Other Company in Pensacola, Florida - Did not sell me item as it was marked

there was a lawn mower with bag attachemnt marked for 1599.00 no where on the item was the bag attachment marked sold separately. manager said someone must have removed the tag.

had been in the store several times and there was never a tag on the bag attachment. manager was rude. did not try to sell for half or deal in anyway. you lost a 1599.00 sale glad you are making enough money.

will not shop there again.

have done lots of business with you in the past. redid two houses after Hurrican ivan,also bought siding for two houses will not be back.

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Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - Taking the money out on the5th instead of the 3rd of the month

I wanted my payment to come out on the third of each month.It seems it wont come out on the third this has mad my account overdrawn again.There is a reason for this request.It is because this is the day i receive my ssi.I continuously keep paying this 35 dollar over draft.I dont want to keep paying these overdrafts.Please contact me at new email address Lorettamoorehead@att.net.com Please be sure to contact me.I am on a set income and would like to be reimburst.This has happened more than once and i like this company but this is costing me to much with th bounce checks.The gentalman that did the intake was very good.Maybe there was a misunderstanding but i need it to be clear the day the money should be taken out.

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Other Company in Olathe, Kansas - You said that I was pre-approved you lied that sucks if a person is trying to repare their credit ,t

And another I. ampissed you sent me, a catagole saying, that I was pte-approve d, and then wj=hen I apply you turn me sown its only, 129.00 that, I can pay I can get credit from HSN,QVC,and JTV> I am pissed.

What more do you wanta pissedperson to sY, IT IS CLEAR WITH THE WOR Tha I have said in my mind you lied younsay upon conpletion of app, you may caulifiy for and another, thind that is fauls adertisement so you need to chane thart pr it may come back, to *** you in your butt, one day.

I have always thopught of fingerhut as, help, but you have become like everyone else, the credit reporting companies hold everyones life nin there hands, and they dont even change things,after ten yeRAS WHEN YOU Hve paid. you will not get correct information,plus if I, couldn't pay I would't ask.

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Other Company in Clarksville, Tennessee - Customer dissatisfied

to many employees not enought work had to load 8 2x8 10ft observed 4 employees standing talking and laughing would not come to ask if they could help I am 70 years old my wife in no shape to help load on buggy I did get them on while I was loading what do you think happen another employee walk by I could go on when I went to the front the store to pay

they only had two cashiers working they had no problem thaking my money

cashier called 3 times for me to have help loading well with employees standing aroung the manager had to help. the manager told me the employees work has team.

I told the manager its not the team that needs help it was the customer.

My name Vernon Costello 1004 Hillcrest Cir Pleasant View Tn 37146 Store No. 1747

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - No horn zones

i need a no horn zone near my home.that ridiculously loud air horn goes on morning,noon and night.who do i notify? im located in the round lake area.the railroad crossing is at highway 134.there are much busier intersections in the area with no horn zones.moved here looking for peace and quiet.found none.lived here for 8 months now and havent slept through the night yet.dont have the energy or funds to relocate again.sometimes that horn sounds from highway 120,past 134 then continues to the rnd lk train station...thank you.

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Other Company in Jiangxi, Jiangxi - Flashing sunglasses crowing since the night parties

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Jiangxi, Jiangxi
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Other Company in Jiangxi, Jiangxi - Cancer consciousness Jewelry: presumption and loveliness cuffs

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Jiangxi, Jiangxi
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Other Company in West Jordan, Utah - Own my co. Your commercials take my time on internet, won't consider you.

I'm the CEO of my company and have very little time. When I go to the internet I don't expect to have that time interupted by your commercials that Im forced to watch.

This interferrence puts your company at the bottom of my list for new insurance companies for my company and employees which I'm currently looking for. Then when I try to complain, you tell me I don't have enough words, write more, which upsets me more than I was when I started this message. Unbelievable, when did you decide that 90 words was not valid. Who the *** do you think you are.

I can't wait to spread the word about this experience. Is that enough words?

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What a rip off!!!!!

I just found a 16.somethig charge on my cc and I called them to ask who and what they were. She the supervisor would not tell me anything.

She said it was confidential and I said" you billed this cc. She refused to tell me anything about her company. I called he a few names and hung up. CC company charged back the funds to the account.

Why can't someone have this company shut down since they continue to bulldoze people. We should not have to fight to get our money back

I hate this company whoever they are.


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I missed something here. What is the name of the company you are angry at?????

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Other Company in Lawrenceville, Georgia - If they won't help you, Help yourself.

For everyone in this and other forums the best thing you can do to help yourself deal with IRS back taxes is to contact the Taxpayer advocate group. They will help you with setting up an offer in compromise or an installment agreement.

Everything these companies can do for you, you can do for yourself. I have been providing service for my clients for 4 years and once i explain to them what they need to do, they are successful in correcting their tax issues. The fact that someone worked for the IRS does not mean they can do anymore than you can.

That is the honest truth. Good luck.

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