Charged me 50+ dollars when i didnt want to buy anything.

Very misleading and very hard to cancel. Seems nobody wants to cancel my account but they sure will charge your card quickly.

When trying to get a hold of someone in customer service, it seems that there is no customer service. And the charges just keep coming. I dont know what to do to end this nightmare.

It might be different if they had any movies that were worth a ***, but they sure lead you to believe that you can certainly watch any and all latest movies. ha ha Thats a joke and they are a joke, yet my account keeps weeping money....


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What company?

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Other Company in Charlotte, North Carolina - Commercials on tv

I was really caught off guard lately seeing your models on your tv commercial. They make me wonder if you need the business bad enough that the girls need to look like Hooters girls!

They are very pretty but should dress more appropriately. I would not buy a car from you because of this matter. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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What a rip

I bought a SUV from them, had to take it back 2 weeks later to have all the belts replaced, within a month of that when u turn a/c on and *** from a stop it makes all kinds of noise, plus EGR valve has to be replaced and the warranty i bought with my car doesn't cover ***! And I have to drive from stephenville to arlington to have it looked at!

Its ***, they also hid scratches and made it look all shinny but after washing it once whatever they put over the scratches washed right off!

Been a pure *** with them!! Will never buy from there again!!!!!!




My compressor on my A/C is going out its going to cost me over 700 just to have it fixed!!! Plus over 200 to have erg valve fixed!!!

Only have had my vehical 2 months!!!!! Its BS!!!




"I bought a SUV from them"

Who is "them"?

Paradise, Texas
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I paid the full amount of my balance and inadvertanly paid it on my wife account which is closed and tried to get the money tranfered and they said it would take 7 days. Not acceptable.

This is an inhouse transfer from one account to another. How tough could it be. 6/13 I gave the account numbers and Fridy still nothing done. I'm done with them.

Closed my account.

We are in the year 2011 and there is no excuse for not being able to transfer money internally from one account to the another in less than 1 day. 7 days is rediculous.




YOU mistakenly made a payment on a closed account and THEY'RE incompetent?????

Kholargos, Attica, Greece #300869

So you got busted for fraud. Suck it up and take responsibility for your actions! Grow up and for once in your life, act like a man!!!

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Other Company in Toronto, Ontario - Never deliver when they say they will

Twice they posted estimated delivers on the web site! which were wrong! Third attempt, the package has arrived in my city, but they don't even post an estimated delivery time, likely because I had yelled at them...but now it's on the truck and it will be here by noon..NO SHOW...I call, they will call me back...when? Who knows.....I have waited three days to get a package and I still don't have it.

In sum their computer tracking system gives misleading information and then they don't even deliver on time, when they actually get the package on the truck.

Don't use this *** service.

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Other Company in Long Beach, California - MY PET IS GONE :(

In doing my own research regarding my cat's condition I learned more about it from reading the internet rather than what I was told by the vet. I was not told the dangers and urgency of treatment.

Therefore, my cat went blind and soon died. Staff advised me the necessity for more test and to proceed and come back to office when I have funds for more test to be conducted. We left with a prescription that seemed useless. After I went back and paid for more test.

No plan of treatment was suggested for my cat. Money was paid out but service was not delivered!

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Other Company in Silverdale, Washington - Half a Million and screwed

These guys built my home said I had a warranty for faulty construction. Well 2 yrs in and my concrete driveway is falling apart and they want to deny my claim.

Its *** they are a fly by night shady builder. Dont buy a house from them at all. They say that its great standards and load you up with a bunch of ***. They sux.

These fools replaced 80 percent of the drive ways in my neighborhood but decide not to do mine its total ***. Do not trust them do not buy anything from them at all they lie.

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I am a member my measuring spoon 1 teaspoon broke I need a replacement and YOU will not replace it all you send sent me is a sliding spoon and it WILL NOT fit in spice jars I NEED THE SPOON what do you not understand about a spoon SPOON PLEASE

kathryn l dow a member since 2004but became premier member 2010

everytime I call you do not understand anything who do you have working up there. and some do understand SPOON NOT SLIDING SPOON THAT WAS NOT WHAT I GOT WHEN I BECAME A MEMBER IF I HAVE TO I WILL BUY A NEW SET FROM PAULA DEEN WHO UNDERSTANDS WHAT A SPOON IS and am half tempted to send you all the bill thank you for nothing.

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Other Company in Huntington Beach, California - MY PET IS GONE

After doing lots of research on the internet regarding my cats condition. My realization is: The information I read on the internet was more informative than what the vet conveyed to me.

For example was not told of urgency of treatment. Unfortunatly, my cat became blind and died. Staff had a huge concern for running expensive test. Also, suggested for me to come back when I have money for more test.

In the meantime my cat was sent away with a prescription that was not very useful. The office setting was very nice to take your mind away from quality of treatment.

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Other Company in Las Vegas, Nevada - Have service ticket in for over a week... no response!

There website won't take Air Conditioning Service Orders... say it is down, but seems to work on other catgegories.

Called AHS and waited over an hour to put in Service request. Customer Service said they were sorry and would put it in the system to contact me with Service... That was a week ago with no one responding to the Service. I just returned to website to enter new repair ticket for same problem...

it says the same thing and does the same thing. I am now on hold again for who knows how long. I will be looking for new company to deal with. This is a riduculous and a recurring problem.

I went through the same thing last year. I wonder if we are dealing with a SHAM...?

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