Other Company in Dallas, Texas - Received dead or dying trees

I received 3 fruit trees, planted them right away and two never sprouted leaves one did and then that part died. THis was that fifty per cent off special they had.

I also ordered glads too but will plant them next spring. I haven't contacted their customer service yet about replacing the dead trees. I will let this forum know what happens then. I will never order from them again after this bad mailing of dead merchandise.

Good to see others are complaining too about them. I hope this experience turns out better than the others on this page.

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NFL Flag Football Bethlehem PA Satterlee

Saturday 10/8/2011 tournament at st marks church field. Coach of one of the teams was correcting the ref's(in somewhat of a yelling matter).

The ref's were highschool kids. Not calling the plays correctly. The coach was upset as well as the children. Chuck Satterlee tried to have the coach taken out and replaced w/ a new coach.

The children did not want that or they will forfeit. Satterlee left the coach on but said he will ref the next game. Anything the coach said during the game satterlee would call a penalty on the kids. So kids where upset and forfeit the game.

They were the best team the organization had. Everytime there was a penalty called by satterlee the other team parents would cheer. Satterlee would not correct the team parents. These are role models of these children.

Where is there respect. The parents also cheered the kids off the field when they forfeit. Satterlee said not one word to the parents. Chuck Satterlee is the cordinator for the bethlehem pa league.

These children where penalized for there coach. And also put down by grown adults. I think they deserve an apology from Satterlee and the opposing team/team parents. And if they ask, they deserve there money back because they did not get to finish there game nor the rest of the season.

I recommend you choose a different league to play for.

There are several other leagues out there that you could enjoy more. Without your child being hurt...




Chuck is a piece of *** .All he does is lie! The program, he claims is non competitive and yet he stacks the team his kid is on so he doesn't lose. This program is a joke and the Satterlee's are pure GARBAGE!!!!


Now as I seen almost all of this unfold,I can personally say that it's not an attack on Chuck.

While the coach of the bengals WAS "correcting" the ref's he had every right to do so,now I do agree that he could have been a little more subtle in his approach.

After the game the coach approached this chuck guy only to have chuck completely blow his lid.

I watched as the argument went on and on as the coach of the bengals repeatedly ask to "settle and discuss that matter both later and not in front of the kids"

Chuck seemed as if he want to make a spectical of the whole thing.

After thing's somewhat seemed to settle down chuck decided to ref the next game involving the bengals and by my count there were atleast 15-18 unsportsmanlike penalties called almost all of which were doue to that fact that the bengals coach was calmly questioning the calls or actions of the ref/chuck.

It was humiliating and embarassing for the coach and kids involved.

Now after reasearching team x sports a bit more I agree with their policies and views I will say This the guy chuck is in no way shape or form a man that should be working with kids due to the emotional damage he put them kids thru.

My kid will finish the season because my son's team was not directly involved,But I assure you I will not be returning nor recommending this league to anyone in the future.


I agree with the "Coach" (previous posting) as none of the posting is correct and this is a personal attack on Chuck. The story should have started with "Once Upon a Time".

Chuck/TeamX are the best Sports program in the area. I have never seen one person do so much to please the parents and players (including providing scholarship money for some players to participate in the league)


This is a personal attack on Chuck. There is nothing in here that is true I was there and I bet everyone else that was there will agree with me

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Linda Diaz
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Other Company in Pompano Beach, Florida - I want to cancel upfront membership

ccbill did not give me entrance to upfront site

i want to cancel the upfront site

bruce abramson 5211 nw 53rd ave 33073

i want to cancel my membership to ccbill enrollment

bad credit card bad credit card bad bad bad card i want to cancel my membership bruce abramson

i used a chase debit card card card card card

i feel scammed i am very upset that i want to cancel my membership to up front a *** site no access to the site that is why i got scammed

i did not get entrance to the site thru ccbill enrollment

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Other Company in Battle Creek, Michigan - Very Rude and called back after saying I am not interested

Thought this was a dating website, got a call it was a matchmaking service, employee stated "People make that mistake all the time. When asking how much the service was they would not say.

Why would I sign on for a service that repeatedly would not say how much it is.

When "I said I would not buy a dress without looking at the price tag, the employee got Rude and made character judgement about me. When I said I am Not interested and hung up employee called back with Rude message Demanding an apology from Me and I will not call back.

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Other Company in Brighton, England - Fraudulently debited Bank account

Amber Rudd MP has received a most astonishing ruling from the British Regulator, the F.S.A. The "˜payment rules' required Finance houses to refund at speed (in the case of bank debit cards, at once) all online debits the customer rejects when they appear on the Statement. The customer does not have to offer any reason or prove anything. The onus is on the finance house or bank in conjunction with the supplier to prove in due course, if necessary before a court of law, that the debit was properly made before they can reinstate it on the supplier's behalf.

