Other Company in Lebanon, Missouri - Mgr. nasty

being a customer being offended by how the manager talks and belittles the associates espcially the cashiers who are working hard under bad conditions when their is a shortage of open registers and the managers dont help and the shevles are not stocked. if i cant find what i need and want i might as well go somewhere else where i can get some good customer sevice . i have seen some of the workers leave under stress and mistreatment, and trying to make up of shortage of cashiers hours being cut need to check your store and mangermant thank you

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Other Company in Overland Park, Kansas - $300 free gas card

Heard this ad on dve forfree gas card called number they try to sell u all these memberships well now im $100 in the hole and no gas cardthey carded me for all there free memberships before they where even up when i called the original number the man hung upon me. So now i have to cancel my card to get the charges to stop i am pissed off.

I guess its true when they say u get nothing for free and if its to good to be true it useually is. So dont fall for it its not what they tell u it is

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Other Company in Teaneck, New Jersey - After they draw you they try and lock u in,dont do it!

i am just to through with the way they run this business. i have been trying to cancel my enrollement for like 2 or 3 yrs now i could never get in contact with anyone from headquaters.

th place i would go cant even help me.i think that is crazy how they can be quick to enroll u but its hard as *** to find away out they cant even help me.they said i have to look on line or right.are u serious they dont right to tell me they are taking my money.i am sooooo pisssed that i cant through to anyone to help me that i really and feeling encouraged to get 7 on my side some investigation has to be done about this.i want out of this business please someone help me before i go bonkers.

and they have a nerve to tell u how they want u to right. that is why people do crazy things cuz they cause it.

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Other Company in Fort Worth, Texas - Vs. channel dog show coverage

I noticed that during commercials it seemed like they skipped some breeds. Then after watching for well over an hour, they did not even show my favorite breeds.

I know that the breeds they skipped (boston terrier and english bull dogs) are many peoples favorites. I'm really pissed and will never watch this station again, even though I'm a hockey and mma.

Now I'm also upset with this site. Does it ready take 100 words to lodge a complaint?

Why is this waste of time necessary? Who decided 100 words is what it takes to complain about something?

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Other Company in Everett, Washington - Ignoring responses

I have resonded to your three invoices and let you know that I have returned your merchandise and do not wish to receive any more of your merchandise. Please remove me from your mailing list immediately.

Your merchandise has been returned to you.

I have responded to your previous invoices with this information.

Remove me from your mailing list.

You want me to add 40 more words to let you know how unhappy I am? You have to be kidding!! Unhappy, unhappy, unhappy, unhappy, unhappy, unhappy, unhaooy, unhappy, unhappy, unhappy, unhappy, unhappy, unhappy. Now are you happy?

Charles Ewers


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Other Company in Helsinki, Southern Finland - Took my money, never sent me information!

I received the pitch from the person on the phone about 2 weeks ago. Still waiting to get my confirmation sent to me via email that should have taken 10-15 minutes, yet they charged my credit card!

I'm in the process of disputing the service now. There is no way they are getting my time or money even if it was free at this point. Totally uneducated CS rep on the phone too. That should of been my first warning bell.

No one called me back to confirm anything, nothing came thru the mail like they said it was going to and no emails.

All information was accurate, they repeated it back to me twice, so that's not the problem. Total fraud!

Helsinki, Southern Finland
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Other Company in Charlotte, North Carolina - No customer service after the sale

Its unfortunate that you have a good product but no customer service after the sale. I called and talked with the sales person several time about getting the prodcts that was to be sent according to the contract. Its alway something going on in the office. New people office changing pesonnel always something. Well I purchest my system in May and it is Augest and the product is in the mail. I don't know what mail system that rain soft is using but it not working. Maybe you should use a US mail system. Give me what I paid for.

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Rude Rude Employees

Wayne, NJ Location: took my two girls for a haircut and will not be returning!! The employees are not pleasant at all, they don't even talk to you, the one was so rude to my 10 year old, that had I known I would have put her in her place, yes the one at the far end w/the short hair and heavy accent, my daughter left there so upset and said "mom this would never happen at our hair salon" and she right..the woman kept tilting her head in a Not so gently way and was firm in her choice of words, the girl at the front desk has no people skills either.

If you are trying to run a business where you deal w/the public you need some type of Education on how to communicate with the public. Don't waste your time, there are so many hair salons to choose from.


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I have to totally agree. That anonymous hair salon in Wayne, NJ is just terrible!

Be sure you never go there.

If you're not sure which one we're talking about, just be on the lookout for the one with the short hair and heavy accent, they're obviously a permanent fixture at the far end, so you'll know it when you see them. Look out though, that head tilting is no joke!

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Other Company in Norwalk, Connecticut - Needed price on 20 ft pontoon cover never got reply

would like a reply on pontoon cover price for 20 ft pontoon i gave you email adress to reply 2 days ago i do buy 80 % of my items in constuction materials from you &other items like your pricing very fairn pleas reply by emak

mail address bernie.anette@gmail.com

is there any sale prices on covers are they in stk also looking for floatation gear for use w watercraft maybe site is not working well but with out a reply a person starts looking for other options surly you know every time a customer not handeled well is a lost sale or finding other sourses thank you bernie st george

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Other Company in New York, New York - Ordered off $20.00 menu ,got charged full price

4 of us selected our appetizers off $20.00 menu and waitress wanted the whole order iand told her we don't want to be rushed. The appetizers and meal came out same time and was told meal was reheated.

We received warm steaks and other meals were dried out. Service was awful, i had to get drinks from the bar. The next day i checked the bill and they charged us full price on everything and next day general mgr said no refunds even though i brought in receipt.

What a rip-off!!! was in the mohegan store


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