They are absolute crooks, , robbed me blind horrific tactics

SCAM ARTISTS #1 i believe it is illegal for a dealer to not list prices of vehicles & then utilize deceptive practices in their quotes & then of course your brought to that little back room where the reall dirty work is done yes the finance guy ,his job to deceive & doctor the #s in lay terms *** royally after they have worn you down with all the other dirty games they played before you even got there,i went looking for a vehicle with 9k cash in hand they repeatedly could or would not give me accurate prices on vehicles & were *** bent on steering me to a new vehicle purchase ,they went in & out to attempt at giving me a price on vehicles ,wearing down my patience after 6-7 hrs of these games i was ready to walk away how can you purchase sa car if you cant even obtain accurate prices then they offered me a 2008 nissan altima 2.5@ 15000.00 with a lil shy of 50k miles on it & a clean car fax on it then they brought me to that lil back room this price was stated to include all fees to register & get new plates on vehicle now its getting late & the finance guy wants to go home so he,s rushing me to just sign the paperwork ,without being able to read documents,as AS he stated i have full rights to back out of contract with no penalties take them home & look them over if not happy return vehicle , well the next day i called & he was not there major discrepancies,& he had me sign more than 1 retaill installment contract stating he made an error after i noted the #s not adding up somehow he after looking through my copies to make sure i had all correct copies of docs switched the corrected copy for the incorrect installment agrrement i after 2 days of being shrugged off & told he was not available i went & spoke to finance manager who verified with sales peron the 15 k sales price with dmv costs included he acted so nice & assured me this would all be corrected ,told me to come back next day when finance guy would be there ,upon return got some BS, that price on installment contract was adjusted to a higher price for loan origination fees,to obtain loan & bring vehicle to standards of a a preowned certified nissan vehicle,this manager was now like a jeckle & hide character ,i said ok i wish to back out of this contract give me back my 9185.00 cash payment i was blatently told there was no such recourse allowed under NYS law please note i purchased vehicle on a holiday weekend 9/06/2010 & it was my problem not theirs, later i found this wehicle was inspected nearly 1 month prior to my purchase they did right a new installment agreement still not with original agreement but my back was to the wall wich i reviewed carefully ,upon returning home i noted the contractuall copy was dated 09/06/2010 this new contract signed on 09/09/2010 they again screwed meas it appears giving me a copy of the prior contract signed on 09/06/2010, & not the one i looked over & agreed to on 09/09/2010 if they claim this to be the 9/09/2010 contract as they did on my followup complaints then they backdated a contract ,i dont believe this is legal the nonsense didnt stop here the car end up costing20169.94 for a 2008 altima with nearly 50k miles this is W/O finance charges,this car within 5k miles in first week died had to be towed battery shot complained about tires all 4 different toyo/continental- all aftermarket in bad condition 1 with a sidewall guauge told they were safe & factory tires passing inspection? constant ly having to be filled with air,then all rotars & brakes had to be replaced ,then a new tranny after having noises hesitation problems & told had a big tire & front hub problem @ which time they again told me tires were all good despite being told the contrary ,& having constant air pressure problems ,shortly thereafter after still having air pressure problems & a flat told tires were very unsafe & had dryrot ,flat could not be repaired these tires are very very old, ok in 5k miles new battery new tires new brakes & rotors new tranny & still having severe hesitation /instability problems car feels unsafe all over the road ,then found tires did not have all lug nuts ,upon attempting to change tires 1 lugbolt broke off completely another with missing lug nut stripped on this 1 wheel hub told not to drive car till change llugbolts UNSAFE OK NISSAN told me nothing wrong with tires or hubs & 3 other tires missing lugnuts ATLANTIC AUTO MALLS ONLY RESOLUTION WAS they feel i;m unhappy with this particular vehicle & would give me a good deal on a trade in & new vehicle purchase & finance that would cover the loan amount on this vehicle YA OK lets just get FD again & loose over 10k ++ paid on this vehicle driven 5k miles YA SOUNDS GOOD ATLANTIC AUTO mall ,this is my understanding & belief ,of the circumstances relating to my experience with atlantic auto mall


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OH FOR THE LOVE! Have you ever heard of punctuation? I tried, honestly I did, to read your entire rant. But seriously? You lost me at "deceive and doctor the #s." You did yourself a huge disservice with this one. You wasted at least twenty minutes typing this sucker that I guarantee not one human on this site is going to be able nor take the time to read.

Next time, try using these: , " ; ( ) - .

And how did we go from scam artists that robbed you blind to lug-nuts?

Wow! All I can even say is WOW!

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Sent dead plants

Ordered 6 pecan trees. when they arrived, they were already dead.

when i called, the person insisted otherwise as if i could not determine a dead plant. I had to pay for return shipping for plants doa.

I ordered in june 2011 which probably not the best time of year but it was in june when i receive e-mail making the offer.

I have had trouble with bad merchandise in the past but i thaught i would try one more time.

Hower, never again. I don't see how they can stay in business with such poor customer service.


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plant sellers usually send dormant plants, i thought mine were dead also and after i planted them they spring to life like no tomorrow. you dont say who the company is though.

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Keystone 266rl rv 2011 laredo

Update by user Jul 29, 2011

We dropped off at the dealers monday morning and todays friday and weve heard anything from the service department or the dealer ship. Which we have to keeping running up there and is 110 miles round trip


Original review posted by user Jul 29, 2011

We purchased a 2011 brand new Laredo 266rl fifth wheel in June of this year and let me tell you it has been the worst experience we have ever had. We have had the camper out twice since we bought it and weve spent a total of three nights in it .ITs been in the shop twice for repairs and its going back again tomorrow.

