Other Company in Newark, New Jersey - Not using my gift card

I went yesterday to buy a pizza with a gift card and to my horror he did not take it saying he does not get paid by parent company when i said i bought this from parent company he said you can call the customer service nothing will happen and he even gave me the franchise number 1721 i dont know if thats true number

i would just says avoid litte caesars at all costs i dont know whats going to happen with gift card. the website says gift card accepted at this location why sell gift cards if we can not use it

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Other Company in Tucker, Georgia - My son was searching for the state of Ga.

My son who is young was looking up information on the state of Ga. when he looked up Ga.

on Bing and pulled up *** full view sites! I am so sickened I will not be using bing again period. I am very disappointed. How do you sleep at night and by the way we use parental controls.

It is horrible that your company can expose children to such garbage.

We try and be the best parents use parental controls, teach our children, monitor them and then a company as yours that we trust does this. Again you have lost our business and the business of our friends and extended family.

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Other Company in Woodbridge, Connecticut - What a crooked bank !

The credit manager in Portervile is the rudest *** i have ever delt with . If i could i would sue his *** off .

Where did they come up with this *** ? This bank is slowly going down hill . They have treated me like *** and they are a community bank that supports farming interest ?

The board of directors are a bunch of greedy *** that sit back and live off of your money . Please think twice about banking with them !

I know most of the board and they were good to begin with and now greed has got to them .When the economy dumped they got scared . Remember them when they need help .

Oscar H.
Woodbridge, Connecticut
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Other Company in San Juan Capistrano, California - Harrasing Phone Calls.

Hi i hav been a customer for a few Years. I get Demanding calls for payment even when i make my payments.

When i did my Contract i specificly told rent a wheels that i need to hav my paymnets according to my pay period which is the 10 and 25. Now as tgey agrred i m gettn Demanding calls from some rep at the south gate office wher i always purchase my rims n tires for the last sveral years and hav Paid off twice..

Now i hav no idea who this new african american rep who now wrks ther Keeps calling leavn Demanding messages on my phone in a Very RUDE ATTITUDE i hav never had any Problems with making my payments to them. Now since this New guy is at the office there he is VERY RUDE OVER THE PHONE and DEMANDING for payment he says to me on my Vm Wher r not PALYN GAMES WITH U my name and then he hangs up the phone with an Attitude now he is the only black guy thats ther i believe and hes givn me Problems Very Dissrespectul and Has VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS everyone else i talk to like Richatlrd and Paul they are very Nice wrks so if someone can Pleas Contact that office A.S.A.P I WOULD APPRECIATE IT AND GET BACK TO ME.

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Other Company in Fort Thomas, Kentucky - I want to cancel my order I just ordered

Once You order you cannot cancel at that point. Also every item has a $9.00 shipping and handling charge.

Really? I ordered the $29.99 set plus a cami for "free" with $9.00 shipping and handling. Total order $89.00. How did that add up????

Yes, a "***"!! Not $29.99 any way you add it up.

I am going to call the 800 number and try to cancel my order I placed at 2 a.m. This will get interesting to see if they say it has already shipped, as today is Sunday.

I would like to try the items but $9.00 shipping and handling for each piece is just crazy.

My advice is buyer beware of this company.

Fort Thomas, Kentucky
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Other Company in Mount Laurel, New Jersey - Hit by TT on a road he wasn't allowed to be on!

Ok check this out on my way home from work one day I got hit by a tractor trailer on a road that is posted on both ends that states no trucks over 35 feet. I had to pay my deductible to get my truck fixed they told me they would get my 500$ back.

Well it took them 9 months to send me a letter saying they lost the case! How do you lose a case like the truck wasn't suposed to be on that road and he crossed the yellow line and hit me I was stopped!

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Lowe's Tools are JUNK

This is not earth shattering or news to most anyone,... I despise the fact that it's all but impossible to buy an American made pipe wrench at Lowe's. For the average homeowner mediocre quality tools are apparently OK, but not for anyone that takes their work seriously.

