carry should come with free delivery from KMCC to compensate the inconvenience that an entire military community is lacking becuase of inadequate AAFES support. Perhaps, the community of Spangdahlem AB should be provided with appropriate support.

I would welcome an reasonable and valid explanation.

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Taken people hard earn money only to get stuck with a defaulty item!!!

i feel this is very wrong when you purchases a product only to find out

you only have 30 days on the product an the salesman tell you, you cant get

your money back, the only thing they tell you is that they can change

it,but why in the world you would want that product when you have sent it

back for the 3rd time and the same product is not function.Something is

wrong and it is not right to just lost your hard earn dollars on a product

that doesn't work.this company need to change there policy to 60days on

items that people is buying at least you old that to the American people

instead of ripping people off!!!!!!!


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What are talking about ***! learn the english language

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Other Company in Springfield, Massachusetts - I have been unable to get any verification of

I wanted to change the order as it automaticaly changed my order from one greet shirt to two. If I have to order two, I want one green and one white one.

The mirrors I ordered I will have to send back as they will not fit either of my vehicles. I also had a code for free shipping and don't know if that was recived properly or not.

I have sent 2 or 3 E Mails to try to find out what happened to this order and I get no replies. The web site for checking on an order is very difficult to navigate or else I am a dummy.

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Stop calls!!

I am getting calls about lowering my interest rate, over and over. i pay my bill every month on time and do not carry a balance.i am seriously thinking of canceling my acct.

the calls come all times of day and the calls for people who need the information.who are you to tell me how many words to say i am disgusted with the phone calls!!

this is a perfect example of how little regard you have for your loyal customers who pay their bills on time. if this is not enough words for you, then watch for my cancellation in a future mail!!


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I had this problem and just asked them to put me on their "do not call" list. I also requested no more "convenience checks" as they are very risky. Both worked like a charm, I'm surprised to say!

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