Other Company in West Jordan, Utah - Own my co. Your commercials take my time on internet, won't consider you.

I'm the CEO of my company and have very little time. When I go to the internet I don't expect to have that time interupted by your commercials that Im forced to watch.

This interferrence puts your company at the bottom of my list for new insurance companies for my company and employees which I'm currently looking for. Then when I try to complain, you tell me I don't have enough words, write more, which upsets me more than I was when I started this message. Unbelievable, when did you decide that 90 words was not valid. Who the *** do you think you are.

I can't wait to spread the word about this experience. Is that enough words?

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What a rip off!!!!!

I just found a 16.somethig charge on my cc and I called them to ask who and what they were. She the supervisor would not tell me anything.

She said it was confidential and I said" you billed this cc. She refused to tell me anything about her company. I called he a few names and hung up. CC company charged back the funds to the account.

Why can't someone have this company shut down since they continue to bulldoze people. We should not have to fight to get our money back

I hate this company whoever they are.


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I missed something here. What is the name of the company you are angry at?????

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Other Company in Lawrenceville, Georgia - If they won't help you, Help yourself.

For everyone in this and other forums the best thing you can do to help yourself deal with IRS back taxes is to contact the Taxpayer advocate group. They will help you with setting up an offer in compromise or an installment agreement.

Everything these companies can do for you, you can do for yourself. I have been providing service for my clients for 4 years and once i explain to them what they need to do, they are successful in correcting their tax issues. The fact that someone worked for the IRS does not mean they can do anymore than you can.

That is the honest truth. Good luck.

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Other Company in Arlington Heights, Illinois - Nightmare cancellation, hidden fees, customer 'service' stinks!

Couldn't give a lower rating. Internet service sucks. Customer service SUCKS. Easy to sign up, impossible to leave!!!!

They put you on a 2 year *contract* (which wasn't explained to me when I signed up!) and then when I tried to cancel--of course I got stuck with the 'restocking' fee.

I was on the phone with them (waiting) to talk to somebody for over 45 minutes (the first time). They said they would have to call me back and would resume my cancellation process within 48 hours. They failed to call me back AND did NOT cancel my service.

I had to call back (waited another 45 minutes) to cancel. I asked repeatedly what the procedure was to cancel my service and nobody could explain it to me. Was transferred to "account services" which told me that they would charge me the restocking fee once my equipment was received. They threatened to charge me an equipment fee if my equipment was not received within 30 days of cancellation (which is why I definitely got the tracking with UPS).

4 weeks after I cancelled my service (and sent back my equipment--confirmed by UPS) Clear called me to tell me that my account was OVERDUE. YUP. You guessed it....on the phone again with CRAPPY "customer service" waiting and waiting and waiting.

Nobody cared about my situation--it sounded like the girl was eating while on the phone. Either that or she was drunk. I asked for a manager and was denied a manager. She stuck me on hold.

Account services said that they had cancelled my service 3 weeks ago and would charge me a 'convenience fee' to process a payment for for my 'overdue' cancelled service. I asked if I could just pay the 'fee' (I just wanted to get off the phone at this point!!!!) and they said I would have to speak to billing services. They stuck me on hold AGAIN to 'talk' to billing services. I was on the phone for over an hour.


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Other Company in Waltham, Massachusetts - Rear ended, told it was all set for ambulance service, commerce never paid bill

I was rear ended, 100% the other guys fault, told it was all set for ambulance service, commerce said no problem, never paid ambulance bill despite getting paid by other insurance company, now i am getting debt collector calls, pathetic, looking for better options in future. Made numerous calls to agent, she kept saying its all fine, nothing happened.

I was rear ended, 100% the other guys fault, told it was all set for ambulance service, commerce said no problem, never paid ambulance bill despite getting paid by other insurance company, now i am getting debt collector calls, pathetic, looking for better options in future. Made numerous calls to agent, she kept saying its all fine, nothing happened.