The "Kobalt" line, except for some of the Donaher tool group contract pieces are a total JOKE!! It sickens me to see most all the outside vendors offering clearly substandard products.....

I went to Home Depot and found EXACTLY what I needed from Ridgid, Klein, and a Johnson level.

Lowe's you should be ashamed of yourselves.



Bakersfield, California, United States #735311

You are correct... Sears is a goner. You will be even more upset to know that almost ALL TOOLS.... the names you know and loved..... are made in China now...



American corporate greed, profits on wall street, no import tax from our government because the companies pay off crooked politicians, and we, the people, ACCEPTING it.....

These are the reasons why.....


I agree, but most everything in the tools section of most stores is stamped "made in china." Remember the good old days decades ago when a Craftsman tool was good as gold and easily replaceable IF it ever broke? No longer, for Sears is a goner, but you can still find good made in usa tools if you search.

Luckily, I don't need too many more at my age, but those I pass along to the boys will be good ones I and my father have had for decades. There's something mystic about a good tool.

Bonham, Texas
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Other Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - No help with Service Contract

NO SERVICE HERE! My son bought an iTouch at their Lakeland, FL store with service agreement.

He dropped by accident on Sunday but could not go to Best Buy because he was working. First thing Monday morning he was there but they would not honor his agreement. Talked to a manager and Store General Manager and corporate and tried contacting District Manager. Bottom line is they have no desire to go the extra mile and take into account the fact that he could not go to their store.

Bottom line: It was impossible for my son to take it back on the date the Service Contract expired.

He just could not comply and yet, his iTouch was under the agreemnt when it broke. You won't see me in their stores again!!!

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Pissed off

Well i jus wanted to comment on the following..I also had the same thing happen to me recently about 2 wks ago. An indian man calld me saying his name was Julian Marshall and was from a company call ACS saying I owed from a cash loan from cash advance and there were legal charges against my name and social.

Now Im saying to myself I have never gotten a loan from these ppl before. So I proceeded to talk and he knew my birthday my ss# my address my work phone and address. He told me I had until 11:00 the next day to pay $900+ if not the case would go to the courts and I would be out of more money by doing that. So I ask if i didnt pay what would happen he told me I would be detained until court date and when its time for court I would have to pay $5,000 up front.

And I'm thinking $5000 just to go to court there's something not right about this so I told him ill call him back so I googled cash advance and saw there was a scam and I also googled the company he told me ACS which I never found on the internet..I called backed and askd for documentation of my case and he told me I couldn't get it til I paid. So I told him to call me back about a wk later...I never answered any of his calls so after i stopped answering his calls he got another man named Attorney David Brown call and leave me a voicemail saying need to call them ASAP..they would call me like 20+ times a day and they even called my employer and threaten them bc they wouldn't let him talk to me..Since then I called he FTC and they told me they have gotten several complaints about the same situation and told me to ignore the calls bc they are trying to catch these *** bags...


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This happened to me. I was scammed for $250.

Thank God that was all I paid them. They had all of my information too.

They cannot do anything to you. THIS IS A SCAM

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Stopped carrying product

To whom it may concern,

I've purchased so delicious un-sweetened coconut milk numerous times from your store and now within the passed month and a half it hasn't been there. . It's in a green carton. I cannot find it anywhere else. Please bring it back to your store. I have food allergies and I'm lactose intolerant. Thank you.

To whom it may concern,

I've purchased so delicious un-sweetened coconut milk numerous times from your store and now within the passed month and a half it hasn't been there. . It's in a green carton. I cannot find it anywhere else. Please bring it back to your store. I have food allergies and I'm lactose intolerant. Thank you.


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I agree, you can usually buy products directly from the manufacturer through their website. Also, you can talk to the person that orders in that department of your grocery store.

I work at a large retailer, and all I need get a product like that is the UPC and a description. Sometimes, if you shop at a grocer consistently and develop a rapport, you can even have them make a special order, such as an entire case of the product.

It cannot hurt to ask. Good luck!

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