Other Company in Greensburg, Pennsylvania - Bad city

living in mckeesport,pa the crime is bad. but instead of taking care of

it.speeding tickets are issued using three officers.

I'm ashamed even to call this town.what about the other crime that is going on? i hope the city is proud of this. but about the unsolved murders all the drugs.think twice before you move here. honest people live in fear every day.

with an open question. Mr Mayer tell us what you are going to do about this problem?

maybe you need a new police department,or just a better police chief. all i can say is good luck in november, you will need it!!!!!!!!!!

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Other Company in Reno, Nevada - Coupon F'd

Ordered a medium pizza for 8 dollars along with a coupon for free breadsticks or cinnamon sticks. I was told it would be 12 dollars and the discount would be taken at the register when coupon was received.

I arrived, delivered the coupon and was told the 12 dollar amount again, at which time I reiterated 12 dollars still with the coupon. I was told yes. She finished ringing my order up. I asked why my medium pizza was more than the large specialty the couple in front of me just ordered.

OOPS, I will need to talk to my manager to rectify this. Ok, I'll go sit at the bar while I wait on this and my pizza. The manager comes over and informs me I'll have to receive a credit, so I ask whether that can be applied to a drink at the bar. "Sure", he says.

When I'm about halfway through my budlight he comes back over and apologizes and says it will take 24 hours to apply the credit to any order I have. So... I have to come back and order more food at a place that just screwed me?>? "Yes, they are worried about their employees." (should be worried about their customers) So again, I ask about my credit and he says it will be attached to my phone number.

Ok, Shouldn't be a problem. Then.... My 4 dollar *** credit comes out on a receipt along with my phone number, and I need to hold onto this *** receipt until I finally use it. I eat a lot of pizza but it will not be pizza hut again any time soon.

I just want to thank you for swindling me out of not only the original 4 dollar coupon discount, but also the extra 6 dollar drink I ordered.

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Cashier very rude

I shopped in your store on Monday 7/1/2011

I went up to the cashier with a bag of pistacio nuts,as i watched the casheir ring up the product I saw that the price was different from what I saw on the shelf, I did pay the cashier and waited for my receipt for the results .I questioned as to why she was charging much more than I read however she was very Angry with me by saying, I saw you look at me 3 times she said...it does not hurt to ask , so next time ASK before you pay. I asked for a refund and sorry to say I will not Return again. the nerve of any employee to take offense to having to do a "VOID" However she does NOT even have to get out her chair, she had the key in her hand. I was appauled by this situation.


Lori Quaid


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So you noticed the product was ringing up at a higher price than what you read, but you waited until she was done and you had paid and got your receipt. Why?

Did you expect the price to magically change when the total button was pushed? You should have asked as soon as you saw the discrepancy.

Some stores evaluate cashier performance by such things as number of voids. I would have been pissed at you too for making extra work for me.

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I cant get a hold of anyone on the phone for identity theft on my son

My son got a credit card deniel today in the mail and he did not apply for one and his wallet was stolen and someone has came to you all and applied for a credit card through you and you all did not check to make sure it was the person that applied for the the card and i am livid over this and somebody better be doing something about it or my lawyer will be in touch with you.You vcant call on the phone and talk to anyone with the automated system so now im pissed about the whole thing and i want something done NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LaDona Hale


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Who are you complaining about?

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Other Company in Sacramento, California - Your online service is very bad.

This kind of online service is very bad. I never experience this bad with many others online services.

I am having so much difficulty to see my account with your online. This is terrible job. Why you need me to write more, I am tired of writing to you because every time when I want to look at my account to see if your received my payment.

I wasted a lot of time keep saying incorrect password or ID name was in corrected, I think your system only set up to look just onetime or what it was like this. Thanks

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Other Company in Livingston, New Jersey - Its a scam

I had two profiles on the site and was getting the same messages on both word for word from the same girls just goes to show you that they are not real i had the same pics on both profiles just goes to show its a scam!! you have to read the fine print the profiles with a little gold "oc" in the upper corner are fake they get paid to send you mail just so you will join the site you never meet them and never will dont spend a dime on this site its a waste of money.

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Other Company in Boca Raton, Florida - You'll get NO satisfaction from this motley crew!

I took my complaint direct to their offices in Delray Beach and if I had seen their office first, would never have let them into my house. Their offices are filthy and an untidy mess is everywhere.

The 65ish old lady owner looks like one of the witches of eastwick and speaks to you like you were a child while she talks in circles and tries to flaunt her years and years and years of experience with satisfied customers with her multiple locations. Believe me....Dont judge a company by their commercials...GO TO THEIR OFFICE if you want a glimpse of who they really are.

I received NO satisfaction for the HALF ASSED service which was performed by ....guess who? HER SON!

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Called and asked my coworkers personal ?s about me

Update by user Aug 03, 2011


Original review posted by user Aug 03, 2011

these *** people have nothing better to do than harass people. they actually called my work (only $75.00 3 days late) and was asking the person who answered the phone all these personal questions about whether i really own my house and if i actually make what i make and if i really work all the hours MY PAYSTUB showed.

who the F&%@ do they think they are. i filed a complaint with the company 4 times, never heard anything back, so i consulted with a lawyer and now am going to press charges against those dumb ...............



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Because if it does, cool! That's how old I am, obviously.

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Other Company in Birmingham, Alabama - Took $228 out bank account unauthorized

absolutely unhelpful just like talking to "Peggy" I have filed a fraud charge against u with my bank

I have had an account that I have paid every month & you do this 2 me

I am 70 yrs old with dementia you sobs took my SS ck for $228 of unauthorized charges 4 fb plus $280 overdraft charges

u took the money out u put it back plus the $280 OD charges

what u have done to me is unheard of what is wrong with you

are u insane where is your security I have never had charges like this b4 does that not set off an alert

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2.99 add on to every item

Beware of new policy!! - each item has a mandatory (additional) personalization fee of $2.99 that they add on to each item that you will only see when you're checking out.

Even if you can't purchase the item without personalizing it (add to basket) - you will have to personalize it and incur the additional $2.99 to purchase the item.

They do not address this additional mandatory charge on any item description or at any point while you are shopping.

I called customer service and they refused to reimburse me even though I have spent over $500 with their company.

I told the representative to let her supervisor know they had lost a valued customer over this ridiculous upcharge and they still refused to refund. I will never shop with them again.


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What is the name of the company you are complaining about? The info is good but with which company are we supposed to not do business?

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