Horrible people on the phone!

We've never had anything to do with them. However, our phone number must've belonged to someone who had!

We've had the # for 2 1/2 years and still get calls for these people from Summer Bay. We've explained the number was reassigned to us for years already. Would you believe, when they called tonight, and our 9 yr old child told them "so and so doesn't live at this number, we don't know them", the reply was "ok silly little B--ch child". What?

Who the h--l do they think they are?? Still trying to get the bastards back on the phone to give them a piece!


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Contact your local police and tell them you are getting rude, profane and threatening phone calls---even to your children! Perhaps they can record the calls in the future and go from there.

You might also start taping them, in case the local cowboys don't think it is important. Then you can play them back and show how bad they are.

Grand River, Ohio
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Other Company in Tampa, Florida - Harrssng phone calls.

I am one month behind in my payment. I have repeatedly told eveyrone who calls if they could put it on the back end given the fact I only have a few more payments.

They tell me they can't and then keep on calling me at my job and work. I am almost at done paying my car off! Harassing calls at my job and work will not let me pay it any faster.

If you continue to break the law, I will report you to the state office. Strong arm tactics do not work and I am tired of it all.

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Cancelling acct

i signed up at the op,ks location. due to a disablement my dr wont allow me to go til i reach a certain point.

my acct was behind i tried to cxl it over the ph, thy sd come in, when i did the girl gave me the wrong information saying she would freeze my acct til i came in nxt wk so i wldnt be chrgd another month and pay off the acct. i come in the nxt wk the mgr sd the gurl gave me wrong info and no longer worked there and so wldnt honor anything the gurl sd saying i shld have followed what my contract sd not the employee. i moved to a state where i cant access your gym and now thy refuse to let me cxl bc i refuse to pay anymore mnths and the bill keeps growing. i asked for the owners and corps number and Brittany gets an attitude.

refuses to give anything says fill out an online survey and hangs up. this is the 3rd time ive called to cxl my nxt call will be to the news!


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I have no idea what your complaint is, due to the inordinate amount of silly abbreviations you insist on using. I still have a few years of life left. Please state your complaint again in a few years, after you go back to school and become literate in the English language.

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Other Company in Indianapolis, Indiana - Charged three times on my account instead of once

After 3 calls & no comp#not able to get a person on the phone and being told customer sevice is available on line.i find my checking account drained & at"- $"

therefore i realize you billed me three times for majic jack plus,once for each call i made.each time i felt incomplete without a compformation #/so calling back created this mess. I am 80 y.o./on limited budget.

plz take care of this today.

now I am charged overdraft fees.I believe I neglected to supply my E-mail which is "judithlacy@att.net" phone #"317-839-7879".It is inperative I leave today 10-7-11 to pick up someone @ air port leave message w/ your telphone number if I don't answer. help today is vital.

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Other Company in New York, New York - Excellent care

Dr. Eldredge provided excellent and honest care for my elderly cat through the years. Wouldn't go to any other vet!

My cat suffered from multiple aliments in his later years and Dr. Eldredge skillfully guided his care. Her staff was always friendly when I called the office and she always returned calls when the situation warranted it. With her care my cat lived a very active life in spite of some physical problems.

She provided affordable care and always gave alternatives when she was able. Very nice practice; I was lucky to have Dr. E. for my pet's care.

Cat Lover
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Other Company in Charleston, West Virginia - Pharmacy steals pills

The pharmacy at South Charleston wv steals 2-6 pills from my pain meds every month 10 months in a row they say every time if there are letters circled on the bottle it was counted twice and they are never miss counting bull *** I would take them some where else same *** happens at Kmart and Kroger *** head bastards.and one of my meds is only for 60 pills and still there are some missing can't they hire one person who is not a *** head its a shame no one can get fired ever its a real shame.

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Other Company in Livingston, New Jersey - Descrimanation

To who concerned,please instruyed or educated trained to all you employee about atention to the public,or customer remember people who goin to you estor they goin to spend money.

If any body want to contac me please be free 609-5137354

thank you very much God bless America

Today thursday octuber 5 2011 at 11:30 am in Tilton Road Nj

Cuando un ciudadano entra a un lugar estoy seguro que no entra a conocer a los empleados siempre se sale comprando halgo y desde luego se merece respeto,en estos tiempos malos de trabajo el empleado tiene que tener mucha cautela *** el cliente sea quien sea sin distincion de color o raza

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Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - Credit card scam Mailer.

So if the scam has been posted all over the net for years why do they get to continue sending out the same scam materials? I blacked out my name and address and sent a 'heavy' response in their return envelope, they get to pay the extra postage.

I think everyone should do this, at least.

Matter of fact I think all junk mail should be treated in this manner.

I'm pissed at the stupidity of the mailer, but there's probably people that have sent in the $37 annual fee that's reimbursed on your first purchase if you ever do get a card. They must be really dumb, it's just so ***.

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Other Company in Pocahontas, Illinois - Handycap

you do not have enough handycap carts,electric or wheelchair with baskets. in your Effing, IL.

store, or probably any of your stores. And people shouldnt be able to use them unless they are handycaped or old.

i am a home care worker and i had to push my lady around wal-mart in her walker while she held onto a cart, thats not very easy, if you are going to have so many handycap parking you should have enough cats for them plus the people that can not park in those spots. I see people that is to fat and lazy to walk when an old person that cant walk does without.

Pocahontas, Illinois
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Other Company in Breckenridge, Texas - Refused to sell me a product that was on shelf at regular price.

The cashier refused to sell me a Xmas basket for $1.00 because it rang up at 1 cent. Said she had to throw it away.

I agreed to pay full price; but she and her supervisor said "NO,they have to throw it away." I said, well then throw it way. The supervisor said, I can't I am off the clock. The cashier said I can't because I am on duty.

I assured them that they just lost a frequent shopper. I am in retail also, I don't treat my customer that way.

Sorry, former customer!!!!!




What store??????


Lol what?? Are you high?

Breckenridge, Texas
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