Let me tell you this is the worst piece of *** anyone could purchase. The first weekend we went camping the refridgerator quit working the 2nd day out and all the food was spoiled ,ice cream was soup and milk was warm.We had our grandkids with us and they wanted to take a shower / first time using the shower the water leaked all over the carpeting in our bed room had to clean up the mess with bath towels the kids had to shower in the camp grounds showers. The screen in the big window kept popping out and the airbed couch bag tore first time out .We live in Statesville and bought the trailer from the winston salem office so we have to keep driving up there to have it worked on .Keep in mind that we didnt have it for the 4th of July weekend it was in the shop for two weeks. When we first got it the key pad was not on it so you ordered it and we had to bring it back to have it installed.But it even gets better we took it out yesterday saturday july 22 nd just for the one evening because the weather has been in the high 90s for the last two weeks .When we got ready to leave this morning the landing gear would not work so he had to manually move them.

Okay day 3 using the camper.He got them up and we got it home. But the last straw was when I was cleaning it up today. We had a down pour this afternoon and we had a waterfall in the slide in the livingroom . The carpet is soaked ,corner of the couch is soaking wet .Water ran down the side of the slide it was dripping down the wall and on the other end on to the table.

Were not first time campers so we had a jayco for 15 years . But I do know once water gets into carpeting and ceiling its will never be the same . obviously the trailer is a lemon and a piece of ***. We paid enough money for this trailer that we could have bought a double wide trailer.

This has been a nightmare for our family and is destroying my opinion of camping all together.

I do not want this trailer back .I feel we should have a new one and start all over. Im physically sick over this whole deal and I HOPE WE CAN COME TO A QUICK RESOLUTION , Thelma K Carr

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Other Company in Hicksville, New York - Payment

Dear sir/madam, i want to pay a one year extention on my credit card for my sister mj# 3472983243. My mj# is 9174846974, but i cannot get her # to take.

When i try to type in her mj# it would not replace my mj#, i tried about a month ago and i think it paid my acct for two years, not sure.I think it would more helpful if you would call me and explain.The reason i would like you to call is that, my computer response is very slow.I am sitting at my phone waiting for your call. Thanking you.

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Other Company in Charlestown, Indiana - Are you friggin' kiddin' me??

First of all, when I called to make a payment over the phone, I couldn't understand a word the man was saying, I'm sure I was calling India!!

He was also rude and no phone manners at all!!) Secondly, I asked if there's a "charge" for paying over the phone, he said "yes".

OK,, so I figured a couple $$,,no biggie,, he then proceeded to tell me that the charge would be $15.00. I am so pissed! Needless to say, I did not use the "pay over the phone" option. O v e r 33% interest charge to start with, now this?

I will NEVER be screwed by this company again. I have one more pmt.

then I'm finished! And ByTheWay, 100 letters to comment, isn't nearly enough!

Charlestown, Indiana
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Other Company in Aurora, Colorado - Poor cust service, poor billing dept

I have had this so called company for 3 months biggest mistake in my life. They have not fulfilled their aggrement per sales reps promises.

They have doubled billed me 5 times has caused overdraft fees & they do nothing. I cant even tell what is due or what I have paid (poor poor accouting). I have called this company more than I call my daughter & grandkids (which is everyday).DoNot allow these people in your house or on your door step.

The sales reps lie and wil tell you anything so you will buy their ***. Please Please stay away???????????

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Other Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Poor delivery

I ordered fabric by the yard on May 13. I have yet to see the material, today is July 29th.

When I call, they act as if they don't know what happened and they say they are sorry. Nothing on the website indicated there would be an extended wait, and now the purpose for the material has passed. It has been a terrible experience working with them.

You would think they would give a discount if they make such a mistake, but no. Any reputable business would be able to tell you where the item is in the process of being sent out, but everytime I called they said they weren't sure what was happening with it. This will be the last time I order from them.

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BEEN WITH POGO SINCE 1999... AND DO NOT UNDERSTAND .sry ... why i cant get on my games......dgagnos1 dont start amd enough.... ok how much do you want me to add im pissed off want to paly my games and u wont let me and this is bs too ...dgagnos1 i swear u ar flipping nuts..

im pissed ...cant play games i like or daily challenges..and ur dumb to ask just let me complain........u are flippin nuts 100 words and if i go over im zapped... now cant type in code bull chit will call pog tomorrow

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Other Company in Tampa, Florida - Misrepresented/malice/unproffesinal/rude/lie/lie/lie

very rude,a lot of malice going on in the company ,had loan 13years little trouble, no help money,money,money no reasoning with them,help,help,help need advice,on pmi? ins this is a joke ,what a mess is there any relief in sight? example;interest 12 %, mort not applied correctly to principal ,please examine yours carefully over payments made not applied correctly,said this went towards oopps could not explain this with out hesitation,im pissed off i have bank records to prove it.beware beware, very pissed off,trying to work things out, you know a joke that isthanks for listening,comments?

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Other Company in Derby, Kansas - I know

Yeah I'm unfortunatley related to them. When our grandmother was dying she was put into a *** nursing home.

She never paid a cent of her 50 million plus to help a family member who is the reason she is even able to enjoy her luxury. They don't give presents to family members at all so don't think your the only ones being shafted. Her cousin's kid is a very talented guitarist. She asked her if he could get a guitar for a little cheaper.

She said "if we did that for one person we would have to do it for everybody" Some people just forget what it's like when you don't have money. Root of all evil

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