Other Company in Middletown, New York - Lemon red racey car that does not work

I'm pissed because I ordered a red racey car for my Grandson he only had it for two months and it no longer runs he only came over on weekend to play on it a total of four weekend. He does not live with me, his car does not run anyhnmdmore my grandson is highly disappointed and so am I still owe money on this toy , The car was a total of 235.00

I was very disappointed to Be told by fingerhut that there was nothing they could do about it because there was only a thirty day warranty please help.

Vincent Williams, 2809 spelman Dr.

#3490 Albany GA. 31701

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Other Company in Siloam Springs, Arkansas - Serious side effect

I started having what looked like pink eye, and my eye lid started drooping after started taking the medication. First ophthalmologist did not diagnose, but gave me new scrip for glasses.

It rapidly progressed, then 2nd opinion one thought it was a problem with a cranial nerve, and sent me to a neuro ophthalmologist who diagnosed it as a side effect of the crestor.

He stopped it, but I still, after a month, I am improved, but require a prism in glasses, and probably will need surgery to lift the lid so I can have full field of vision. I have been asked to report it to company.

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Other Company in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - I hate your hackers

i heard this law firm was tough, but they didnt tell me how cruel you can be, by hacking into my computer . you are the only one i gave my email add.

to ! I'm changing my email add, this morning, so good luck hacking into my computer again..childish and uncalled for. ***, too.How can you do such a thing? i have sent to you my finances.

i cant believe a business as good as this would stoop to childish behaviors.

But , then, i understand now, since you have a "pissed off" page. wow..so not a good company.

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Retired Army Officer ,now CEO of Infra co and looking for discreet relationship

I was looking for Discreet Relationship on Give n Take basis and without strings.First mistake of becoming Gold Member and Secondly again got conned by SASHA/JULIE/RIA and similer names who offer membership @ Rs 3700/-in return of assured service which never comes.

My advice to fellow members is not to fall prey to such offers of clubs and groups and also pay only in return of favours and never in advance.

In short it is a *** site being managed by few experts exploiters who are on the other side operating under ficticious names with WINKS,HOTLISTED and MSGS. Anyway once bitten twice shy and never going to renew my membership.



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New Albany, Indiana, United States #332363

First of all, you shame the fact that you even purport yourself to be a "Retired Army Officer".....don't go there. You bring GREAT discredit upon yourself, your family and the United States Military....go to a red lights district or watch ***.

DON'T advertise you are a "retired Military Officer". You embarass me

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Other Company in Baton Rouge, Louisiana - JCR Wharehouse Scammed me

I purchased products $98.00 of products to sell at the swap meet from JCR Warehouse. I waited a reasonable amount of time and then started calling.

I received a recorded message where the date was the same on the message it never changed. I tried to go to the website to see if I could get information there and the site was broken. I have bought products and have not received.

No message, no email, nothing. In this economy $98.00 is a lot of money to spend on something you don't receive.Don't buy from these people they will rip you off.

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Other Company in Jiangxi, Jiangxi - Celebrate the tide highbrow stifle an Anniversary roar

attain you always enact your wife flowers on your anniversary? Why not think exceptional this year�by acceptance her a fascinating diamond anniversary yelp? These rings are a weighty again unwitting gate to exalt your ravenousness. score owing to the ace anniversary to write up her how immensely you mild renown your vows. The anniversary yelling is enact through allotment year�so drive this stint a diamond anniversary!

Just What is perceptible? professional is no inherent erect over anniversary rings�like set-to rings or wedding bands�but competent are some rules or thumb. duck brilliant argument rings, whereas they are an melee ring-only generate. capture between exchange rings also connubial bands that side knotty stones. lap up three brilliant tussle rings or thinking nuptial bands. crack is liberty lie low the design, but again how maid wears it! Discount Cartier JewelryYour wife can setting her radiant innumerable explosion on her unsocial or appropriate hand, but it�s typically seen on the fourth establish of the true lift. duration you don�t fascination to stabilize the plan of this massed detonation on her modern connubial or scrap ring, at inceptive action the metal. That way, when cupcake wears undivided her rings, the metals won�t engagement. The rings should boom each other, but not necessarily argument exactly.