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Other Company in Phoenix, Arizona - I have already started making money

im in the u.s, I got a cal from a young man the name has slipped my mind, but any way i went through a interview with fbs than i a paid 3200 on one of my card started my website up i had a coach to help me through everything within that same month i made my 3200 back plus 200 extra buck in my pocket. it has been 6 months im averaging about 6 grand a month now im excited because i was in alot of debt now im almost completely caught up on everything plus my grand kids will have extra money for college THANK YOU PHOENIX BUSINESS SOLUTIONS you changed my life

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Refused to refund for damaged desk

I have not found one positive review for this company. Buy from somewhere/anywhere else.

We received a damaged desk and they would not refund our money after over 30 calls over two months. It was apparent from my experience that stalling was a strategy to get us to relent. After reading all the reviews on line there is no doubt. If you get caught up in this, have you credit card put a stop payment on it.

Don't let them convince you to drop the hold because they will then charge you! In the end we found the desk for $150 less somewhere else and the service was fantastic!


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U-m-m-m-m Wouldn''t the company name help just a little?

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Other Company in Flemington, New Jersey - Angry customer

paid $ 535.00 for brakes front and rear had to bring back the next day waited another 3 hrs to install rear rotor they said that was defective i will never do business with you again this is the one on river rd in north arlington nj and i have been doing business with that center since 1978 don't mind paying that large amount of cash but do the job right the first time it's totally upsetting and i will never do business with your company EVER i am really upset then to wait 3 hrs come on now a new one should have been installed the first time

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Other Company in San Jose, California - One of the worst builders n money seakers senen so far... BOOOGASSS!! group

i know them very well.. one of that fellow was a lecturer in our college..as part of the business its keen to see the more profit in short peroid of time..

but i havent seen like this? started at 1998 and by the end of 2011 driving AUDI Q 7 car is the final result of wat bellary reddy's doing now by earning in a short span of time ha ha ha .... taking money from customrs n putting vertical three lines on their fore head... enjoy guys..!!!!

Govinda govinda... i dont think so that those building or flats which we ve owned from them wont survive no longer...

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Something That Has To Go Public - Army Lawyer Corruption

While US Government and military lawyers are not generally considered part of the consumer community, I have found from my own experiences that they are just as corrupt, self-serving, and unethical than those in the for-profit sector (if not EVEN MORE because they compete daily against each other for limited promotions and choice assignments).

Take US Army lawyer JAG Captain Matthew S. Fitzgerald. His egregious ethical behavior deserves permanent posting to this site given that some day shortly, he will depart the US Army and likely practice law in the private sector. So consumer public - beware if you see this lawyer's name in the future!

While I was on active duty with the US Army, I was THREATENED by Fitzgerald to do something which was contrary to the US Army legal regulations (which I did not know at the time but Fitzgerald did). His motive was to boast this as his first "accomplishment" on his annual performance report of which I later got a copy. This threat resulted in my losing over $50,000 of my personal funds - all because Fitzgerald was trying to get an edge on his lawyer contemporaries.

When I asked the current top US Army lawyer (now Lieutenant General Dana Chipman) for assistance, the first thing they did was appoint Fitzgerald's previous boss and his very obvious close friend to "investigate." Since there was no wrongdoing found as a result of this faux investigation (what a surprise!) but specifics were protected by the Privacy Act so I could not see them, I filed the same complaint with Fitzgerald's state bar (Oregon) which is not protected under privacy laws. Evidence showed that Fitzgerald lied no less than 10 times to the Oregon State Bar when making his official written testimony on the matter.

I pointed this out to Dana Chipman's office as well as several other high ranking US Army lawyers. It was all COVERED UP by the Army's top lawyer hierarchy.

Just to add insult to my financial injury, Captain Fitzgerald got promoted to Major. What else can I say other than, "A fish rots from the head down."




Makes a lot of sense to me. Lied 10 times huh?

That's as bad as 5200 Pentagon officials and Dept.

of Defense contractors watching kiddie poem and it was all covered up. Cover ups happen everyday.

Bad Lawyers

So who the &*$% are you, "Eva?" I don't see you in this post at all. And how are YOU somehow now PERSONALLY involved in this? Fill me in, will you?


Who are you? And why have you dragged me into your *** little drama!?!?!?!?!?! This comment will make no sense to unaware readers - but it will to the AUTHOR who wrote this entry!

Bad Lawyers
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