Did not fill the order correctly.

The location is Harbor Blvd/ Hazard street in Santa Ana California. When ordering a simple plain hamberger I get one with cheeze added sometimes lettuce pickle.

I did return the food and reordered but the same thing happened. I talked to the person I had ordered with and she said that it comes with cheeze. I mentioned that cheeze is extra and besides my grandson doesn't want cheeze. The recipt reads hamburger plain.

I believe workers need more training or understand what a customer ordered.

Happened on 8/26/11. These are hispanic workers and that is not excuseable.




its called queso!!


Are you bellyaching about any company in particular, Granny?


Racist comments are not needed.


its spelled cheese not cheeze u racist!

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Other Company in Stamford, Connecticut - Didnt call nor deliver my furniture

i was told by the supervisor of the co-op city store bartow name sam that my delivery was to be today 8 -27-11 but no-one has call me and their store phone just goes straight to a busy . i was told by a sales person Jonathon to call the customer service line on a Saturday with knowing they only take calls from mon - fri. I am more than pissed off cause i took today off from work inspecting my furniture delivery today i wouldn't recommend anyone to buy from your store cause yall are a liars.

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Code Adam

First of all I will be honest with you straight forward. I admit I asked my two children 2 female and 9 female to hide in the washroom.

Then I went up and told the customer service desk person my children were lost while my older mother stole items in the store. However this is not the issue. The issue is that they had two security guards and one of them was too busy watching my mother than looking for the child when a code Adam was paged. When a code Adam is paged the first priority is to look for the lost child.

They said I have done this at least five times(asked my children to hide and have a code Adam paged) lie, I only did it three times.

A child's safety should come before arresting a shoplifter. Now I can possibly lose both my children and my husband may get custody of them and not allow me near them because I am a bad influence.


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Quit posting your phony trash M O R O N :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin
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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - Get Refund-PeopleSmart.com

I also got ripped off and called this number 888-455-2792 (number listed in someone else's post below) and when I told the person I realized this was a scam, she immediately told me that she was canceling my subscription and giving me a full refund. (I paid by credit card and she sent me an email stating that a refund would be issued in one or two days).

I also called my credit card company to notify them. I told her I was surprised they haven't been shut down because of misrepresentations, and I was sorry for her that she had to work for such a company!

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Other Company in Bellevue, Washington - The individual harassed me...by asking how long have i been out of town...That was none of their bu

I feel as though it is a shame.. that renta center in Dolton IL..on chicago road..Would harasse me after i'V BEEN A customer for a year..I jst so happened to have a family emergency.. and was unable to pay my bill on time..they called my house 5 times a day..and came by twice..after i specifically explained to them that i would be late..i was out of town that week..and they still decided to come by and call..I'm very disappointed with renta center...because they don't work with their customers..I have 2 months left and i will never rent anything from them ever again

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Other Company in Youngstown, Ohio - Harrasment

Try to resolve car payment dispute. Treated like dirt.

Pulled loan horrible customer service! Never had I been so rudely treated in my life. If your looking for customer service don't bank on it! Tried with serveral local banks and made 5 calls to main in Pittsburgh.

Never returned my calls. The local branch manager didn't care about my complaints. Don't bank with these people if you want to be treated with respect because they don't have any care in the world.

I know the banks are shook up but this is uncalled for! Chase is my new bank.

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Other Company in Providence, Rhode Island - In so much pain I can't wear the dentures.

I needed a partial for the front three teeth. They did an extraction of the roots because the teeth had broken at the gum line.

It has been one week and the pain in my gums is so intense that I cannot eat.

The partial they gave me looks good but I can't put it in without intense pain from the surgery they performed.

I have had oral surgery before and this was an obvious get him in and out

with our dentures type of business.

No savings if I need to repair the damage this *** did to me.

I can't sleep or eat because of the pain.

Stay away if you require surgery (extractions).

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Other Company in Camden, New Jersey - Hurt and Confused.

I sign up for the gym in may and since then I got sick. I am diagnosed with COPD and I have arthritis in both knees.

I am waiting for knee replacement in both knees. Therefore I can not use the gym. I am on a fix income and they keep going to my account trying to get a payment. Since the money is not in the bank I am in the hole for 70 dollars.

I spoke with someone in customer service and they told me that they would take care of it.They sent me some papers to fill out. i did and returned the papers.

they are still trying to get money out of my account. I do not work I am on SSI.

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Other Company in Troy, Michigan - I payed for extra warranty that is no good

I got a laptop for my son and i got extended warranty. payed on the computer for almost 2 years with extra money going warranty.

when i needed to get computer repaired the say the screen cracked is not covered. i do a lot of bussiness with conns.

CHECK IT OUT......if i have to pay for this broke computer, thats ok but you can bet your job that when all my other accounts are payed off this feburary with my tax return you will lose a *** good customer .i can not believe conns is doing this ,i will tell friends and family that they should look other places that stand with thier coustomers not sell warranties that when needed are no good.

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Other Company in Collins, Mississippi - Abuse of our time

Went to McMullen yesterday for brake check sticker. Knew a tail light bulb out. Was told to come back in 30-40 minutes. Did so. Was told no technician A/c lunch..Bottom line it took 3 hours. This not first time input writer mis-informed. All people polite but 3 hours for a taillight and sticker???

Also got spare key. Horrified by the cost.

We've owned 10 Chryslers but now affraid of cost and time wasted for service. Current a "07 TC Van. Spare a '99 Town Car.What do you recommend as a replacement for the TC?

zsng pcad uhnv

Collins, Mississippi
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