Other Company in Doylestown, Pennsylvania - Wont stop sending me emails

We have requested many times, kindly and then ugly, that they stop sending any more emails. Everytime that I check my email, there are at least ten more messages waiting to be opened.

I took the time to respond to each and every one and asked them to stop. Nothing has worked and I'm sick of this filth popping up on my account on a regular basis. Its ridiculous and disgusting.

I'm currently engaged to be married and this doesn't set very well with my fiance much either. When I got ugly, I was chastised for it and unable to respond any longer yet they are still allowed to send all of their vulgar comments...totally disgusted!

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Other Company in Madison, Wisconsin - No service

My coverage area where i live is perfect. All of a suddent today im not getten that great of coverage and barely can make or receive calls.

Maybe lightening hit a tower. Im rather really confused this never happen before i have to go outside to talk and that never happens whats going on?

I keep getten no service! I have been a customer since November and this never happen to me before, my mom has the same and she is also experencing prombelms with her cell phone to and shes has been with you guys since july of 2011.

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Other Company in Oshkosh, Wisconsin - Will not respond to my complaint

i purchased a new 2011 v18 targa one month ago and already the paint is peeling off the bottom took it back to the dealer i purchased it from and they took pictures and said they would get back to me. it has now been 2 weeks and no response.

the boat barely has one hour on it and has been in the water 4 times. one of the dealers responses was that he didn't know why they paint the bottoms of the boats anyway.

my concern is if the paint is defective what else is. if they cut corners on the paint ,what else have they cut corners on.the prop still has all of the paint on it!

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Other Company in Overland Park, Kansas - Harrasment

My payment was due yesterday and they called today saying they would be here in the morning to pick my TV up! I mean REALLY!!!!!!

Are these people retarded or what. If they show up at my door in the morning, I will tell them please take it cause there's no way i want any business with you people. I can see if its like a week or more but come on, 1 or 2 days????? RIDICULOUS AND VERY POOR PROFESSION.

I would think seeing times have been so hard this past year or two that they would be just a little more considerate but i guess they like to loose the little business that they have. YOURS VERY TRULEY SHEILA RITCHIE

sheila ritchie
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Bathroom fitter

Hi, I am a well respected bathroom fitter/tiler I have recently started a job for a customer in her bathroom. I ripped out all of the old suite and dumped it then I tiled all the bathroom and fitted the new bath and nothink else as I was stopped on the job by the customer who had said she was not happy with the work.

But I had found out that she is loseing her job. She would not pay me for the work I had done so far but I managed to get the money for my materials. Its been nearly to months now and she has contacted me telling me there is a dent in the bath from the hot water pipe were the bath was sittting on it apparently.

Anyway should I go and sought it or walk away as I was never paid for the work. Thankyou


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Ha you should take her to court and get your money. If she is unhappy with work she technically got free then you definately owe her nothing

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I ordered a 65 inch TV On June 13th and when I received it, the screen was defective. I called to have it picked up and explicitly told them I did not want a replacement, I wanted a refund.

I was told I would receive my money. On or about July 13th, I received a called to arrange delivery for another TV. I refused based on prior conversations. I was told by Everette Bryant that he would investigate, call me back and I would be receiving my original refund shortly.

On July 19 they deducted another payment. Everette lied and I have not heard from him. They have BOTH TVs and have deducted from my account twice.7/19 Ashley Harper said he would look into it and get back with me. I'm waiting.

I called Everette Bryant @952-852-8856 on numerous occasions, and he will not answer the phone. Liars, Liars, Poor Customer Service

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Other Company in Houston, Texas - No early payoff, interest compounds daily.

This is the worse company I have ever dealt with.. I paid several payments in advance, and they used the money for interest..

One month interest was 450.00, and several months interest on extra payments was all interest.. When I have tried to pay it off, they put more interest on here than the payment..

I have been paying on the 10,000 car for 4 years, paid several double payments, and on a 5 year loan I still owe 3200.00. They said it is legal to charge the interest compounded daily, and not to allow extra payments for principle.

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Other Company in Honolulu, Hawaii - I didnot receive my order.

My name is Phil Hall Sr.

I ordered your product on 6/04/2011.

Where is my order.


I ordered the Breakthrough Erectile Dysfunction Cure.

Why don't you have a Phone Number where people can talk to you.

Can you tell me what is delaying my shipment.

My Phone # 808/677/1224

If I don't hear from you or receive my order whiten the next few days, I am going to call my bank and have my money refunded.

My check # was 4850 dated 6/03/2011.

The amount was for $91.90 and made out to The Koszinski Group.

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Other Company in Berkeley, California - They are not fair and they do not help

they are not fair they help professionals only cause every time that I call they won't take new applications. This is the second week that they are doing that.

They are suppose to be there for every one not just the people with degrees. That is not right and not fair there are people out to need to and want to work. And they are not being helped. And that is not right.

What they are doing is wrong. They won't even try to help people who not have degrees.

Well we need help too. This is wrong

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Who is offender

your order by going to


Date Tue Jul 12 09:56:33 EDT 2011

Ship to serap duygu ergun

yasar holding a.s

sehit fethi bey cad ..no-120 alsancak

izmir ege 35210

TR Turkey


Field-9 no

Bill to ali erden asik

5076 sokak no 4/1 ilica cesme

izmir ege 35930

TR Turkey



E-Mail erden.asik@hotmail.com (emailed)

ReceiveEmails yes

Via FedEx International Priority

Payment Visa

Name Code Qty Each Options


Shimano JLC200 200g/7oz SHM-1220-11 1 17.99 Color = Sunset Crab

Lucanus Jig Lures

Braid 228 Sea Fox Jig BRD-0122-5 1 20.99 Color = 41 Orange Mackerel

Shimano JLCHM Lucanus Jig SHM-1222 2 5.99

Replacement Hooks 2 pack

Shimano EVASH-HK Marine / SHM-1400-4 1 49.99 Size = 11

Fishing Shoe Khaki/Black

Subtotal 100.95

Shipping 46.15

Tax 0.00

Total 147.10

Tracking no.: 486083268450 my order now at tunapuna why?..i pay 47$ for international priority but dont give service ..i think tackle direct take much money but send with economy ..please interest to matter..same day i order from cabelas they send with ups its arrive now and pay same money ..what is the different..who is the offender*tackle direct or you?


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This was a fedex issue, the label always said Turkey. They confirmed that.

It is on its way to you now and I credited you $20 of the $47 for the inconvenience. Thank you.

Eskisehir, Eskisehir
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