Other Company in Little Rock, Arkansas - Will not buy foreign products at your store

I see you again are selling products from mexico. why would you support another country over ours.

I will continue to shop at your stores but will not buy these products.this is not right for one thing your green onios and another product which i did like the tortilla strips but will not buy them again. i believe we should buy american and suppoert our own country and our own farmers.there are no specificc dates we were in your store yesterday, 8-19-11.

your store people are wonderful and friendly and have always been helpful. thanks for listening

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Other Company in Overland Park, Kansas - Took money from my account with out my okay double charged me

On Friday august 19 2011 I made a single payment of 166.34 for my policy.they took that money out and proceeded to pull another amount of 166.34 on Saturday aug 20 2011 with out my approval. When I called andconfronted them about it they indeed said they pulled out that money without my knowing.

The messed up part that ticks me off is that there finance department was off and basically told me that I'm going to have to wait till there *** ready before I get it back. Then I caught one of the serice reps today mess up and started to say that I owed it. Then he further looked into my account and noticed that I got double charged. I'm scared to think what would of happend if I dint cath that today.

I really want them looked into cause if they did that tome how many other gieco customers that they stole money from. I've noticed that more and more company's are stealing money from their customers since the economy got bad

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Other Company in Jackson, New Jersey - Delayed for abt 1 and half hrs

on 18 th august lmt delayed for about 1 and half hrs to Atlantic city. while coming back the driver departed at 06:29 instead of 06:30.

the most funny thing is that the driver delayed for 1and half hrs from NY,but he could not wait for 1 minute for a passenger and i had to take another bus to NY which charged me 40 bucks for that. Now i want this 40 bucks back.more over the whole journey was disgusting because the driver kept the cabin too cold to stay in.pls look at these matters.

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Other Company in Easton, Pennsylvania - No access/No customer service

I signed up for a 30 day trial period for the Nazareth, PA. location and half way through my card was deactivated leaving me with no access.

I was able to get in once by having someone let me in but there is no one you can call or contact that will help you in case you have these type of situations. I left a phone message and an email with no response.

I will not be joining this gym permanently due to this situation. I will gladly pay an extra $2.50 for a no hassle access to workout.

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I just don't get it

There are so many people on here who need to go back to their high school and SMACK their English teacher in the face!!! All these people & THEIR bad grammar (they would have written "there bad grammar or maybe "theyre bad grammar).

Come on people, how hard is it to actually spell the right word?!?!?! If you want to complain, at least do it with some sort of cooth, finesse, and a vernacular you can be proud of.

Don't go screaming at someone when you sound like you've just stepped off the set of "Deliverance". Like the old proverbs says: It's better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!!!!




I don't think it is entirely the teachers' fault. I bet many on here didn't spend a lot of time in the classroom, and when they did, they weren't paying attention.


I think you mean proverb says or maybe proverbs say.

Just sayin.

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Your toilets are flithy and have *** on there seats, please clean them

Please try to keep your bathrooms cleaner, they are flithy, *** on the seats, do no flush right, paper all over the floor! I've been in East Greenville, Hilltown,Leighton and Quakertown and even in West Virginia!!

They are totally disgusting!! I would rather pee my pants then sit on the toilets. I love shopping there but get so disgusted! If you tell someone that to an employee they just laugh!

Sure isn't funny! If you still want a good customer, please do something about this!

Some of your employees do stink. Thank you for reading this Please


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Whose toilets are filthy?

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Other Company in Staten Island, New York - TO EVERYONE INVOLED IN A BAD HOME LOAN

Listen up people do not file a class action against the back's because you will have to settle for next to nothing and it most likely won't save our homes ,also that's what the bank's want us to do so this way they can hire a handful of lawyers to settle millions of suits against them . My thoughts are for all of us to pick a day of this coming year to file our own separate law suits against them to flood the court system as well as to cost the banks millions of dollars in lawyer fee's and bring the banks as well as the the court system to it's knee's so that our voice my finally be heard and bring this scheme to light that both government and the banks have done to the American people..

FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT for our children's future as well as our own .. P.S anyone reading this i have read an article in the paper about 8 months ago and it had said federal law states that if you were in a trail loan modification for longer then the 3 months you are suppose to be locked in at that payment with that interest rate and that your modification was all said and done and your should be no longer in foreclosure.. UNITE AND FIGHT AMERICA .TOGETHER WE STAND ..DIVIDE WE FALL ..


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Other Company in New York, New York - Customer service reps are unprofessional and insensitive

Calls all tmes of day and night. Not willing to work with me on reaching a "reasonable" payment plan that is condusive to MY income.Customer rep wnats me to return items purchased ( lastyear) that were mostly gifts as an option to settling my account and making the $185.

payment due at that time to setle the account.

One viable option is to lower the APR rate to 16% with a payment of $120.00

which is still to high.

I am at a crossroad mentally and financially and do not want to even deal with them right now. WHEW

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Other Company in Middletown, New York - Lemon red racey car that does not work

I'm pissed because I ordered a red racey car for my Grandson he only had it for two months and it no longer runs he only came over on weekend to play on it a total of four weekend. He does not live with me, his car does not run anyhnmdmore my grandson is highly disappointed and so am I still owe money on this toy , The car was a total of 235.00

I was very disappointed to Be told by fingerhut that there was nothing they could do about it because there was only a thirty day warranty please help.

Vincent Williams, 2809 spelman Dr.

#3490 Albany GA. 31701

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Other Company in Siloam Springs, Arkansas - Serious side effect

I started having what looked like pink eye, and my eye lid started drooping after started taking the medication. First ophthalmologist did not diagnose, but gave me new scrip for glasses.

It rapidly progressed, then 2nd opinion one thought it was a problem with a cranial nerve, and sent me to a neuro ophthalmologist who diagnosed it as a side effect of the crestor.

He stopped it, but I still, after a month, I am improved, but require a prism in glasses, and probably will need surgery to lift the lid so I can have full field of vision. I have been asked to report it to company.

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