Other Company in Chicago, Illinois - Unprofessional Managers

Letter of Complaint

The service in the Nursery Department at your store in Chicago (87th and Dan Ryan Expressway) is terrible. Every time that I have been in the store and needed customer service I have waited over 20 minutes to be greeted by an individual who lacks knowledge and acts as if they are disinterested in helping a customer. Today was one of the worst purchasing experiences in my lifetime. I was treated like a criminal by two unprofessional people (Jerome and Renee) who were store managers.

I have never seen store managers look as well as sound unprofessional. They were totally insensitive to my needs and did not care that I was purchasing almost $400 in product and materials. Furthermore, my landscaper met me at the store (with his truck) to transport all of the materials (12 bags of mulch, shrubs, plants, bags of soil etc.) to my home to install.

Jerome and Renee had me waiting approximately 90 minutes for my husband to come to come to the store before allowing me to purchasing the landscaping materials. They would not let me use the American Express card because my husband's name was listed on the card. I presented to Jerome several forms of identification ((Drivers license, social security card, Master Card, Employee photo ID etc.) but both him and Renee refused to let me use the American Express card.

This is ironic because I have used the same American Express card at this store before without any problems. The cashier simply runs the card through and once the purchased has been approved asked me to see my ID. Earlier that day my husband had used the American Express card at your store on Roosevelt Road near Canal Street without having any problems and no one asked him at that store for an ID.

Trying to resolve the problem before making the long trip to the store during rush hour, my husband asked me to let him talk to one of the managers on my cell phone. I saw Jerome and told him that my husband wanted to speak with him on my cell phone, he at first said "NO" then Jerome snatched the phone out of my hand to speak with my husband. My husband pleaded with Jerome to contact American Express (three way conversation) so he could verify that the card was his and I was his wife. Jerome said "No." Therefore, I was forced to wait (with the landscaper) for my husband to come to the store to show Jerome his driver's license. I was totally inconvenient, as well as the landscaper who wanted to complete my landscaping that day. When my husband arrived I said to Jerome, "Based on my inconvenience (over 90 minutes) could I please get a 10% discount on my $390.00 purchase. Jerome said "No" with a smile. We then left the store.

No one should be treated the way I was treated by management. Both of these individuals were unprofessional, insensitive and did not try to rectify the situation. Thus, I am asking the following:

someone investigate this complaint, this letter of complaint be put in the personnel file of both of these employees to deter them from mistreating other customers, and someone to contact me regarding the status of my complaint.

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18 months and still no results on home mod. ..just the runaround

I was layed off 20 months ago. Since that time I have been trying to get a home modification. I am 61 yrs old and owned a house since I was 19. I bought my 1st home by myself. I have never been layed off and always made my payments on time.

Since I have been working with AHMSI I have gotten at least 10 packages of the same paperwork to refill out because they seem to just keep replacing it, talked to India, Texas, Calif.and now Mexico. No one can answer any question and all they ask is if I can borrow money from my family. they are jokes and frauds and I am now seeking an attorney and am going to sue the pants off of them..wait maybe they don't wear pants????



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Haha, maybe they can borrow pants from their family?

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Gave me 3 months free of net detective plus

I too am not at all happy with there reports .I am looking for someone and on standard net detective the name comes yup but when i tried to get info on the net detective plus it gave me barely anything no pnone numbers nothing . her name wasnt even there on the plus detective.

I tried other people that I want to find and i know there number yet net detective couldnt give me a listed telephone number .

they do not have agood system i wish I knew a good site to get info at. I am going to try again and see what happens



Looked up my criminal record and they had the same charges listed about 15 times each. Took up 3 pages.

lol Yet other people I KNOW have immense criminal records that are fairly recent failed to even show . This whole thing is so bogus.

Another friend showed up as married 18 times. lmao.

Geeeeez, I just ordered this net detective "Plus", and put in my OWN name and NOTHING COMES UP!!! I, of course, know all of my own information and it says "cannot be found"?????

wow! What a rip off! I'm pissed and am doing every thing I possibly can to get my money back....

it says "90 guarantee". Guess we'll see about that too hu?

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Other Company in Monroe Township, New Jersey - Rude manager to associates,customers who needs proper training

I have been shopping at this place for many years and I have never seen a manager behave the way I've seen today. As I was being checked out by the cashier the manager disregarded my presences and log the cashier off.

The cashier explained to her manager that she wasn't done with me, so her manager stated " well she could wait for the next cashier, I have things to do'' The manager began to speak in Spanish, laugh and continue to ignore me.

I'm extremely dissatisfied on how I was treated. Better costumer service is needed.

