Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - Credit card scam Mailer.

So if the scam has been posted all over the net for years why do they get to continue sending out the same scam materials? I blacked out my name and address and sent a 'heavy' response in their return envelope, they get to pay the extra postage.

I think everyone should do this, at least.

Matter of fact I think all junk mail should be treated in this manner.

I'm pissed at the stupidity of the mailer, but there's probably people that have sent in the $37 annual fee that's reimbursed on your first purchase if you ever do get a card. They must be really dumb, it's just so ***.

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Other Company in Pocahontas, Illinois - Handycap

you do not have enough handycap carts,electric or wheelchair with baskets. in your Effing, IL.

store, or probably any of your stores. And people shouldnt be able to use them unless they are handycaped or old.

i am a home care worker and i had to push my lady around wal-mart in her walker while she held onto a cart, thats not very easy, if you are going to have so many handycap parking you should have enough cats for them plus the people that can not park in those spots. I see people that is to fat and lazy to walk when an old person that cant walk does without.

Pocahontas, Illinois
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Other Company in Breckenridge, Texas - Refused to sell me a product that was on shelf at regular price.

The cashier refused to sell me a Xmas basket for $1.00 because it rang up at 1 cent. Said she had to throw it away.

I agreed to pay full price; but she and her supervisor said "NO,they have to throw it away." I said, well then throw it way. The supervisor said, I can't I am off the clock. The cashier said I can't because I am on duty.

I assured them that they just lost a frequent shopper. I am in retail also, I don't treat my customer that way.

Sorry, former customer!!!!!




What store??????


Lol what?? Are you high?

Breckenridge, Texas
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Other Company in Muskogee, Oklahoma - Lack of Manners

The lady in the Muskogee office named Miranda, is a very rude person. There is a way to talk to grown people, and talking to them like they are kids, is not propper.

She has an attitude that feels like she thinks she is above others and is very unproffessional. The position she holds with the company is important and should be held by polite people with good people skills, not with rude, arogant people like Miranda.

I'm sure there others who feel as I do, based on what I have overheard and from direct conversations. This matter needs to be looked at.

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Other Company in Olympia, Washington - Cronic pain

im diabetic, been thru kemo, suffering right now from back pain, 6mo. old baby and in the middle of moving and live with a thieving roomate.

help.been disabled over stolen property,fighting with bill about baby.hes hurt me and babys arms ive complained about bill already . hes never been arrested.lies and denies evertyhing.i ask him to pick me something from the store he always gets the wrong product. i need to move and hes being a trouble maker.

sighned Lisa D. Purcell,i just need him out of the picture.i have work to be done.

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Gregg Rondinelli Scam Artist!

Gregg Rondinelli is a crook! Do not trust him!

He specializes in commodities and hedgefunds. This man has robbed a lot of people around the USA and cannot be trusted! Please do your research before you consider doing business with this individual. Read your contracts carefully!

I know a few people that he has robbed and he must be stopped! He claims to work for Longhorn Investments and Luminary Investments but they have no record on their websites of him!

If you want more information about him please feel free to contact me and I will share, thanks and watch out!

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Mygrandaughters two cats died on their trip to frankfort

my grandaughters two cats died from atlanta to frankfort on monday,oct. third.

My family is very,very upset. it breaks my heart. chad and justina luttrull (chad returned from afghanistan second tour in deceember. they donot need this upset.

my grandaughter needs her mother for support right now. fly her to frankfort to be with her. she calls her mother every couple of hours. they need support and help right now.

They had not completely recovered for Chads being gone for the year when they got their orders for Germany.

Now this.

These young people need help!!!!! Their six year old son (my great grandson doesn't understand what happened to the cats he loved.


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You make no sense. Invest in an education.

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Other Company in Buhl, Idaho - Told me some items would be credited but they are not

I talked to stephanie at 1-800-221-8491.on july 6th 2011.she told me that she took off charges for 3 items.emergency car starter,jewery,betty crocker.any way i talked to several people on the phone trying to get my account stratened out.and i was told that the late fees would stop.and i could get on a payment plan.as of today i have already sent enough money to pay for the crock pot.but instead i just keep getting late fees.iam about ready to get a lawyer to straten it out.i dont mind paying my bills but my bill has not been right since march 2011.and i just keep getting late fees.please fix my bill.thank you for your time.sharon pearce account number 0002861893.

Buhl, Idaho
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Told to leave as they said i looked shady

I left work picked up my children i was wearing a dress shirt dress pants and shoes i am a manager in retail my son wanted a drink so i went into a family dollar in hamilton ohio when u went in i saw a hat so i picked it up and looked for a mirror to see how it looked i found a mirror two aisles away in the picture frame aisle i put the hat

And hated it so i just left it next to the mirror u walked to the food section when a woman came up to me and said you have to leave as my assosiate just told me you tried to cut the security tag off with a pair of scissers i was like what!!! So tell me where these scissers are i empted out my pockets then walked back to the frame aisle i said so funny how the hat is still there next to the mirror where i tried it on the other woman said the main thing is we still have the hat i said no!!! I want a apoligy she said no you look shady i asked for her name and the store number she would not give me either she said im calling the police if you dont leave i called the fd head office and told them i want the video footage pulled i want a face to face apoligy from both these women how dare they i am wating on a call back i will not let this go




This private business is 100% legally allowed to not serve you based on any reason they feel is right. You lose. You shady person you!

Maybe next time, don't try to steal a $5 hat?


Maybe while you wait for that response you can work on your grammar. Hey, the (.)y to run every fragment of a sentence together.

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - It was a question about ownership

i was asking a question about owner of some puppies, as someone is claiming ownership of my puppies, so i though thy could answer the question,well the second time i sent a reply they [stepped out of the chat]. i never clicked the part so thy could take the money but of course thy did, i ask for a refund but i dont know if that will ever happen in my opinion thy arent even lawyers, so if it happens to u lose ur credit card and get a new one, it seems it would be illegal for them to take ur money if u did not authorize it jvh

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