Other Company in Willimantic, Connecticut - Would not pick up had to take a cab

on Sept 2nd I called your office on 308 Belmont Street Worcester Ma. to rent a car I have used the same office for many years they would always pick me up this time I was told by Ch--- it was to far I live about (8 to 10 ) miles from This office ( I had to rent a cab) It would be nice if in your adds you would put the distance we could receive a ride I now after many years have to look for a new office.I would like to still be a customer but must rethink this

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Discrimination

One of your advertisments likes to imply that being a construction worker is not the kind of job to do if you want to have a family. You state that you'll miss all of your kids activities, you won't be able to provide and you'll never have enough time for family functions.

I would beg to differ, being in the construction field for the past 22 years, I have been able to do all of the things you claim as an inability in that line of work.

It offends me as a skilled tradesman for you to imply a construction worker is an inadequate trade to be able to provide for your family.

I don't have a problem with educating yourself and promoting your school. It should not be at the expense of alot of hard working individuals, some who actually built every one of your educational facilities.

Remember that the next time you want another school constructed. I'm sure your computer repair students won't even be able to pour the foundation.

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Illfitting dentures

My permanent dentures have never fit. Ihave been back at least 5-6 times while they did adjustments, liners etc.

The manager of the Burlington Iowa office told me if the latest liner did not work they would start with a new denture. They gave me a appt. for a new impression. The day before the appt.

the manager called and changed my appt. (because they were too busy).

When I arrived the new dentist said I didn't need a new denture and when I asked to talk to the manager (Jennifer) she wasn't there. My top and bottom denture are both so loose I have to use Fixodent 2-3 Xs daily and I also can't chew on my left side because of pain.

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Did not receive order still had to pay for it!

I ordered 2 of the Obama $2 dollar bills one for each one of my grandkids when I received the package which was bigger than my grandkids there was only one (1) $2 dollar bill in the package but I was charge for 2!! I called them and told them that I only received 1 and they said "well we put two in there" and that is what you are being charged for!

They suck and I will NEVER use them again and I will make sure I tell everyone I know never to use them! Why should we have to pay for something that we did not receive!

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Other Company in Elkhorn, Nebraska - They dont care about their passagers

On the way to Memphis we was held for and hour for a police search then on the way from Memphis the 11:15pm bus didn't leave until 1:05am and when it did come other then the bus driver asking for resv#'s he was asking for names and resv's # why was he asking for names holding us up even longer when ur name isn't needed. Then when contacting a rep and supervisor all they said was send an email to the co. Really a *** email for a 2hr delay in the cold and rain never will I use them again and I've been using them for 5yrs or more.

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Other Company - Not satisfied with service

Converting people into a client is a very easy task to them and got the full payment as per the plan which makes us to sign an agreement with them for a peiod of time. Performed well till 3 months from sign up..after that not getting so much of advantages that they promised to be.

After that if you are wishing to got your money back they will threaten you will all sorts of stuff including personal debt collectors and legal action if you should cancel your debit / credit card. Thats really unfair with those who doesn't want to subscribe more.

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Other Company in Phoenix, Arizona - Ridiculous and outrageous prices

This company is a scam. The minute you get into the office the vet tech pressures you and tries to sell tests and products for your cat/dog.

They only want your animal to eat Science Diet. If you tell them otherwise they say your food is no good. Next comes the vet who high pressures you into a list of various tests that your animal MUST HAVE or you are not considered a good owner. It is pressure, pressure and pressure to buy, buy and buy.

Even the type of collar is not to their liking.

Most assurdely they have the right one. Stay away and go to a REAL vet.

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Other Company in Warwick, New York - FALSE ADDS AND PLANTED ADDS

I HAVE BEEN A MEMBER FOR 5 YEARS ON AND OFF AND 90 percent of the people on this site dont exist. I have wasted alot of money on this site and i am going to better business bureau and speaking to a lawyer.

THERE are cons and why should i have to pay when most of the people on this site dont pay this is not right.

Every one that does pay says the same thing you post adds on this site and these people dont exist. You are beating all of us out of alot of money and we will all find a way to get it back.

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Other Company in Hickory, North Carolina - Terrible company to do business with

This company is pathetic in every way. The people that take the orders talk like robots, they do not even know that the items come from China, they are not educated in the basics about the product and act like they hate their jobs.

Customer Service is even worse; they are rude and nasty. The quality of the products is what you would expect from "China".

All around, a very unpleasant experience; do yourself a favor and do not do business with this miserable excuse for a business. In these bad economic times, there are lots of companies that will be glad to do business with you and be courteous and act like they are happy to do business with you.

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Other Company in East Brunswick, New Jersey - I have requested who are they are collecting for and i want receipts

i have requested the person or company who hired them to collect and i want receipts and no interest added. on a limited income.

they call all the time and interrupt what i am doing. i do not need another debt. i am now paying irs each month which takes away some of my income. not much left to pay bills with.

i am tired of receiving call after call. i need some peace. Just had stint in right arm and do not need the irration.

i hope i can be helped at this time. you have my email also.

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