Other Company in Spokane, Washington - Follow the Red Fox

I enjoy being follwed around every corner by your employees. While looking at display shoes your employees were continually eyeing every move I made.

When I walked in one direction they followed. I felt as if I couldn't even shop because I was being watched. I'm not only angry that you were basically stocking me, I'm also feel embarrassed for you and your business.Besides the fact that everything in your store worth stealing is has hard tags on it, I work in retail and I know what you were doing.

Because I was really going to steal one *** display shoe that isn't even the right size.

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Your online ordering page sucks!

i have tried to go online & order from your company countless times..i have tried every way conceivable,but can't even shop your catalog because your site will not let me on.i've tried this from several computers,so i know it's not mine! if you want to continue to have business,you need to correct this problem.i have told all of my friends,employees,etc. never to order from you,you aren't worth the time.at one point,i thought your company ruled the world,now i think you suck.this needs immediate attention as i'm probably going to contact the better business bureau & anyone else i can to report you-get your online stuff together before you lose all of your business.thank you & have a good day.


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What company are you referring to?

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Other Company in Fruitland Park, Florida - Rude technician

Steve Wellhoner came out to my house. Couldn't get the dvr to set up.

He was on the phone the whole time trying to get a waver to leave. They wouldn't give him 1, so I signed my paperwork so he could go. I asked him theat if we couldn't get it running, was he going to come back, and he said probably not. I said I don't want to be without tv tonight, and he said: "you won't you have a tv right there!" Unexceptable to say to a paying costumer.

I would like to know what's going to be done about this rudeness, because he got in his truck and left anyway.

Thank you for all your help on this matter. John Rogers 352-625-5005

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Other Company in Stockton, California - These Guys are Liars

I bought ticket from these guys, I specifically told them about non stop ticket for my unaccompanied minor son. The guy there convinced me of a flight which he said had layover, not a plane change.

I bought ticket, after buying ticket I checked with United, it was plane change in Washington, not a layover. It caused me lot of inconvenience and stress.

I called these guys a few times to find out my options, they kept me putting on hold for over an hour at a time for a 3 times, finally got fed up and posting this review. Stay away from them.


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Other Company in Osceola, Wisconsin - Order Premium flowers - Got Cheap ***

what I ordered and expected was an exotic, full, large arrangement.

What we received-was quite a different story/...I ordered premium so I paid even more- and expected even more. I expected at least 5 full plants in a large basket.

Instead we got 3 cheap plants - Not anything exotic - The only thing that matched was the colors. Basket was also much smaller, the whole arrangement looked small and cheap.

I took pictures and emailed the company - I did not expect a full refund - but something - NO PARTIAL REFUND FROM THIS COMPANY. The supervisor Wanda, admitted the picture was vastly different, but would not budge to give any refund.


Osceola, Wisconsin
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Other Company in Waverly Hall, Georgia - Only spa I've ever bought, greatest purchase I made!

I bought my spa from "The Store" in Medina Ohio. I was a truck driver.

They loaded the spa into my own trailer and I delivered it myself to my own home in Waverly Hall Georgia. That was over 8 years ago. Right after I set everything up at home I had a few minor leaks and something wrong with the computer board. After talking to a rep over the phone, I had the leaks fixed in no time at all.

They sent someone from Atlanta to my house who fixed the computer board within an hour. I haven't had one single problem since then till now, 8 years later. Lightning struck close and I think it fried the computer board. Everyone that has ever been in it said it was the best they have ever seen or used.

I am going to get this fixed and continue enjoying this hot tub.

Thanks to Coast Spa. I have no regrets for my purchase.

Waverly Hall, Georgia
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Other Company in Fargo, North Dakota - Never Delivered, No One Returns Calls

Cookies for our anniversary was supposedly delivered to "Don." Who TF is that? We never received our order and there is no one to answer our phone calls to follow up the order.

We left multiple messages and no one EVER called back. When we finally got a human on the line by luck, they referred us to UPS. Of course UPS has no idea. HORRIBLE SERVICE.

The human who answered was rude; she could not care less about our anniversary present never being delivered.

She has no manager, no employee number to refer back to, and it's a sham. In a challenging economy, this poor service and failure to complete an order is sad.

Hello Hi
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*** poor company

how does a company like this get away with railroading so many people? only check company i have any problems with.

its always need more information. do you know how embarassing it is to be standing in a check out line and get declined? i can go thru any other check company out there and have no problems what so ever. this place needs a good class action lawsuit on them to get them back in order or bankrupted.

either way is fine by me.

oh yea and get someone to answer the phones tht speak english. i hate giving my personal info to some over sees person


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Who are you talking about?

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Other Company in Las Vegas, Nevada - Augustus m.Smith & rebecca (gill) smith

I have researched all over the United States for Rebecca (Gill) Smith and Augustus M. Smith whom are my great grand parents.

Augustus b.1828 Rebeca b.1835. I can find Rebecca in the 1860 census but nothing else other than their kids. i know they existed they had 7 kids. The last child born 1872 which was my grandmother.

Where are they. The last known address was in Paola Co.Tx. My cousin and I both have looked our heart out trying to find out when and where they are buried.

so far no results on ancestry, worldconnect or find-a-grave. any sugestions.

Ed Lum ebl89156@embarqmail.com.

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Other Company in Monongahela, Pennsylvania - Found crawling bugs in burger; still charged for onion rings.

I just visited BRGR in Pgh, PA's East Liberty shopping area. I ordered the turkey burger; and what I thought was a side of onion rings.

After eating some of onion rings and burger; I noticed small bugs crawling around the other half of my burger. I informed a nearby server, who asked me if I wanted anything else. I declined the offer; and I could not finish my onion rings. My server waived the $9 burger charge but charged me $5 for the onion rings.

My server said they don't have bugs in their food and I would be charged for the onion rings. Since they did not value me as a customer; I did not extend them the courtesy of a tip.

Monongahela, Pennsylvania
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