Mice in my room

this is my third time writing about my concern and i have had no response are you all getting my complaint i really need somene to contact via phone at 321-437-4836the name of the hotel days in clearmont fl on june 30 2011 at 3.00 in the evening i would have contacted the hotel front office but my spouse wanted to leave asap to try and get on with our journey i do nor know the check in person,s name we was in a hurry to get something to eat and did nto get back to the room until late and wanted to try and get some rest




Yes, the above makes sense and you needed to let the front desk know that you would not be staying and wanted your money back. The credit card company would back you up on this, so that is one of the reasons to ALWAYS use a credit card -- not one of those fake Visa or M/C piece of trash debit cards. Not to late to complain in writing to the credit card company, maybe!


First of all, don't post your phone number on a public review. You'll get plenty of calls you don't want.

Not to mention that it can be traced. If I was at that hotel and saw mice in my room, I wouldn't run out. I would immediately call the front desk, scream, and tell them the problem.

Or at least mention it at the front desk on your way out. Trust me, they're going to want to see proof, and seeing a live mouse running around in your room is what's going to get them to react.

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Other Company in Overland Park, Kansas - ihave applied for home modification 3x's always missing paperwork.

I applied for home modification in 2009, 2010 and now presently again. Each time it was always tax 4506 form illegible.

I resubmitted 7x's. always missing paperwork that had to be resubmitted. Never reached a negotiator, or once a negotiator was assigned it was changed. You could never leave a message for a negotiator and you could never get to one.

I called every week and every week it was always something that I had to resubmit over and over again. Each year I received a letter telling me I was eligible but to this day I am still trying. I have sent paperwork by registered mail by fax and filled out paperwork on line.

I am waiting even now for some kind of information about this loan. Poor customer service because each representative you talk to gives out different information about the status of your request...

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Other Company in Tyler, Texas - Minus accessories

1. Rec'd oven only.

2. No instruction card enclosed

3> No cookbook enclosed

According to your commercial these items are free and to

be enclosed with oven.

Mrs. Corinne Haag, 2897 N. Edwards

Wichita, Ks. 67204

Kindly explain to me why you can't pack ALL the items with the oven when it is sent eliminating the aggravating thing of having to decipher all the

material on your web site to get what was ordered?

I might have ordered additional items to add to the oven if the original order had been handled correctly. Do you suppose you could take care of

your inefficiency in an expedicious manner and mail required items immedicately?

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My ym has been hacked i need to know whos doing this

someone is using my yahoo mail and ym to chat and send terrible announcements to all my contacts. I have created a new account. I want to sue this person kindly help history off all emails and chat from this account "hgcdepante@yahoo.com"

Created so many malicious messages and sent to all my friends in yahoo. I want to know exact location of this person here in philippines so i can do something to him/her. i want him/her pay for what she/he did.

I have three kids and i don't want them to get involve with this kind of malicious thing that he/her sending.


I will appreciate if you will have immediately action on this problem.

my new account is grace.depante@ymail.com





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i received emails from you i want to help but your number changed already. how will i contact you about this?

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Delivery charge come on !!!

I don't have a complaint with the food or services,its great,but one thing is delivery charge I give 3 dollars tip to the drive and 2 dollars to the companty total of 5 dollars come on.I don'tlike how workers forget to mention this charge they just add it until the end .if I order more than 20 $ delivery should be free or something I don't mind given tip ,which I always do ,but fact I have dommios company a tip also is ridicules ....they are screwing people......... well that my complain.am I Jeff do u guys report this to the irs


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Where I live all the delivery places have a delivery fee. I don't think this is right, either, and if they are going to charge a delivery fee, that should be counted as the driver's tip.

There is one place here, that has their own delivery vehicles, and being the delivery person doesn't have to use their own vehicles, I question tipping them.

I have always felt the tip helped pay for the gas the driver uses. So far I have been tipping the driver when they use a company vehicle, but am debating with myself on quitting and just paying the delivery fee.

