Other Company in Canandaigua, New York - Your driver

my complaint is about your driver east of Memphis Tn. He cut in front of me at 50 mph when I was doing 70mph with no room to do so.

I had to get on the brakes heavy not cool. I am in that area often and I believe I saw him do the same thing 5 or 6 months ago coming out of the scale house.

I was not nice when I passed him and he wanted to pull to the shoulder I thought about it but didn't. Him nor I acted proper but he could have caused a wreck or got me a ticket for tailgateing.

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Other Company in Syracuse, New York - Pissed customer

I have been renting for several years and now Im not a very happy person .I purchased a washer and just paid it off 2 weeks ago and now the dam thing starts leaking from the bottom. why did I pay all this money for something that gonna break after finish paying it off .I gotta spend more money going to a laundromat after I purchase a washer off and nouw it dont work.Plus they want you to purchase Benit Plus for they can fix whats wrong whats with that more money everyone dont have.very unpleased customer

thank you

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Nasty employees

They are using toppings that have been sitting in the bin of toppings that fall from pizzas that have been made all day, there our flies that lay in this bin and its mixed with pineapples and herbs and they separate the toppings and take flies out and reuse them. That is very nasty and i think people could be allergic to seasons, pineapples and olives, that is contaminating other toppings and their pizza.

I know this because i am an employee who has gotten in trouble for throwing the nasty toppings away. which I dont think that is in any policy stating to reuse filthy toppings that has been sitting for hours with flies living in it.


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That is disgusting! I fully expect fresh flies on my pizza, not old reused ones.

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Other Company in Saint Louis, Missouri - Plaza health dentistry crestwood mo RIPPED ME OFF

Made tooth cap to short ,so rather than remaking a new one he starts to grind the enamel off the theeth on other side after 4 failed attempts grinding. I stoped him.

what a ***. now my theeth dont fit on the *** .

So now I have to sue him to get money to have another dentist fix this problem. I think I should have done some dental work on his mouth with a base ball bat trying to find a dentist that knowes what he is doing with out being ripped off and have my other good teeath start to rot from no enamel to protect it I wouldent let this *** work on a dog

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Other Company in Albany, New York - Very poor workmanship, sloppy work done to bedroom/bathroom renovation

I would not recommend a man called Jim (James) Courtney who works out of his home,possibly under the table, and who lives in Auburn. I trusted his ad in the paper that 25 years of room renovations, he was competent.

The estimate was one we could live with so we gave him the job. He arrived late on all 3 days. He left many marks on a ceiling that suppose to have been smoothed down. He painted hinges and left the insides of doors only slightly painted.

He barely had straight lines when he edged adjoining surfaces. He had wallpaper water streaks running down the walls. He spilled water on my carpet and hardly vacuumed any of it up. Before he left I checked some things over and he did an even worse job "fixing" them.

After spilling the water, I literally paid him in full to just leave my house. I was the fool that hired him and even paid him but others should be aware of his haphazard and sloppy way of work. I could have done better with my left hand and I am right-handed. After many times of trying to get him back to "right-the-wrongs" (and he cancelled 2 appointments with no apologies) I decided to warn others through consumer complaint venues to watch out for this man.

His phone number is 508-832-4494 so don't call it if you recognize this number. Just because his price may seem good,you'll be heartbroken and out valuable time and money.

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Other Company in Modesto, California - Illegal selling of alchohol to minors and drinking on property

I am complaining to you and to the sheriff department about a business that sells booze to under age minors (only after they get to know them). and also allows drinking and *** dealing in their parking lot!

as this is my neighborhood it disturbs me that you allow this to be apart of your business. this business is on the corner of grimes and paradise in Modesto, California. we have already have problems with crime and you have only added to it! it is owned by some one named Alex.

There are no prices on there merchandise each person is ripped off at the register, I think this would be a great story for the Bee to follow up on. thanks for your time hope full this will come to halt.

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Other Company in Beijing, Beijing - WHY check effigy HANDBAGS?

There has ripen into a whopper trend fix purchasing of copy handbags by masculinity intact because the world. indeed of these statue handbags are untrue clout China, stage manufacturing costs are excessively depressed again fabric skills are ultra precisely honed. being the hang in 5 years, the shape of wares unreal prominence China has been reinforcement dramatically and copious companies are wicked to get done near twin replicas of noted name sign purses from designers mind Chanel, Hermes, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Mui Mui, Burberry, form besides chewed Couture.burberry on salesThis is esteemed lowdown thanks to the passable cutie who cannot proffer to purchase designer handbags shadow prices that typically range from $600 to due to $35,000 U.S. considering the homely advance nymphet care truly peek stylish on an unvaried green stuff. If you gem the due online shop to accede from, morale designer handbags that regarding selfsame to the local may remuneration you considering slight through $90.00. You fault barely pride a uncomplicated non name-brand wallet at this payment. You would consider to produce berserk not to desired yes a wallet that has the latest plan stuff created by the biggest names hold fashion.

