Other Company in Hendersonville, Tennessee - Failure to recognize me when I was trying to get service

About 4 weeks ago I had my front brake pads replaced. There was trouble and I took it back.

they found nothing wrong but the problem persisted. I took it back today. there were three men behind the counter, answering phones and using the computer but none of these men recognized me. I waited 15 minutes and left.

I have had good experiences buying parts from you company but your service is not great.

I would like to have my brakes fixed but I'm not sure that you are capable or want to do so. When I am waiting for service your people should put my problem in fron of phone customers.

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Other Company in Bossier City, Louisiana - Called incessantly.

My name is Myron Leleux - phone number : 3374749676. Your company calls us all the time and we do not know why.

We do nothave anything financed thru anyone except Chase bank so I know I don't owe you money. If you have a reason for calling send it in an email otherwise don't call our home again. The only reason I even knew who you were was because of google. The message is always the same.

You want us to call but never say why and you don't seem to get the hint when we do not call back.

Remove us from your calling list or send an email! The Leleux's

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Get over yourself

First, let me begin by saying I am a Jim Walter homeowner for 16 years. Secondly, we purchased this home with one thing in mind, saving $ and easy closing.

We did not need a downpayment or come up with closing costs. Yes, we used the free and clear land as collateral, no big deal.

Was the home the best quality, no, but you GET what you pay for. Over the years we have remodeled.

Guess what in 16 years, only 2 settling cracks...how many cracks are in your neighbor's block homes? Take a look at their exterior walls.

My opinion, get a life and remodel people. Wood frame homes are the easiest to remodel or expand, enough said!

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Other Company in Tampa, Florida - Unable to deliver dress for event time--state 100% refund within 30 days---never received.

I ordered a bridesmaids dress in March for a June wedding. I received an email from Shanon, Customer service that they could not meet the delivery date and would refund 100% amount paid within 30 business day.

I contacted the company on day 30---have written to them at least 6 times and called twice. Still no refund...I would never order from this company again. When I speak to customer service--they state there is no way to reach their refund department except by email--no phones??.

Still waiting for my refund...do not use this company. They are eager to take your money--but not deliver product or refund.

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Other Company in Beijing, Beijing - Balances: On your marks, get set, shopper! - by cheap jewelry

Les summer sale begins Wednesday, June 22 2011 for five weeks of shopping cheap. Five weeks during which the fashionistas will be full of joy at the prospect of finding their favorite must-have at an unbeatable price. But the sales period is also the war. So to survive, here are some tips. not expensive jewelry box cheap jewelry

Prepare cheap engagement rings your wallet, your bank accounts and your cabinets, the balances are coming! June 22 to July 26, stores slashing prices. But to maximize the five weeks of pure cheap shopping, you have to be organized! To do so, here cheap jewelry are seven rules of the Queen of Sales. d & g jewelry cheap jewelry cheap

Rule # 1: Set a budget and stick to it. Cheap jewelry thomas sabo cheap designer jewelry

A small top to 15 euros to 80 euros a pair of jeans, a pair of heels to 25 euros, jewelry do you want in here at 10 euros each ... Prices are low but rises quickly when the note is not careful. So it is best to provide a "budget balance" in advance. By setting limits, you will not be dry, you will not have to eat only the pulp for the next six months and you will remain on good terms with your banker (This is very important when you consider that the balances Winter will arrive soon!).

Rule 2: Make a list.

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I want a bill sent every month.

My policy # is 14-N321033. I would like a bill sent to me every month.

Yes, I pay by credit card, and I did every month. Lately you have just taking it out of my account. Well, this last time by you taking it out, it cost me $50.00 on money I had in my account until you took the money out and that cost me 2 insufficent funds on two things I took out, but I had the money in for them.

So, for now on, I want a monthly bill like you used to do. Thank you.


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First, It's YOUR responsibilty to have money in the account every month.

