Other Company in Woking, England - Ripped me off

I payed for DTV for PC for 19.99 and didnt even get to download anything, the tossers ripped me off. My advice is dont buy anything from them, they dont even answer emails for help at there support centre, so stay away 3b.

Thge least you could do is tell folk your only online to robb them.My advice is dont buy anything from them, they dont even answer emails for help at there support centre, so stay away 3b. Thge least you could do is tell folk your only online to robb them.So never go online again, bampots.

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Other Company in Bayside, New York - High repair bills on a exuinox

to whom it may concern:

purchased a 2006 equinox loved it, till it came to repairs. right headlight went out bulk 14.95 dealer could only change 150 dollars.

right rear light out only dealer can fix, problem with wiring 268 dollars. My car is only 5 yrs old heater door broke thousand dollars to fix at dealership, that should be factory warrenty, their responsbility.

very dissappointed, wont purchase another because of high repair bills, much higher then normal. too many problems for five yrs old, especially the heater, talked my brother into buying one i am sorry now.

will not purchase or recommend gmc again, all my like thats all i drove.

yours truly, theresa koval

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Other Company in Tampa, Florida - Poor Customer Service

After buying a sofa and chair, with a deposit, I got a phone call three weeks later saying fabric discontinued. After the fourth time I went into store to pick out new fabric (discontinued), I asked for my money back.

Store Manager accused me of lying. They leave discontiued fabrics in books to make them look like they have a better selection. First and last time I will ever buy from them again. Calling the Department of Consumer Protection.

Poor customer service. This happened at Pinellas Park in Tampa.

Found out the salesperson no longer works for them. I wonder why?

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Other Company in North Hollywood, California - Patricia, no customer service skills. Very rude

I work in the service industry and your , none the less, manager, "patricia". Has a mundain, very rude, tone of voice, pushing an answer from her customers, total lack of respect towards her clients type of attitude.

Very offensive. You wont do *** about it, but my lawyer has a different say so in this matter. I absolutely love Pizza Hut.

I absolutely do not like the customer service coming from most of your so called "managers" Just somethig that you hopefuly look in to. Respectfully yours,

A concerned customer

I have ten more words left before i can send this...

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Heard on news on-star will be selling our info to credit card companies and law enforcement agencies

Heard on the news September 22, 2011 that on-star starting in December 2011 will be selling subscribers info to credit card companies law enforcement agencies with info on your speed, seatbelt usage, how often you fill up with gas Is it just me or is that somewhat invading our privacy and should be illegal in a state of law. So whomever wants to keep all your personal info to themselves I suggest you get rid of on-star due to this bad bussiness behavior It is going to be another way of to many people to keep track of you also.We as americans had did without it before we can do without it again besides they are starting to get like insurance companies a big rip off.


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I feel very violated by OnStar. They are making money off of me and how I go about my driving habits in my daily life?


Someone over there is very creative. :(
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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - Salads of Sea are terrible. Please go back to previous method.

I bought seafood salads every week, made by the seafood clerk. They were delicous.

Now you are using a vendor, Salads of the Sea. They are merely big chunks of mayonaise laden pieces. They are overloaded with mayo, they are stringy chunks and absolutely horrible. I purchased one because I was desparate...and threw it in the garbage.

If you persist in using this vendor, I will just go to Publix. This Chunky Seafood Salad is unappetizing and hard to digest.

I couldn't even get someone to answer your phone. Doesn't anyone answer your customer service phone which is provided on the sales receipt?

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Other Company in Syracuse, New York - Spent $53. Worked poorly. Asked for refund, was denied. Riped-off.

Poor quality. had to dial area code even for my local calls.

Couldn't receive calls: went to voicemail. Poor quality sound. Asked for my $53 refund and was told that I didn't sign up for it, but rather the 'regular' service. Had also paid another $30 to get a special phone number.

So no refund. I'm out $83! Be very careful of theis company. They are not to be trusted.

Had chatted with "Rhett" to complain.

He originaly told me I could get my $53 back but in a later chat told me that I had the wrong plan. I'm certain that I tried the 30 day plan and that I was within my rights to expect a refund.

Nothing I can do. Very pissed.

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Other Company in Athens, Georgia - Down size florist department.

Publix had the finest flowers is Carrollton. My friends, relatives and employees visited your store many times just to purchase beautiful and fresh flowers that lasted a long time, not to mention the additional items we purchased.

Publix evidently has never heard the expression "if it ain't broke don't fix it." I am more than being a little upset. I am upset enough to deliberately stay out of Publix and will recommend the same to others.

Obviously Publix doesn't care about their customers as much as I thought.

I tried to express my feelings to the manager or the assistant manager but one was on vacation and the other attending a social event. Way to go Publix!

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Other Company in West Palm Beach, Florida - Big lou's plumbing of miami sucks

worked for big lou for 4 days back 5 years ago and was not paid.he is a ***,incompetant and he is dishonest.how he stays in business is a mystery to me but his comment to me of"if i can just screw everyone in florida over 1 time i will die a happy man" sums up his character.he definately gives plumbers a bad name.although i was never paid for my time there with big fat lou(i tried for months and he would laugh at me)the experience was almost(i am being sarcastic)worth it to learn how to NOT RUN A PLUMBING COMPANY.if it were 125 years ago he would most definately be described as a carpet bagger

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Other Company in Miami, Florida - Canceling my account

I called yesterday to cancel before receiving anything from your. My reason is that after I was hooked with the grand advertisement I calculated that it was not in anyway good for me plus after reviewing situation, it will more a headache then not.

I have had bad luck with accounts like this and I do not to be sent to collection for not being unable to pay. I will greatly at your mercy.

I do not have any pleasure in doing this at this time before trying this, put yourself in my shoes. I do not use most of these company.

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