Other Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Take the check off my account and never debit anything again my name is Roxanne carr,

my account was a check for $245.00 from credit first, i did not authrize, I want credit back in my account right away as my checks bounched!! I did not authrize this check!!

I am taking action! IM very upset by this, never debit or check my account anymore!!My name is Roxanne Carr-724-650-9564-I will take action if my credit is not in my account by today!!Aug-31st-2011!!Please call me soon creit my account because I have bounced checks and no money to pay for the check!!please emaiil me that you credit my account!!

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Other Company in Tampa, Florida - Most poorly managed store I have ever shopped in and I am 68 yrs old.

The store at Beachway Plaza in Bradenton is the most poorly managed store ever. They open at 7:00 AM but are rarely ready for business.

They are often out of items even advertised specials. Their seafood case smells like rotten fish and I would NEVER buy fresh seafood from them.

Today they were out of chicken wings...had to go to the other store on Manatee Ave. I am sure that in this economy there must be good managers out of work who would love to properly manage this store if given the chance.

I have friends who shop this store and share my opinion...replace the management staff with one that cares about customer service and satisfaction.

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Other Company in Burnaby, British Columbia - Surdel carpets in Surrey wrecked my home

They took 6 days over a 2 week period to do a job we were told would take 2 - 3 days.

They put dents - not just scratches in the walls. They did not follow the manafactures instructions on applying silicone.

They broke the taps to my washing machine because they didn't disconnect them before moving it. (We were charged extra to have them move the appliances and furnature.)

They ran out of carpet!?! They charged us in full and there was no carpet in one room - nothing had been put in place - our baseboards were'nt done etc.

The base boards had to be re-done as the tops of the boards didn't match up evenly - again we were charged for this baseboard installation.

They left a ripple in the carpet, which we had to ask them to come back and fix. We were told we could call a plummer and they would cover the bill and we could patch and paint our walls - but there was no $300.00 credit put on our account as agreed.

They said it would include a spare box of flooring for future repairs, but they only left some partial pieces, but did admit it had been factored into the quote for a full box.

They broke our oven door, but the oven was old and that was just the way it goes.

There was more....be very careful in dealing with this company. We didn't get our "free hall mat' either. The quality and service are not there.

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Other Company in Sammamish, Washington - Getting bogus leads

I recently was sent a lead tuesday night at 630 pacific coast time. The Lead 46b64-3e-56633c Sree Mllipeddi for carpet cleaning.

When I called him he told me he had a 4 bedroom house and and apartment and wanted to know the price to clean each one upon giving him a genic price or a ball park price for each one he said thanks and hung up.

I felt that this was pretty rude and a bogus call, so when I called him back to find out if he really intened to have anything cleaned he said I got the price thank you. Im not sure how you screen these calls but I would consider that not a call.

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I placed a order for a meail for 15 dolors a sum change and got skrued

i placed a order for a meadom 2 toping pizzaand thay forgot the second toping and thay burned the pizza and the wings that i ordered with the meail wher to bee barbique and i told them y i cant eat hot wings and thay still tryed to give me the hot ones aneyway and then gave me a slip for the wings so i got no super cous i thrue away the pizza it was crape so i want to know what your guna doo about this *** cous im mad enouph to stope patronizing your dizines and ill tell a the people that i know what hapend and y im pist about it my adress is 6506 broadback Rd glen rock Pa and i got this order in hanover Pa on baltomore st store


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perhaps they'd be able to help you if they could understand what you're trying to tell them. learn grammar and spelling before attempting to complain again. :roll
Merrifield, Virginia
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Other Company in Overland Park, Kansas - There a SCAM!!!!!

They are the biggest *** scam artists on the face of the planet. They will have a sales rep come to your house and tell you they will replace the carpet for free if you get flood damage and when you accually do get damage they make up some story and a new warrenty saying its not covered.

BEWARE never use them and if you do you will be very unhappy. And as far as instaling the carpet I rather have my 1 month old child do it.

Make sure you have typed or written proof of coverage that's all I can say. Good luck

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No one ever there.

Tried to cancel the month to month membership. No one was ever there.

No one answered the phone. No one was at the facility. No one responded to emails. Sent a letter certified mail, return receipt requested..the postal service returned it after 2 weeks of attempted delivery.

The credit card company filed the complaint and is reversing the charges. Maybe this is some type of "front" for nefarious money laundering. Contacted the county clerk's office and could not even find an owner of record for purposes of tax payment. Also the Secretary of State website and again nothing.

Fitness centers have a bad reputation anyway. This fits the mold.


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In my experience, the number of honest fitness clubs/centers may be exactly one. And that one has not been found yet.

Shady, fly by night outfits, all of them.

Why would you pay some place to get you fit?? Duck outside and run or walk or buy yourself a set of weights and exercise whenever you wish.

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Other Company in Bremerton, Washington - Would not help me with the issue called about

I ordered Trial offer in June 13, seen on TV., my order $40.94

I became very ill ,now better to take care of issue of the large size I rec'd. My bankcard shows 34.95 your paperwork shows X3=109.85 I did NOT order this large size set!

I want to return this set and get trial size I ordered.!

I am eldery/ live alone. I called Cust svc, I cancled order!She said she can't help me as past Guarantee date!

[by a few days due to illness] I need some help, Please! Jean Iverson

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Other Company in Mason City, Iowa - Rip offs

Had tooth ache rung for appt. This was thursady.Friday was going nuts.

Aspen not open. Got hold of on call dentist, she sent perscription to my pharmacy. Did not work / sat was so bad had to ring again, again sent prescription to pharmacist. ( you would think they would have come in to help)..

Monday made appt couldnt get in till Tuesday not happyyyyyy..

Went in she gave me a shot wow!!!! it hurt so bad, she was not at all nice.She pulled my tooth , now i have a numb lip and chin, and a huge bill to pay.

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Other Company in Manchester, England - Are you serious?!

*** *** holes stole my £20 and 3 of the memory sticks bought for £36 are fake as ***! And now I've been suspended off eBay because of the chunky *** who sold me them!

I hate ioffer... No one buy off of the website... I know some people are decent and honest and not selling any fraud stuff but anything that comes out of china and is on this website, I plead you not to buy!

You will regret it and thank me that I warned you. Obviously I won't be able to get a refund so there is no point trying, stick to eBay any of you who are buying and selling, good luck from me the pissed consumer

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