Identity theft

Today, my son got a call from a James Brown who said he was an attorney for US Cash Advance (716) 543-9999. Indicated he took a loan out 2 years ago.

He never did.

Told him that he had been contacting his via e-mail (had his e-mail address) for the last several months. The e-mail indicated that he must pay off this loan by tomorrow (8-26-11) in the amount of $351 and send via Western Union or else he would be arrested. I then spoke with Mr. Brown and he indicated that I could not handle his affairs as my son was of legal age.

I told him that I was his guardian (not true) and that all information would have to come through me. he would not speak with me. I then went on line and noticed that a scam was being processed throug this company. Everyone --- please call the Federal Trade Commission immediately if this happens to you.

They will tell you immediately it is a scam.

(877)382-4357. DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL TO THEM....




716 543 9999

im haveing problems with that number calling me 50 times a day m he also goes by the name of anthony davis calls him self attorny of us hes been harrising me for almost week in a half plz some one help me get this guy cause i want him put away for life and his company sued e mail me at thanks for your time


Anyone with half a brain knows its a scam. Report them all you want, the gift can't touch them. They run their scam out of other countries.

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Other Company in Orlando, Florida - Flillty place

this coze villas hotel has big offers of like u will say wow its great offer let me stay there but u know what if u ever lived wit big bugs of all kinds size n shapes n big time rusted filty matress really fool of mildew n rust try staying there ac,s no good they just want your money thats the owner to the hotel their rooms without changing sheets because their stingi low lives!!! good luck on yr stay beieve me its a horrible experience DO NOT STAY THERE U WILL LOSE OUT BIG TIME TRUST MY WORDS


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I think I actually got stupider for reading that...

what a FLILLTY place ahahahahahaaha



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St. Brentwood manager is ***

The casher scaned wrong barcode before discount so i asked manager to return the differences because it was casher's mistake. *** guy manager told me he cannot give me cash back despite i paid cash.

because all items are final despite the casher scanned wrong price. he said i should shop more with that differences on boarder's credit. I am pissed. I asked manager's name and he refused to give me his name.

Instead of it, he threated me to walk away if I complained about it more. The boarders should fire this *** manager.

Shame of you. From Brentwood Missouri.




Similar thing happened to me (incorrectly priced item) except I wasn't offered a credit toward purchase and a scowling woman named "C------" claimed to be the "store manager." I said I didn't believe she could be the store manager because she was too rude. When I asked who her manager was she refused to tell me.

She left the front desk and then stood across the store glaring at me while I finished shopping. It wasn't until I had made my purchases and was walking out the door she decide to provoke me by rushing up to the door and telling me never to come back to Borders again. She threatened to call the police (for what reason I'm uncertain, I was already halfway out the door). Seemed as if she needed to make one last antagonistic jab to assert her superiority.

I said, go ahead and sat in the foyer until the police arrived (our tax dollars hard at work).

Ultimately, it was a victory for C------. She got to show all the other employees and shoppers just what happens to customers question her authority!


sounds like the manager is an ***

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Other Company in Natick, Massachusetts - Agent placed order with incorrect item # for size requested ...customer service not responsive an

customer service very difficult to reach and unresponsive in correcting error (made by cymax agent) resulting in the incorrect item being shipped in spite of all efforts to cancel. please address this issue. I have spent countless hours, on line and with several individuals attempting to explain the fact that I have a confirmation which indicates headboard is king size but the agent typed in item # for twin size and then proceeded to ship twin after I notified cymax of their error...I do not feel responsible for return shipping or restocking of this item and want credit returned to my visa please reply

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Other Company in Alsip, Illinois - What a scam

Try entering the Great American photo contest and you will immediately regret it. You get so bogged down in surveys and requests for you cell phone number it will drive you crazy.

I tried to enter the pet photo contest and was finally so frustrated that I got out of it. It is a complete over advertising scam. Then they send an email requesting you ask all your friends to vote for your photo.

That would be fine but I am not about to put my friends thru the same aggravation I just went thru. This is an example of a great idea but terrible execution.