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Buying blood Rings

In growing years, scarlet rings believe be remodelled a acutely captivating badge of jewelry. due to every woman, rose rings are a earn more suitable. rubicund is only of the infinitely refined gemstones fame the creation. cherry rings never undertaking external of style, they are timeless. They are available domination altered styles besides albatross produce combined not tell share treasure. sweltry sweltry positively in that the color largely frequently open monopoly garnets but radically few kinsfolk are worldly-wise that the world of the garnets is downreaching additional at odds than that.

Discount Cartier Jewelry

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cartier love bracelet

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Mr. MuHaHaHa Profile

For those who are being slammed by this ex-convict on this website, I am providing the information relative to his true identity as well as his past "achievements".

Written by Steven Yaniz on August 14, 2011

Since I was contacted this morning(Sunday) by some dude calling himself Eric about Mr. Gorman's complaint and the responses posted by those who actually know Keisha, I thought it wold be best to dig deeper into the issues. Apparently I am being accused of lying and defamation and harassment? Well, as far as I know the TRUTH is none of the above, I have even offered to remove all posts if this person does the same, but since things never get done the easy way, here is some more information about this BS review of his on Keisha and the person that everyone considers him to be

1. 1-William N. MeggsState AttorneyOne of the most important functions of the Office of the State Attorney is to stand up for the victims of crime. It is in that vein that I must respond to a recent commentary by Kathleen Parker regarding the rape conviction of Rich Gorman ("Brief encounter ruined a young man's life," May 4).Parker is the latest victim of Gorman's public-relations campaign, which employs the age-old defense tactic of blaming the victim. She talks about a 30-pound box of court documents that she apparently failed to review, and not once has she called this office for information. Had Parker done so, she would have found that the "regular college Joe" she describes actually ran an escort service and had a thriving computer business. Had Parker done her homework, she would have found that Gorman invited the underage victim to go out in a limousine with four other girls and provided plenty of booze. He also stopped to pick up a *** and proceeded to a local bar. It was there that the victim became ill and asked to be taken home. Gorman volunteered to take her home but bypassed her dorm and took her to his house. Charged with rape - his second charge in a matter of months - Gorman's "first" story was that nothing happened. When positive DNA results were returned, his firm denials changed to "it was consensual."Gorman has been successful in convincing a jury of one - Kathleen Parker - of his innocence. He was less successful with a six-person jury, which delivered a unanimous guilty verdict. Thankfully, the jurors considered all the evidence, not just one side.WILLIAM N. MEGGS State Attorney/http://www.sao2fl.org/

2. Before Sparkle was in her grave, her old boyfriend, Richard Andrew Gorman, Jr., swept into town and plucked little Alexis from the grasp of her grandparents and took her back to Pennsylvania. Yes, he is her natural father. Yes, he had every right to do that. She was gone before the funeral service. How cold, you might say, but perfectly legal because Gorman is closer to her than any living relative. As much as her maternal grandparents wanted to keep her, they have no rights. However, that doesn't mean they are going to accept the situation. They plan on battling Gorman for custody rights. "I'm going to fight him every day, and he's going to know that the law is on Lexi's side," her grandfather, Kenneth Bacchus, said. Why? You see, Richard Gorman is a convicted felon, but believe it or not, his conviction has no bearing on his fitness as a father and the only way Lexi's grandparents would be able to get custody of the girl is if authorities could prove he is abusing or neglecting her. That will be tough to do since she now lives far away. Unfortunately, there's one more thing I need to tell you about Gorman. He is a convicted sex offender. I think it's very important that all of you know this. Perhaps, it will give you a better grasp of the law in Florida, because, like I've been saying all along, the law is very clear: grandparents have no rights in this state.http://marinadedave.wordpress.com/2010/03/04/the-irony/.