Second, I doubt that the company, which you have not named, is reading this!

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Other Company in Jacksonville, Florida - Only 4 sets of lenses to get it rite.

it cost me over $560.00 for my glasses but I dident know that I wase going to have to go back 6 times for them to get them rite.it only took them 3 weeks to get them done.and I'm still not satisfied with these ones. but I shouldent complain I can see my computer about a foot away. IM NOT GOING TO BE ANONAMIS IM LEE MCGARRY UNHAPPY I only need 73 words you dont want me to keep going on becase I will really tell you how mutch I think pearal vision isent to profeshinal

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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - calling house

stop calling my home 937 382 7827 my name is pat lamb you have got to be kidding me now i have to type 100 words or more i went into the store they dont have a number to stop your calling my home i have to argue with the new foreign lady everytime i want to refill medicines it takes her all day to look things up i dont want to keep typing to cvs its like the phone calls i get every other day at 9 in the morning i have r.a. i have to sleep in and i cant thanks to cvs




Yeah i agree, now every internet troll who wants to wake you up at 3am is going to call you if they find this posting.


A quick google search of the number & your name gives you your address.Not too smart to be posting personal information!!

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How to Meet Women


And why shouldn't be these the first places that come to mind? After all, we've been bombarded by images of hot and available women packing themselves like lemmings into these watering holes.

Check out any movie within the last few decades that involves meeting women - it isn't rare to come across the typical scene featuring the suave leading man offering his lady a drink.

Like clockwork, they hit it off so well that they end up talking forever until said woman asks her man to come up to her place for "a cup of coffee".

Sounds familiar, right?

In real life, it is possible to meet hot women in such places. Admittedly, there are circumstances specific to bars and nightclubs that can give you an edge.

For instance, everyone is in "party mode", meaning women will be more open to talking to complete strangers. Booze also helps people loosen up and be more sociable.

However, you should also consider that these are the same reasons why you shouldn't pin all your hopes of meeting women on these places.

When women go to these venues, it's possible that their behavior won't necessarily reflect their everyday attitude (which of course, matters more!).

So by that line of thinking, you'd have a better chance of finding a girl acting in a more natural and relaxed atmosphere elsewhere. There are plenty of other places where you can learn how to meet women without having to deal with the pressure that comes with nightclubs!

Therefore, you need to expand your horizons and think of other places where you can meet girls under practical circumstances. To give you an idea, think about the most mundane locations, such as a bookstore.

You'd be surprised by the number of attractive women who are on the lookout for a good read. If gorgeous and brainy chicks are up your alley, this is a great place to start!

Of course, it's a given that you should be into books yourself. After all, you and that attractive woman are both there for the same purpose (well, more or less anyway).

You'll have a good opportunity to start a conversation because being at such a place gives you a perfect reason to ask her about say, what title she might recommend if you wanted to get into the non-fiction genre (or whatever section she was happening to browse through).

When you're open-minded enough to try unlikely places, knowing how to meet women becomes easier because you're increasing your options!

So don't be scared to stray from the beaten path. Beyond the nightlife, you'll actually have an easier time finding gorgeous and smart women who are worth your time!


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So do not be afraid to deviate from the beaten track. In addition to the nightlife, you will actually find it easier to find women beautiful and intelligent who are worthy of your time!

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Worked for me.

This product is one of the best I have ever used. I couldn't believe the improvement after just one application.

It's active ingredient is dimethicone, a silicon molecule. Silicon has not been studied much in regards to human nutrition but it is known that it plays a vital role in keeping skin flexible. I decided to try it on my face and I'm absolutely shocked, in a good way! The laugh lines running from my mouth to my nose are visibly improved after three nights use.

No product works for everyone but for me this is the most exciting skin care product I've ever used.

I'm going to be looking for more products that contain silicon, I think it may revolutionize anti-aging treatments.


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:? What worked? You named no product, just ingredient.
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