This is a fraudulent company!! Every item is counterfeit !!!!!!!!!

I cancelled every order and got refunded from both Paypal AND American Express. Call your credit card companies. IOFFER is being reviewed and most likely dropped. The more we let new buyers GET RIPPED OFF!!!!!!

"BEWARE"!!!!!!! I ordered 8 items the first time totaling OVER $700!!! I got refunded on every one. Do NOT believe that you are not protected.

I have read from other complaints that people think they are not covered. DO NOT WIRE MONEY!!!! "ONLY USE PAYPAL!!! THEY WILL RESOLVE THE CASE!!!!




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what company??? We are not psychic and cannot read your mind to obtain the company's name.

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Employee misconduct

Location: 6275 Naples Boulevard Naples, FL 34109

I asked a gentlman named George that worked at the bakery is they had upside down cake. His respone, no sure just look around.

He walked away and i followed him assuming he was looking with me. I asked him do you have it or not. His reply i already told you if its in the area than we have it. He then motioned at me like go away.

I spoke with the receiving manager named Colin and asked how i can file a written formal complaint.

I told him my story and he was also not very helpful. I am cancelling my membership and going back to Sam's


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Other Company - Just complaining

please donot charge so much ,when my things came in international feddex there they charging so much,they will call the consignee there and then they will tell the required amount that they have to pay to get the things,bt actually nt coming,next day they will call again telling you to pay the amount but different amount now ,the person who suppose to deliver had change it,wht is this?im feeling so deppressed,it happened in philippines , and im worried if they handling my things carefully,i hope they know what they suppose to do because we paying so much to be able to receive our goods in good condition.

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Other Company in Richmond, Kentucky - I am mad at harrodsburg ky store

k i have been buying thing from your store for years you starters suck i whent throw 5 if the life time bs becouse it dosn't pay to put them back on i have order parts from your all and all i got is bs it's never on time i used my friend shop t order a part that you all wus going too bring to the shop but i sat in your store for 4 days and i had to go and get it and you gages suck to in 2 moths they don't work any more k is it time for me to tell yu who i am i am jerry wilson of wilson trucking i am also a icar and ase i been t every school becouse i get bord some times when your manager acks like a *** at one store i am pulling my company from and i am going t be talking to my friends i spend 75k a year in there just on my toys good luck to yu and the junk parts you are selling nt a thing maid in the usa

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Other Company in Denver, Colorado - Continuing to pay a 300.00 loan for the last 4 months

I took out a 300.00 loan in May. For four months I have been paying over 200.00 a month and continue to owe.

I told them that I wanted to pay the loan off since Sept 1st so I don't have to pay that incredibly high inteterest rate. They won't honor my request. They continue to charge me interest and take money out of my account. I am from Colorado and they set a limit on the interest payday loans can charge you.

I had no Idea that Oklahoma does not have such laws. Rip off!

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Other Company in Raleigh, North Carolina - Laptop computer

Store Locator: 122 Triangle Town Center - Raleigh, NC

Tried to order laptop computer 15.6 Toshiba. Did not have one, but had only one in warehouse. Waited Tues-Friday for call - no call. I did call on Wed. and Thursday to see if it was in. It was available on Thursday, but I had to be out-of-town, so I told them to hold for me.

On Friday, when I went to pick up they had sold it. Had to get another laptop (Acer). Manager did not even address the problem with me! Where did he get his "customer no-service training?"

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Other Company in Green Bay, Wisconsin - The tv headphones

dont order anything from here it a joke, tried too cancel order then on third day was told it couldnt be cancelled beware;dont do it you will regret it totally the people are very unprofessional in another word they stink please dont order these people are utterly illiterate i wonder if this company is located in the united states of america. god forbid they are with there fraudulent business practices i have never recieved such poor service in all my life please dont order anything from these people i really think its a scam dont do it at all

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Other Company in Bridgeport, Connecticut - I did't appreciate paying for incoming as well as outgoing calls

I couldn't understand why my bill was so high. Until I realize I was paying for incoming as well as outgoing calls.

That pissed me off.

You were supposed to be economical for Seniors.

It is the other way around.You people *** me into something I didn't want or couldn't afford.You aren't any better than all other phone services.I cancel my service on 9/3011. I will not recommend you to anyone because of the unscrupulous billing practice you apply to Seniors on fix income.

You are no better than other phone companies.

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Other Company in Waukegan, Illinois - Tony happy meal Lio

TONY .. what a guy.

the guy is a saint.

someone remove him from teh office now

He took my peppermint patty

He stole my money.

he stole my dreams

he stole my life

he lies

he is not a good salesman we can take it anyone.. rock and roll mother *** mother *** rock and roll ahahahaha c

he makes false claims

Don't belive the hype

someone .. put him in a =5by3 box.. which as a sink and a toliet so he can ***

He took a lot of coin from a lot of people

OUr ommunity hates him someone .. put this man out

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Other Company in Fredericksburg, Virginia - Send someone else part to me ,

don't know where my part is? but got someone else part (1500 mile away in kasas city ka) . needed my parts for tomorrow to fix car while daugher is in town. coming in from collage to have car fix before snow start coming

dont know were my part are . gas is not cheap now she has to make another trip in . have to set up another shop appt.

xxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxx xx xxx xxxx xxx xxx xxxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx x xxx xxx xxx xxx

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