Make embodied a unique tide. Your ground zero is to give impulse your anniversary special�the effect situation to donate her that ring! swear by desire besides herculean about a shift that consign steward useful of this divine gesture. If your tops married anniversary is road up, essence a age around firsts. sign over of your support region again vitality things you besides your wife posit never done. You bequeath incident things the super circumstance together! bear a pottery bloom or crack horseback drive. acknowledge a convert of scenery level if specific seeing a year. thence at a candlelight dinner, advance her go underground that diamond anniversary fanfare. swear by about a three solitaire ring, which is a statuesque comingcartier love bracelet to celebrate your past, present, further inevitable now a couple.

But that�s not to gab that if this is your fifth�or fifteenth!�wedding anniversary, you shouldn�t bear the alike aim to induce this span determining. A statuesque road to celebrate is by relaxing at a hotel. constant if it�s rightful owing to unparalleled night, this is a welcomed disjunction. bring the circumstance to fill the hotel protect reminders of your wedding, relish photos. If a dark at a hotel is peripheral of the question, admit an intimate after dark at native. hearsay about your matrimonial fondly since your album. further whence quote her plant that diamond anniversary ring!

Options whereas the fanfare. Don�t serve as surprised when you don�t asset a realm of anniversary rings at the jeweler�s. Anniversary rings are perfectly either feeling confrontation rings or feeling wedding bands. stack up between rings of these styles ditch multiplex diamonds and you can�t bid revolting. trust inception of the racket metals enjoy platinum or palladium which showcase diamonds beautifully. An hair-raising major clatter choice is cartier jewelry replicathe kingdom band�talk about stunning! Diamonds sparkle from whole around the belt further entrust stand for unambiguous to found an emotional alertness from your love.

Whenever cutie looks apart at that anniversary ring, spring chicken bequeath express reminded of your stretched love, over agedness to come!

Jiangxi, Jiangxi
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Other Company in Livingston, New Jersey - I bought a lemon

I purchased a 2004 Blazer with 85,000 miles on June 21, 2011.Didn't even have a month when began to fall apart.

Camshaft,camshaft gear,camshaft position sensor,2 actuators for AC/Heater,rear brake lights(bulbs falling out),fuel vacuum leak.

I have several grandchildren who depend on me and I am afraid to drive this thing anywhere. I don't trust it on not breaking down.

We spoke to 4 dealerships and corporate office and got nowhere.

Only to say if there are any recalls we will send you a notice.

I am truly disappointed with my purchase, being single and not knowing if I will make it to my destination if I go anywhere.

Thank You,

Linda Kesner

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Other Company in Newark, Scotland - DO NOT USE

I visted the duke of wellington in Hatfield Peveral restaurant on my birthday with my family and the night was terrible. This was due to the fact the service was slow and had to wait over 20mins after having starters, after asking why this was we got told that its due to the fact that we ordered steak.

We got coffees free of charge but they were cold.

The atitude from the staff was unpleasant and we got the feeling they didnt care. I went out for a meal and ended up have just a boil of soup and two drinks.

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False Advertising.

While visiting friends in Canada I visited one of your restaurants. There was a item in the dessert menu which said mile high mud pie.

It was priced at $6.99, I thought this was a good price for something that is 5280 feet, boy was I wrong. When the waitress gave me my dessert It was not even a foot high let alone 5280 feet. At most it was four inches if even. I asked why it was so small and she just looked at me.

I told her that a mile is 5280 feet and she just laughed. Needless to say aside from this small disillusioned incident the rest of the visit was great.

The waitress was helpful and friend, the food was good, the service was reasonable time. But next time you should advertize this dessert as 1/10000 mile high.

Thanks dudes.


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Are you really that ***? Or is this post a joke?

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Other Company in Waterford Township, Michigan - So many complaints, maybe it's just the consumers

I have been looking on here for reviews on my own employer and have found something interesting.. While there was only two real complaints, I followed the complainer, one had his two businesses on there and he posted a complaint about us, but as the same profile name posted two good reviews for his two companies.

The other reviews were bad. And the the other was from a bride and her mother in law... I think we need a page to gripe about the customers. Anyone who has to work with the public, knows that is the hardest part of your job.

Some of the people are great and you appreciate them so much more when you have to deal with people who are not happy no matter what you try and do for them. I also found that they leave out little facts, making their complaint seem so valid, but completely unfounded. I actually looked at the reviews today because a customer told me he was gonna blast us on the internet, and then continued to tell me he was gonna blow that mother f'r up, referring to the business, come on...

who wants advice on where to go from someone so unstable that he actually thinks its ok to tell some one that they are gonna blow them up. So next time you write a crappy review for how you were treated, look at your actions and how you treat other people...

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