The actual ruling sent to Amber Rudd MP, Case Number 110916A of 3rd Oct 2011 included

Under payment rules, card issuers ……….. must have a customer's consent in order to process a payment………card issuers must provide a refund …….. (for debit cards immediately, for credit cards within a reasonable period) …must restore the account to the state it would have been in ...this includes refunding any charges the customer incurred …..The card issuer must prove that the payment WAS (FSA emphasis) authorised. The customer does not have to prove that it was NOT (FSA emphasis) authorised...

(This applies to online orders but does not cover debits authorised face to face using a pin number)

D.J. Cole MA Law LLB Camb
Brighton, England
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I ordered business cards from Vista Print and they offered a "FREE" website along with the order. I DID NOT want a website, I DID NOT authorize any charges for a website, I DID NOT log on to a website.

I attempted to CANCEL this FREE website over 20 times PRIOR to the 30 days that there would be a charge any everytime recieved a confirmation number along with the cancellation and everytime went back and the website WAS NOT cancelled. On the 30th day VISTA PRINT attempted to charge my credit card 12 times in one 24 hr period of time.(I transferred my money to another account so the account was at ZERO so they could not get any money). When they did not get the money they sent an email stating that the "website" was suspended. On October 3rd, 2011 I again tried to cancel this website and got 5 more confirmations that it was cancelled.(I have printed all the cancellations with the confirmation number on each cancellation).

I went to the bank and they said that I could not stop them from taking money until they took the money out of my account and then I could reject the charge and block them from any further charges. Today is October 10th, 2011 and they charged my bank account UNAUTHORIZED, I might add, for the fee for the website that I NEVER set up or authorized. (It was a website fee and a PAY PAL fee) I contacted VISTA PRINT and cancelled the website finally. I repeatedly requested that my credit card information be permanently removed from there website and they state that they CAN NOT remove my credit card information.

Now I must cancel my credit card in order to make it where VISTA PRINT has NO ACCESS to my money. I am in the legal field in Florida and I have contacted an investigator(friend) in the US Attorneys Office in Washington DC. Today is a legal holiday so I was unable to reach my contact at that office but will do so tomorrow.

If you have been ripped off by VISTA PRINT please contact me at

dmorgan.vistaprintripoff@gmail.com by email and I will give you contact information to file a complaint with the US Attorneys office and get you any info I can to help you combat any further ripoff by VISTA PRINT. Email me today for help.

Donna Morgan

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Other Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Delivered late and missing pieces

these guys are out of their league, incompetent.

I ordered three months in advance four very expensive appliances, they deliver two on time, one a week late and another two weeks late without the cover and handles to use it. I am still waiting four weeks later and they just string you along with b.s.

what a company, hard to believe they stay in business much less grow. They are the sons of the original owner who if alive I have to believe would not tolerate it and if not is turning over daily. I am ready to dispute the entire charge on the credit card for the entire purchase. Amazing people get away with this sort of thing.

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Tracy Capps House Cleaning! She steals and lies.

Tracy Capps from Leicester, North Carolina makes house calls for house cleaning. Please be warned, This lady is very unprofessional, a liar and thief, she stole 16 total of my diamond rings, ruby rings, emerald rings, 4 diamond studd ear rings and gold necklaces and gold braclets.

All was worth 3 thousand dollars. This lady went into my purse and took my cash of 2 hundred dollars too and she denied all of it until I showed her the camera in my hidden clock, then she saw diffrently and went to her vehicle and gave them back to me.

At first her story was... She claimed that she found a window open upstairs and said my jewlery drawer was opened and said someone must have come in and took my jewlery.

She opened the window herself as shown on the video and took the jewlery out looked into my purse and took my cash out too and went to her vehicle and placed them under her seat. Tracy Capps is a liar and a thief!

DO NOT TRUST HER! I was lucky to get them back because of my hidden clock camera.



:eek OMG! Ihave had her clean for me before and I had things missing as well. :(
Im told she is an alcoholic, poses to be a church going lady but does the opposite yes she is a convicted felon, DWI, drug possession and has hepitis C. :eek
:sigh :( I didnt know that
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Other Company in New City, New York - Oversized Pool Cover

Purchases a Black solar pool cover this summer but when received this product it was over-sized on all ends which caused my pool cover rool up straps to snap.I emailed the company with photo's and their response was.--- Rebecca.Lewis@LeisureLiving.com wrote:

From: "Rebecca Lewis"

Subject: Solar CoverDate: Tue, 21 Jun 2011 08:44:47 -0400

Dear John,

I received your recent email and photos of the solar cover you received. At this time we would advise that you may cut the solar cover to fit your pool and it would not negate the warranty. Our solar covers are typically made slightly larger therefore allowing necessary trimming.

Should you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to reply to this email.


Rebecca Lewis

Customer Service Rep

Leisure Living Pool Supplies

574 Main Street

Tonawanda, NY 14150


Have you ever tried to cut a 16x32 pool cover with a scissor? My advise, do not try this at home.

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Other Company in Beijing, Beijing - Footing blame you gem the tasteless and noted emotions scrupulous Louboutin Shoes ?

footing blame you gem the tasteless and noted emotions scrupulous Louboutin Shoes ?

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