Other Company in Paramus, New Jersey - Warning

I was contacted today by theses folks and after 1 hour of converstation decided not to move forward. Thank God!

We are an established business looking for capital and they promissed 50K in business credit within the first 6 months. When I told the sales person that I'd have to research the company they became rude and eventually hung up on me. Who does business this way?

I started to realize this was a scram when they wouldn't give me the name of the company again, how they got our phone number, or even give me the opportunity to return thier phone call. They only want to see how depirate you are and get your CC#...

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Other Company in Rawalpindi, Punjab Province - I am Passenger


I was traveling from emirates Islamabad to Manchester

it was understood from Qasim Hassan emirates airlines that he can send my luggage.

when i came to airport at Islamabad. he told me to do that i want to book two hand carries as a booked luggage. but i want to wrap the, because of safety. but when i will return those two handbags i will return two suitcases instead off them as qasim hassan instructed me. so i do the same. but some how we were caught. and ,r qasim ignore every thing.

but i have to pay large amount for my extra luggugae. sir what should i do when qasim hassan gave me such understanding.

Rawalpindi, Punjab Province
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Other Company in New Cumberland, West Virginia - Installation Nightmare

Worst installation I ever experenced. They drilled holes in a new roof without permission, had difficulty running cable for the bed room so they drilled through an outside wall into and through thr bed room wall left the mess on the carpet and ran the cable across the middle of the floor and left it there!

This is the worst service i've ever experienced! It took several calls to service to get the cable from the middle of the bedroom floor.

Every time the wind blows or it rains we lose service. In tied into a contract and cannot wait till it expires.

New Cumberland, West Virginia
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Other Company in Bedford, New York - Poor service

I feel that the company is a phony. they request that you pay them first to get a loan and then you send them the information needed and they never get back to you even after they tell you you have been approved for a loan.

never return any phone calls and they never answer any phone calls when you call about you next steps in the process.

i would suggest no one ever use this company they are not accredited with the better business bureau. and you should never pay to get money it is a fraud......signed an unsatisfied person.....

Bedford, New York
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Other Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Extreamily poor service in the jewelry Dept, at the Waukesha WI store

Dear Sir,

My wife and I wanted to buy a necklace from the jewelry dept. at the Waukesha WI store.

Hwy JJ and Springdale Rd. We waited 45 min for the sales person. None came. We had 4 different employes trying to find the jewelry sales person.

We were told she was the only one with a key. We were told to finish our shopping and come back. We did. When we came back, there two people behind the counter.

The sales woman was talking to another customer, the sales man was opening and closing stock doors. He looked at us a number of times and didn't say a word to us. He was there for about another 5 min. and then left the department.

We stood there another 15 mins with out getting any service.

We left the store totally disgusted with the service. The time this happened was 03:00pm in the after-noon.

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Other Company in Tampa, Florida - Worst shopping experience ever!

I wanted to buy a bike.I had to hunt someone down to help me,was not shown any of the ones in the sale ad,and was sent back and forth to customer service four times before selecting a more expensive one and accessories.

At the register I was sent back to cs to get air in the tires and adjustments to the seat and handlebars.The man was on his way to lunch but put air in the tires then took off.No adjustments.

At the register,ready to pay ,it rang up wrong.I was told to wait for cs again.I walked out with my money and no bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Other Company in Las Vegas, New Mexico - Pillow with feathers

bought one of the pillows with feathr stuffing and after a couple of weeks, the feathers were coming out of the pillow like crazy, sticking you in the back. Why they didn't use a feather proof casing I will never know, as the pillows were very expensive.

I'm a new and now a never again customer. Why do I have to have a minimum of 100 words to describe this????

No wonder the company has complaints if you can't describe the problem in a few words. I should have know if Neiman Marcus was involved it would be a problem.

Las Vegas, New Mexico
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Other Company in Newburgh, New York - Dropped from rolls for prescription coverage

was receiving benefits for ten years for medical assistance at current income and was dropped suddenly and without notice. had to start paying out of pocket for prescriptions. several applications for reinstatement were not approved due to income.

erie county dss or new york state claim I did not recertify. Federal benefits had new address and did not receive recertification correspondance.

contacted doctors and health care professionals and advocacy rights groups. say they did all they could.couldnt help me.

am in emergency situation soon and am advised to go to ECDSS in person or send letter with Doctors signature I cant apply in person

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Carrington square Pooler GA

Dog *** and unethical behaviour carrington square in Pooler is in serious need of some house cleaning as their management does nothing to keep the public areas clean of dog *** and and fabricates complaints on residents. They are required by law to leave a written copy of a complaint but they don't and just tell you they have it on file.

Not to mention since Chrystal has been here the apartment complex has gone to ***. What a joke. She puts camera in saying it is to stop dogs from crapping without owners cleaning it yet all the cameras are pointed to the *** . I just walked outside guess what i stepped in ***!

And please don't call maintenance what ever you do.

I have a two bathroom and only one has worked for over 3 years!


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Ain't that the truth. This community is god awful..

Full of a bunch of drunks that let their children run wild and do whatever they please..

Not to mention the girl in the office that tells everyone your personal business to other residents. RUN AWAY from this place!

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Other Company in Enfield, Connecticut - Pharmacy manager in Store 1070

I worked in store 1070 in pharmacy for 14 years and had to leave due family medical issues. I cam back to work in Nov 2010, same store, same manager, Natan Loeffler.

He was thrilled I was back because he knew I was a hard worker and knew my job very well and was good with the customers. Unfortunately I had to leave my job in August 2011 due to his mental harassment towards me. He even pulled me aside one day and said to me, You and I both know you don't need this job. I didn't know what he was referring to and later told him that it was inappropriate to say that to me.

He never apoligized to me or talked to me about it. He belittled me in front of customers.

I could say lots more, but someone hire than him needs to speak to him about his demeanor, or lack of. Very, very rude and unprofessional to me and other people.

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