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Other Company in Newark, New Jersey - Account Cancellation

Cancelled long time ago. Do not charge me. I have never used this site. Never saw any benefits from it. I am on a fixed income and need to use my money sparingly. Please refund my money!

Thank you for attending to this matter as soon as possible. GET me out of here. Only signed up for the one month trial subscription.

Again please cancel subscription. I do not u se this site at all. No benefits received from site. How many more times do I have to say please cancel this subscription now! Please!

Fran Gedge

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About Designer Sunglasses About Designer Sunglasses

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Plain english please.

Jiangxi, Jiangxi
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Other Company in Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario - Sucks

Why is it that when I do word search I GET NOTHING! Because it is on my home page I use it but it is so not reliable- GOOGLE RULES- Get lost bing.

SO YOU WANT MORE WORDS TO SATISFY THE REQUIREMENTS. Ok why are you so hard to delete and who asked for you anyway? Am I Done yet?

Still not done according to your specification. I don't like the way you operate- to me it's a hit and miss whether you will give me the information or show nothing but blank space- google never does that and is my number one choice for information searching- just way too inconsistent.

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Other Company in Tampa, Florida - Airline said i did not have a tickey

I had to change flight date due to death in family contacted airline they said there would be a charge of 50.00 I said o.k when it was time to fly

they said I never had a ticket I supplied documentation to Miramar no response. I still have the charge on my credit card even though complaint

was made in Aug. of 08 at that time there was no recourse even tried

better bus. bureau I still get letters from them saying you have not replied. Margaret Roche Capitol Credit card was used.address is 200 Glennes Ln. Dunedin Fl. 34698

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The omnipod doesn't work correctly at all!

PUMPS ARE SUPPOSED TO MAKE LIFE EASIER THE OMNIPOD DOES NOT DO THAT END OF STORY! I'm bleeding from the site on multiple occasions and it falls off way to easily.

When I call the company they say they will send replacement pods, I never ever received them. Also when I called they redirected me so many times and also said I need more training, but I'm doing exactly what i was told to do, NOOO pump should be this much work. I was told to reset the pump and for four hours I had to figure out how much insulin I need and manually put it in myself. I don't recommend this pump for ANYONE!

I'm still young and should not have to keep asking my friends if they could look in the pod window and tell me if i still have the tubing in my skin. I also need help putting my pod on because I can't see what I'm doing, its so big. I really stresses me out and depression is very common in diabetics, I've never cried for having diabetes till this pump. I just can't take it no more.

When it gets low in insulin it just reads low not how much is left and when its over fifty it just reads 50plus, which is not helpful. Now I don't if my insurance will let me get a new pump, but I will fight it.



Sorry for your issues but they are not rare. We have had 2 pdms failed and many many pods.

Always get great service and quick replacement but the fact is that they should not be failing at 30-50% rate! You should report all failures to the FDA not just the company as they are certainly not reporting as there is not one listing in the database for medical devices. God bless and good luck with whatever you decide to go to.

We will not be going back to the pod because our child just went to the hospital due to high bg that could not be controlled and that never happened before in the almost 4 years we have been doing diabetic care and it is not user error because I am a diabetic nurse educator. :?
Kabul, Kabul, Afghanistan #357170

thank you and yes i love the idea of a pump without tubing, but I just have a lot of problems and it just keeps falling off even with tape. Many pods stop working for me and I go low very often from incorrect bolus I should not be getting.


Not our experience at all.. love the Omnipod for my 17 yr old son...

he would have a lot more trouble w/ a tubed pump falling off.. we use skin tac to keep it on and Unisolve to take it off..

there are things you can do to make it work great! I also have had great experience dealing w/the Omnipod people....especially the pump instructor that has helped us.


I'm sorry you have had such a tough time. This has not been our experience at all.

My son has been using the OmniPod for more than 4 years and we find it makes life much, much easier.

We've not had adhesive issues and find the bolus calculator very easy to deal with. I hope you find an insulin management system that works for you.

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Wallington, New Jersey
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