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Where is my monthly minutes

I have been on automatic billing ever since I purchased this phone but you fail to give me my 50 minutes a month again? If you don't correct this problem I'm going to another service provider .This is about the 8 th time you have screwed up and failed to give me the 50 minutes. I have said it time and time again my daughter needs these minutes as she is a college student in Texas and its the only way we communicate .If you contact me be sure its an American that I talk to as I can not understand your foriegn language people !




Lol, u didn't include the companies name genius! And you don't get to decide who calls u from the company.


Lol, u didn't include the companies name genius! And you don't get to decide who calls u from the company.

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Loan to own you and every thing you own scheme

this loan to own scheme was designed and orchestrated and carried out by realtor george mercier sr , who decieved authorities in belief that he's a florida resident while actually residing in new york state . this was to prevent paying taxes .

this predatory lender/ broker has been detected and all information in dealing with the individual should be cautioned in part because he's a scam artist who have circumvented a scheme to defraud all or any one looking to do morgtgages , buy , rent . this loan to own scheme has been used by most banks ,lenders , real estate agentcies , ect.. to which no one could get attornies for actions against those who've participated in this mega fraud . companies owned by this lender are as follows: mercier realty , florida westland corp , centurion capital corp, 212 new york , leroy properties, gmc management , normandy bank which relates to son micheal mercier for which foreclosure loans from countrywide for example were bought for pennies on the dollar and divide between father and son micheal and immediately foreclosed on .there are other banks sharing this efford to blind side unsuspecting home owners all over the united states with this very finger print .

there's much more to this therefore if you regardless of bank should look at the various sites :google mercier realty complaints click on pissed off consumer and see if this rings a bell this lender has made attempts to file false charges on clients he's affected by commited frauds to mute them as well as his own comptroller of eighteen years . we know the truth as you should that this person was rail- roaded and used as a pawn and fall guy to keep him mute .

we have the total story to the truth . this applies residential and commercial loans




the tomcat has been phished and bit the bate and hooked , hello mr tomcat did you have fun at it for fifty years . took a while but its fastly coming to an end we got the right one baby remember?


the tomcat has been phished and bit the bate and hooked , hello mr tomcat did you have fun at it for fifty years . took a while but its fastly coming to an end we got the right one baby remember?


there has been activity to monies being transfered around . i think they may bail and run soon or attempt cooking the books some more . check tomcat he's moving around .


no, they're not licensed to do more than four per year but we have a large number of affected people , some who have lost every thing . and one guy they stole every thing he owns .

he's got tons of paper work that the lender thought they had got when they did the falsely done foreclosure .

looks like with all he's got they have a lot of explaing to do . he's even got them on video .

@eagle eyes on the loan to own

what has happened since 2011? Is there any news about what is going on with Mr. Mercier and the forclosures up to now.

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Other Company in Roscoe, Illinois - Service was disconnected that was suppose to be suspended

im estremely mad i called to have a line suspened due to the phone being stolen from my 11yr old son. when i got the phone back i call customer service to find out the agent didnt suspend the service he disconnected my entire line and i was told i would have to pay to get the services back on but i was told i had 14 day to restore my service if i can retrieve the phone, why should i have to pay for the customer service rep mistake it was not my fault so why am i being held responsible for it

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - They said they cover brakes and they dont

I took the agreement with the idea that my brakes would be covered when I needed them to be replaced and only to pay the copay. I called and they informed me they were not covered.

I have a feeling nothing on the list is covered I have a 10year 100,000 guarantee with the company so forget this place. I want my money refunded and every time I contact the dealer I do not get an answer.

Who am I supposed to contact to cancel this and get my refund. I guess I will turn them in to the FTC

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Other Company in Dallas, Texas - Making mortgage payment online!

I have been on my PC for the better part of 45 minutes. I have used the same user ID and Password for several years.

For the past few months I either have to change my user ID or password to access my account and make a payment. Frustration! Now I can do neither. What gives at your web site.

Do you close down after a certain time each night?

Do we who are day sleepers have to take a back seat to day people? We ae and have been very good customers for qite a few years now.Mary G

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Other Company in Los Angeles, California - Information is off base. completely wrong. want money returned asap. hanna.king@sbcglobal.net

completely incorrect information. not even close- off base. want money returned and unsubscribe asap.

hanna.king@ssbcglobal.net wrong name, wrong address, wrong age, wrong phone number.everything is WRONG.

THIS IS FOR intelious people search on June 19th 2011 was looking for information for nancy fell in Manhattan who is 71 years old. Don't need information for a nancy fell who is 50 and does not live in Manhattan. I can't say anything else because there is nothing to say except that I want money returned to my credit card and loose all information on it.


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