Other Company in New York, New York - Breakfast Meat

I don't know why DD does not provide a breakfast sandwich that offers a meat other than pork. Beef, turkey, sausage, bacon or whatever.

I formally would going to DD and get an egg and cheese croissant with a large coffee daily. No meat because they don't offer it. On the weekends, I normally go to DD and get an egg and cheese croissant with a large coffee. I then come home to add brown and serve patties from my freezer.

Today, I go to subway for my sandwich and walk 2 blocks to get DD large coffee when at work.

Is it really that big of a deal to add a frozen sausage or Bacon option made from turkey or Beef??????

I have even tried to add that turkey blend to an egg and cheese. They make me buy 2 sandwiches and it is not all turkey and not tasty!!!

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Other Company in Liberty, Missouri - BMC KC lied to me and I should've listened to the reviews!

I had applied to their "OTA" program as a plan B and they called me back after receiving my transcript and said I would only have 9 classes to take and I'd be done with it. So of course I was like yes this is the way out!

Wrong!! After going to go check in and see what was going on apparently the guy who I had talk didn't know *** about what was going on and some of my classes wouldn't transfer in. I took their compass test being told that it was just a test to see what I knew and it didn't really apply for nothing. Wrong again!!

I did low on the math part and the would not take my credits I had already from college algebra at another college!! The math teacher I had is horrible and will not change her teaching methods so her students can understand what she's teaching! I really should have listen to everyone when they were like "oh you're going to school there??" the looks in their faces said it all!!

If this is your first school or if you are in a rut and need a quick fix this is not the way to go. I wish I would've listened!

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Other Company in Manama, Al Manamah - Service in bahrain is very bad and you are loosing customers

this is just to inform you that I have been your best customer over last 8 years , I bought 3 blazers, 2 opica, 2 captiva, and 4 cadilacs(escilade,CTS,DTS),I have seen too much abusrments frrom the service handling and when we bought a car we have been given promises talking about the 4 years free maintenance and service. etc, we get surprised when car goes for servise we receive invoices and records for items at least must be covered by Guarantee, your office in Bahrain seems to be they have a target of money making to be achieved at end of each month , the employees do not go in further discussion with the customer, I am having very bad time now with the service, as soon as payment is made and car out of show room we are pissed of .if you are intreasted to put your bahrain office in order you must talk to me otherwise the news papers in bahrain will be very happy to take up the matter, Nedham Kameshki.car numbers 306021,,6093,,112800,,,341155,,367387

Manama, Al Manamah
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Other Company in Stamford, Connecticut - Yelled at me and was so disrespectful in front of the other custemers made the mistake himself

i was put threw terrible enberessament in front of other patrons and was yelled at by your pharmacist Harold f bareson of stratford ct. cvs i stopped going to that location because there seemed to be always a problem i have been going to the Bridgeport store an Boston ave.

in Bridgeport because they always treat you with respect and very friendly especially Greg and his staff i was forced to go to stratford because my store didn't have my script in stock now i no there was an era in the system but the way that Harold spoke to me and totally disrespected me in front of other people a waste of my gas $7.00 in gas and 40 min. of my time and not trying to figure out the mistake he rudlly ridiculed me and i would like to no how you plan to rectify this problem we spend a lot of money with your company and i would have no problem going some were else David a Florella 2033674804 i regret that this took place but this man has no business working in a customer setting and i had to demand a apology he was not forthcoming until i brought it to his attention thank you for your time and hope you take this very serious

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Lemon Lemon Lemon

I would never send anyone to them. I brought a car and in 5 months it had been in for service 4 times.

The first time was 2 weeks after i got the car. Stopped on me and had to be towed in. The engine and the transmission both went out. So they sold me a lemon.

They say they are putting in new parts. I dont trust them at all. I still have to pay the note and the insurance and they didnt even offer the a loaner car.

I am a single partent in NC with no family and have been without a car for 2 weeks and counting. This sucks and so does their service.

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All you have to do is cancel is 30 days,bull

talked my husband into a free trial, saying we would get $40.00 dollars worth back on our rental car. started talking about all the great savings you could enjoy as a member.

so we went with the free trial and a week before the end of the 30 days, i cancelled online and recieved a confirmation number and everything. now today i have $16.99 taken out of my checking account.

1 dont't have an extra 16.99 to spare with my husband now out of work. why lie to people like that.treat others as you would like to treated.


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better get with your banque and cancel any authorisation they have which allows the company to withdraw monies from your account. Alternately, if the banque gives you problems, tell them someone has committed fraud against your account and you need to immediately change the account number, etc.

Or, cancel the account and go to another banque. Also, better contact the company and tell them of their mistake and you need a refund, etc. Another reason to NOT fall for these "free trial" things where you give them your banque info or credit card info.

You are a sitting duck when you do so. Live and learns.

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Other Company in San Juan, San Juan Municipio - Manager Ramon Rodriguez cheating on clients

I was at PR 14 road store in Ponce Puerto Rico looking for an alternator belt and an air condition belt for a 1990 Suzuki Samurai. One of your employees checked the computer for the availability of the merchandise.

After showing me the alternator belt and telling me that the other one was not in stock I proceed to check out for the merchandise. In that moment came to the cashier manager Ramon Rodriguez and began to do the transaction. Afterwards I noticed that he cheated on a prize of one of the items purchased by me. After I made him a complaint and told him about his illegal action, he tried to justify himself.

I have the documents to sustain my argument.

You will be notified by my lawyers. See you soon Ramon....

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$300 to replace a burnedout headlight

Does it bother anyone else that the cost to replace a headlight on a Maxima is $300-500. I never heard of having to remove the front bumper to get to the headlight assembly and the bulb. What a marvel of design engineering that was!

I've been to 2 repair facilities and a dealer, which of course is the most expensive.

I have always replaced bulbs myself on other cars before this. What's wrong with screwing a bulb into the back of the headlight like we always did? I think I'll stay with domestic cars in the future.


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you got away cheap, mine was $750 just for the headlight and i had to take apart the bumper myself, i got a different car though,

05 pontiac GTO.

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Salesman wrecked my car

I bought a new Dodge journey on june 24. I took vehicle back to dealership on july 6 to have a backup camera installed. Told the salesman who sold me the car that my daughter could come get me. He insisted that he could take me home and take the car back to dealership.

On the same way back to get me he had a wreck in my car. Car cannot be fixed because there are no parts available until late august. Car wont be fixed until sept.

They should give me a new car. Said it is not their problem. This was a brand new car.


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If they can't get parts until next month, thats too bad. I'm a carsalesman and we can't just wave our magic wands to get you a new car.

The state would run an investigation with titles and you'd end up paying a ton of taxes on the switch. It simply cannot happen.

The best I could do in this situation is get you a free loaner car. Which I'm assuming that dealership is doing.

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Other Company in Houston, Texas - Careless Company and Employees

Not going to write a speech..but all I can say is I see now why I'm going thru the problems I'm going thru and that I am not alone. Had no idea there were so many complaints concerning this company.

My adjuster was Juanita Mixen and she is the most unprofessional, always having a lying excuse of why she didn't return your call for weeks at a time..person I've ever met.

People just know you can beat this, just get you a lawyer..i know it just prolongs the process but it'll be worth it in the end!! This company and its staff are just SAD AND REDICULOUS

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