Other Company in Aubrey, Texas - Equipment fell on me

Did not receive proper help when equipment fell on me. Rude did not get adequte help to satisfy my needs.

I was not given paper work to go to dr ti get checked.lady did not want to assiat me any further.I was filling app oyt when equip.

That was staced inappropriately had fell over on me while doubg my app.ttwo 46inch televisions syacked on top of a bigger television just fell on my arm and I have no feeling in two of my fibgers. I was displeased wirh rhe aervice and felt like the issue didn't matter to the employees

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Tax Servicers, LLC

This operation is a joke. I asked the tax servicer, Jason Vojcik to amend my tax return to which he did not and began harrasing me to pay for something not completed after we agreed on a price.

He is now suing me in another state an looking to file a judgement and take all my assets. I paid him an hour for his time even though it wasn't what I asked for. I have been repeatedly harrassed daily with invoices and email that vary in price. Apparently business isnt going so well and this is how he is making money.



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RESPONSE BY TAX SERVICERS, LLC. - This customer asked us to amend a tax return, later to learn it was to be used by her to refinance her real estate assets with fraudulant income and expense deductions, when we told her we would not file it after learning this, she stopped contact with our office and sent us a check for around $100 dollars.

We had considerable time involved in reviewing and online meetings with this client and were due to be compensated for our additional time. This customer was upset when we filed suit against her and made many different false comments on the internet under many different alias's.

We have had over 1000's of satisfied customers and this is a case of coming across a bad apple simply.

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Other Company in Kalispell, Montana - Never heard of this place!!!!!!

I donot know what this statement is all about that i just received in the mail,that i owe money,$16.99.I have never heard of this outfit,& i dont care to.You are not going to receive any money,& i donot know how you got any information about me,but i want this cancelled,as i did not sign up for this!!!! If not,i will turn this into the BBB.I am not to happy receiving a statement saying i owe money when i dont.Like i said,i have never heard of this place.Dont have anymore to say!!! Carol Bogar

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Other Company in Aubrey, Texas - Manager he was threaten his employees something about deserrts

I felt bad for the servers at the store on 192 the manager threaten the servers about selling deserters and apps I think it's horrible to have to come in and work under that type of pressure i think as a manger he should incourage his employees not threaten them i didn't like seeing something like that I'm a manger at another restaurant and would never do anything like that be should be suppended for such a thing i will never eat there again and will never send anyone there for a job he should be ashamed or his self

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Other Company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida - Captain Crunch Strikes Again!

If you own a boat in S. Fl. & ever run across a Captain Nelson Leon - RUN.

He sounded good so we hired him to take us to the Columbus Regatta 2011. He got drunk while we were anchored (which he nearly got wrapped in the props cause he forgot to bring it all the way in-then he ran our boat aground-damaged an engine by trying to muscle it off for a half hr., he said he didn't want a fine. Left us with a big repair bill, that he rudely refused to help out with or even fix some of his damage. Just a real *** & looser. If you like your boat & life-stay clear of this character


Hi & Dry in Miami

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Rv purchase

as they say, ''service lives long after the price is forgotten'' the ralationship built during the purchase and ownership experience can end up far out weighing the small savings gained from buying from someone who's only interest in you is your money, having a relationship with a local dealer who cares about you and your family and the experience with the rv lifestyle as a whole can make the difference of how long someone choose's to spend there discretionary dollars with the rv industry, remember there are alot of other hobbies our customers can resort to, service is key to enjoying the rv lifestyle.

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Other Company in Hoboken, New Jersey - Infomercials

Unless I can buy it at Bed, Bath and Beyond, Walmart or As Seen on TV store in the mall, I won't buy it. Bed, Bath is the best place to buy, no questions asked if you return.

I learned the hard way about buying over the tv with the Steam Mop. Infomercials are not to be trusted. If you can't get it at the store, don't bother, but at least you won't have to worry about your cc being over charged or problems returning the item.

Just keep your receipts. That's all I'll say.

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Phone harassment

If you get a call from 951-582-4823, then tell them you are NOT interested. Whoever this guy is, he's trying to run some kind of a scam saying that there is a lawsuit against you and he wants you to call them back right away.

I did some research to see if there was any truth to his claims. He first called us about a week ago. Then he called me again yesterday. When I told him I knew he was running a scam and to leave us alone, he started cussing me out and threatening me.

I have since filed a complaint against him and am trying to get him arrested for phone harassment.


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Unfortunately, these crooks use quite a few phone numbers and thus they are difficult to track down. You are doing the right thing, warning others. Keep warnings out there.

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Food quality nquantity not good n not tastety

i want to write complaint to the management regarding food in my office. its taste n quality is not good.I don't want to adjust with that type of food by paying 1000/- per month.

I can bring my own lunch or I can go outside n have my required food during lunch break. Even though I'm paying 1000/- I'm not satisfied with that food. so I want exception for food to have in office.

Allow me to bring my lunch at my own taste. so please allow me to not pay the monthly food bill in our organisation


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It would be useful if we knew what the organisation is you are complaining about.

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Other Company in Toronto, Ontario - 993 Bloor St. Do not rent this propery, or any other held by Sheila or Sol Kafka

These are the worst type of slumlords and thieves. They attempted to steal my rent deposit, which resulted in litigation, and this is not the first time, I have now discovered.

If you want to live in a place where you are harassed to pay your rent early, and receive no maintenance whatsoever, then this is the place for you. As well, they show up unannounced and walk in when you may be sleeping, without any call or warning. The ceiling caved in in the middle of the winter and flooded the apartment, and they did not acknowledge any responsibility until under threat of lawsuit. The heater in my bedroom was broken for the entire duration of my tenancy, and was never fixed, so I had to buy my own space heater to endure our cold winters.

They could not tell the truth if their lives depended on it. Stay as far away as possible.

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