Other Company in Chatswood, New South Wales - Queenslands blinds companies that are GOOD !!!!

We have had several blind companies come out and give us a price for blinds in our home. One of the companies that came out were reasonably priced but the sales consultant was too pushy and didn't listen to what we wanted and tried to convince us to buy a blind we did not want.

Another one of the companies was WAY too expensive, didn't show up anywhere near on time and was very off putting.

The third company we called didn't even show up even though we had made an appointment with the receptionist.

Just as we were about to give up on blinds we called Aquablinds & Screens, they were awesome to deal with from the first phone call. Their sales consultant was very nice and easy to talk to who listened to exactly what we wanted.

After a little over two weeks (our agreed delivery date) the same sales consultant came out to install our blinds. Our blinds look sensational and we couldn't be happier with them or the company.

Thank you Aquablinds & Screens, we will definitely be recommending you to all of our friends.

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10 days late and showed up at my door

Thank goodness we no longer have a loan with this company. I was just playing around to see if there were any complaints about the worst company that still gives me the creepy of all creeps to this day years later and yes they are still severely harassing honest hardworking individuals by the way it sounds.

They really need to be investigated. Called us before 8am and a 9pm, called us twenty times a day after telling them to please stop and finally hanging up on them, and they actually showed up at our door for being 10 days late.

We traded that car off very soon after that without any problem because of our good payment record.

This site is here to warn consumers please be advised this can happen to you, it is your choice to do business with them or to go elsewhere.

Thanks for your time. Indianapolis area.


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If you actually have proof (read - records) they called before 8A and after 9P you can be a very wealthy person by hauling them into court and suing them for each violation. They won't appear and you will get a default judgment against them. Consider this - seriously!

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Other Company in Winter Park, Colorado - Charges I didn't make

Both in May and June, 2011 on my MC credit card bills, I received a charge of $12.99 each for something I never purchased. This has happened in the past, and I keep calling and cancelling this account, only to have it pop up on my statement once again.

I am extremely tired of this situation and would like it to stop immediately and for good this time.

Please do not keep me waiting for an answer. I am sure the Better Business Bureau would be happy to take a look at your company anytime I ask.

susan mays

Winter Park, Colorado
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Other Company in San Diego, California - $2000 ring and diamond falls out

Bought a ring for $2000. maybe worn once a month for last 2 years and a diamond fell out.

Gone. They say if it's past a year, you're S.O.L I have read online that others have complained of the same problem, this is unacceptable. I spend nearly $4,000.00 a month at this store between gas, food, products and business supplies. I am more than disappointed, I'm pissed.

I spoke with a manager and they said "sorry, there is nothing we can do" I am supposed to write over 100 words, but what more can you say about this? I will never purchase jewelry there again and I hope everyone who considers it, will think twice about this.

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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - Changed my mind hassled for stopping payment with check

I purchased a barn kit and then found out menards buys second and third rate material. I cancelled the purchase before it was delivered and stopped payment on the check.

They had a fit and from that point on refused to accept a check. I stopped shopping there and will not set foot in a menards.

I will only shop at lowes or home depot they sell products that are not factory seconds or cheap stuff that breaks. Trying to exchange or get a refund on an item is a pain.

The best thing you can do is stay away from menards and there cheap merchandise.

johnny law
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Not rotating my tires

I took my car to have my tires rotated. The gentleman was very nice, but said they couldn't do it cause my tires were not to your standards. I'm not *** I know they were old but I also know they would last for a while longer. Its an old car I will be getting a new car after the first of the year. There should be a wavier to sign. You don't have one. My guess is so customers will buy your tires. (Scam) I will never go there again. Done,Done!

Thank-you Carla DeLoge


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Strange post. Who are you complaining about?

And if your tires are that old why would you bother to have them rotated?

There are government standards for the minimum tread on tires. Look it up.

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Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - Gaston, SC Store Sucks

The sales prices ring up as regular prices.

Last week they over charged on a large bag of candy that was supposed to be two for the price of one. Got charged regular price.

This week the Hebrew Franks on sale rang up regular price.

And to beat it all we purchased some smoked pork chops that are so danged tough we can't eat them. Even the underfed, half starved, stray cat that roams our neighborhood won't eat the tough things. We threw them in the trash where they will no doubt last for 100 years or so in the county land fill.

The only way to check out there is to place one item at a time on the belt and make thing them ring it and ask what the price rang up. You may want to do the same.

It's that way every time we got to that store.

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Other Company in Scottsdale, Arizona - Leaking the information to other Wenders.

Hi Sir/Mam,

I am very pissed off with you Shipping Service provided at Indore branch. Branch Manager Ankit Dayal having good contacts with some of the vendor is providing our shipping product information to those vendors. I even have to pay more for shipping with the rate's listed online.

I would really appreciate if you can look at it as soon as possible, it will be great for us to do business with you. We as a customer didn't expected the things which you Branch Manager does under an Multi National Company.

Name: Punit Hasija

Contact Number : +9827012020

Amit Hasija
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Other Company in Sacramento, California - Worst Single Site Liars

This site is a complete joke. If you want to waste your time and money, sign up for this site.

The owner Jeri Smith will try and bring you into to her studio to take expensive photos to put on your site. Like this really matters. You can add your own for free. This is a total scam and this is how she is really making her living, off the photos.

Several of my friends were customers of hers and she doubled charged all of us for the photos and refuses to pay us back. She is deceitful, crazy lady, who will harrass you until you are a hater.

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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - Asked them to help with virusand was told we r 11 days over and nothing can be done. buy a new lapto

hhgreg lied to us and said everything was on the laptop including the firewall to protect from viruses. when all thoses trojan horses showed up took unit to the store and was told we were 11 days over the warranty and could not be helped.at least they could have offered to restore the unit, but instead say they have no one to do repairs or reboot.

how do you sell something and be encapable of repairing it. they lied to from the being saying they installed the firewall which is most important.i want my money back or a new unit

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