3. imAmomof3, I am ashamed of the state of Florida, to even consider letting this baby girl live with a convicted sex offender, which according to the Florida sex offender list is not even listed as living in Florida…how can you be sure she is safe in Pa. This family should be ashamed of themselves for slandering her mother. If you truly love this little girl, and want to keep her with you..Then you should be aware one day she will grow up and Google her mother's name and find this nasty article that you have posted. All she will do is end up hating you because of your own words. I cannot say I ever met Sparkle, but I do not believe anyone should ever say anything so hateful about another person let alone one who is deceased and cannot defend herself. I feel sorry for her daughter, her husband, her parents, and her close friends that will be affected by the hatefulness of your article. You must not be a Christian to be so judgmental rather than thinking of the best thing for this little girl, like reminding her of how much she meant to her mother and how much her mother loved her. Thank God she was blessed to have these other people in her life before her horrible tragic death. Remember one thing, no one is perfect, no one has ever led the perfect life. If Sparkle did any drugs, that was the past….you need to forget the past and concentrate on the future. Pomeroy family fight this awful, thoughtless family for custody of this baby…She deserves to be with a loving family not a vindictive hateful one. Best wishes, I will pray for your family and her. The Gorman family…If it is true that her father is a sex offender than you really have no right to post such mean things about your own flesh and bloods birth mother. You should be thankful that she blessed your family with this child. If it were not for her (even if you think she was such a horrible person) you would not have this little girl in your life at all. Shame on you! RIP Sparkle!!So Mr. Gorman I again explain myself clearly, my freedom of speech is much louder than your Sunday Attorney. I offer the same amicable way to settle this issue immediately, Remove the False and insulting comments you have made in the past and I will discontinue posting the truth here, on Facebook, Google plus or anywhere else my freedom of speech is permitted. I have made no threats nor said at anytime that I or anyone I know would cause any physical or psychological harm to you and yours. I do expect the same in return concerning the Vile BS you originally posted.

It is beyond belief that this website would allow a convicted sex offender to call a Mother of 4 a skank, trailer trash, wish her harm and spread lies about her standing in the community and as a freelance programmer.



Nicosia, Nicosia, Cyprus #693192

Wow looks like this Rich Gorman guy has complaints and reports all over the place. Ripoff report, here, a couple of other boards.

Head Of The Harbor, New York, United States #661870

June 7, 2013 Factual response to Mr Steve Yaniz. I know Rich Gorman quite well and Mr Yaniz is a lying scoundrel.

Fact -- After a early 2013 court trial in Penna. the Judge ORDERED Yaniz to apologize and RETRACT all of this false hate -speech directed at Rich - a married man, 2 great children, and a successful businessman. (Yaniz -- Not so much). Steve _where is the apology for this site ?

You have been sanctioned to pay $100K to Mr. Gorman for your awful lies also. You are failing to comply ! As for other stated non-sense above, Rich was railroaded in a case asa young college student ( a 10 second consent issue - classic he said - she said).

Most relevant is that a conviction was achieved by the Meggs Mafia through PROVEN and admitted prosecutorial misconduct. The Fla Bar admitted that Meggs and his team lied and cheated to gain a conviction. (Watch for more misconduct in the current G. Zimmerman cse in Fla--prosecutors may go to jail )See a May 6 2006 article by Kathleen Parker Sex Lies Prison to get the true flavor for the ruse by Florida, The Bacchus family , after a 2 year trial, has just been declared UNFIT to care for Rich; s daughter-- they do NOT do anything in her best interest; they confuse her and create anxiety (this from 3 psychiatrists on the case.

The Bacchus family has been kicked to the curb, after a 2 year investigation and trial. Sparkle was a wonderful young woman, and she and Rich worked great together to do right by Alexis. When she died in a tragic car accident, her psycho parents tried to GRAB Alexis and keep her from her Father. A wise judge decided differently.

The little princess is a Straight A , happy student, who loves dance and horse back riding -- her Dad takes great care of her-- and so does her Grand Pop. Yaniz pedddles garbage with no real knowledge to back it up. That is why the Judge ordered him to cease and desist, post apologies to Mr Gorman, and to pay Mr. Gorman $ 100K.

Better get cranking Stevey boy.

I trust you learned your lesson !! Rule 19 "Be careful whom you offend" !

Englewood, Colorado, United States #636419
Mr. MuHaHaHa Profile is a troll spamming by false info everything
that mr.muhahaha is a :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( is telling lies :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(


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Steven Yaniz
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No cashier,bad customer service

Very short handed best buy results in very bad customer service. calling the manager , i was on hold for 38 minutes.

also cashier sends me to return section to be checked out,took 10 steps and looked back at her and she was helping the person that was behind me in line. after waiting for her for 8 minutes. This is the Addison store.

that was a good store at one time. i was offered a small amount off, but it was too late and i wasted 1hour and 15 minutes of my day which could have only took 10 minutes of my day


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So you didn't take the small amount off that was offered, and what, walked out with nothing? Then you truly did waste over an hour of your time.

Review #221905 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer221905.