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Asked to make small payments, only wanted large payments

Update by user Jul 16, 2011

I borrowed some money from Ace Cash Express in Fort Worth, TX.

Original review posted by user Jul 16, 2011

I have received several phonecalls from this company in which I did answer. I asked if I could make smaller increment payments to pay off the loan and they denied it!

I told them you can either get your money back and work with me or just not get it back at all. I've continued to receive harassing phone calls and now one from their "Supervisor" that is is in a tone that is threatening and unprofessional. I don't know how to handle this other than make small payments.

Any others with opinion email me please to tscullin@yahoo.com. Thanks



steven sense

Don't take out these cash advance/payday loans unless you can pay them back on payday. Look over your contract to protect yourself.

These companies are bottom feeders and will put a clause in your contract allowing them to debit any account they can locate of yours to collect anything they feel unpaid. Do not take any other loans from these type companies as they have a network they all use to obtain current bank information from you. Do not contact a debt consolidation company as most of them will be just as bad as the original company and since ACE is a first party company they can refuse to work with the company you hire even if you have already paid the company to represent you.

Look into your state laws as most regulate amounts you have to pay back to these type of "loan companies" and a few states mandate that you most be offered a payment plan option. When they call they are rude because generally this industry is not supported by the courts and also are not allowed to report to the credit bureaus, so if they can't scare/harass you into paying they have few to no options.


Since this is the creditor and not a third party, they are allowed to call you unlimited times and do not have to be polite, so your options are to 1) change your phone number, 2) let the answering machine handle their calls 3) declare bankruptcy. Any other ideas anyone?

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Other Company in Staten Island, New York - What was ford thinkingwith the new sparkplug and its removal

i just tried to change the plugs on my 2005 ford f-150 i spent 2 hours on one plug and it broke so f ford the enginier should be hit in the head ,they should be forced to pay for the tune ups f-in retards 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words

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Other Company in Wichita, Kansas - Requested refund on airline tickets.

Refund on airline tickets requested in October of 2010. The package was misrepresented.

I have been waiting for months and months for a so called determination as to whether I qualify because of a time lapse between purchasing the tickets and receiving my information. I am very pissed and told the travel membership supervisor that I thought this was a rip-off. I have also contacted the financial crimes division of the local police department and they are now checking into the problem. I was directed to this site to state my complaint to try and help others not to fall into the same trap.

Maybe this will help others to be more cautious and not believe everything some salesman tells you. Ask to see the proof first.

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Other Company in Rolla, North Dakota - Repossed my vehicle even though i was paying them

The company was rude and would not listen to me. I had never been late on a payment and i was and paid 1/2 of payment and they took my vehicle.

They lied to me and would hang up on me when i would try to talk to them.

I faxed several complaints to the office and they would not forward it to the main headquarters. They also refused to give me any information to acess supervisors or headquarters.

I would not want to do business with them again. When one is taking your money they should provide respectful and appropriate services.

Rolla, North Dakota
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Rodent removal tv commercial

The current "rat" commercial is disgusting and scary to children and adults alike! Should be removed from airways.

The rats are big and ugly and are portrayed in a barbaric manner. This would in no way help depict the way the product would erradicate them What would the point be to have such an ugly illustration on the TV for people to have in their mind to get this product. I would not buy this product even if I needed it. It would be cheeper to have a cat.

The person who thought of this was not thinking of the effect it would have on the people watching the commercial. Barbara Campbell, Geneva, NY bjcamarie@yahoo.com




How do you expect a pest control company to prtray rats? As cute cuddly little creatures? Get real, the message they are trying to get across is that rats are, in fact dirty, digusting pests and that they can eradicate them from your home.


Strange how people can be offended and cower before any adversity or even an image on the telly of a (should I even say it?) RAT!! I can't figure out how some people even get thru the day, what with all of life's adversities.

Seneca Falls, New York
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